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Seabuckthorn: medicinal properties and contraindications, recipes of folk medicine

Sea-buckthorn, medicinal properties and contra-indications of which will be presented below, has a unique set of useful substances and vitamins that are necessary for man. Not only folk healers, but also doctors are convinced of this.

General information

Seabuckthorn is a genus of plants belonging to the family of the fur. This is a prickly bush or tree with a height of 1 to 3-7 m (sometimes as high as 15 m).

The leaves of sea buckthorn are narrow, regular and long. They are green, with small gray or rusty-golden dots.

The flowers of this plant appear before the leaves. They are pollinated by the wind, and sometimes by insects.

Seabuckthorn berries are false fruits (drupes), which consist of a nutlet with an overgrown, smooth, juicy, shiny and fleshy flower stem. They are densely located and as if "stuck" branches, have an elongated or spherical shape, and also orange or reddish color.

What are the benefits of fruits?

The berries of sea-buckthorn are undeservedly deprived of the attention of many people. The tart and bitter taste of such fruits is the main reason for neglect. However, experts argue that it is impossible to find a more valuable product for health.

Useful properties of this berry are preserved even with heat treatment and deep freezing.

This unpretentious plant concentrated in itself a large number of vitamins (B1, C, B2, E, B6, P) and provitamin A, that is carotene. According to the unique ratio of these substances and their content, as well as other micro- and macroelements of sea-buckthorn is recognized as the most berries beneficial to human health.

In two large spoons of fruit, juice or jam is the daily norm of substances necessary for the body.

Healing properties

What is the use of sea-buckthorn for? The vitamins contained in it are preserved under any conditions. Therefore, from these berries very often make different medications. In addition, sea buckthorn is often used in folk medicine.

The use of fresh berries, rich in vitamin C, helps reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks and strengthen the heart muscle. Also, this product gives the walls of blood vessels elasticity, has a therapeutic effect on the kidneys, liver and adrenal glands, prevents internal and subcutaneous hemorrhages.

Useful components contained in berries, lower the level of sugar and cholesterol, prevent the appearance of cancer, delay the growth of malignant tumors, and also enhance the effectiveness of radiation therapy. In addition, this product reduces the risk of clotting and blood clots.

What are they used for?

Sea buckthorn, medicinal properties and contra-indications of which are known to many specialists, contains beta-carotene. This component has a beneficial effect on the work of sweat, genital and lacrimal glands. It helps in the treatment of pancreatic diseases, and also reduces the activity of insulin with increased thyroid gland function.

Such berries are used in different medical fields. They treat beriberi, gynecological diseases, anemia, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular diseases.

The fruit of sea-buckthorn contains a lot of vitamin E. It has a beneficial effect on the formation of sex hormones, contributing to the fertilization of the egg, as well as better development of the embryo. In addition, this component pushes away old age, prevents accumulation of toxins and prolongs life.

Sea-buckthorn, the price of which is indicated below, improves carbohydrate metabolism and immunity, normalizes all processes in the body, cleanses the kidneys and liver, helps heal wounds and restore tissues.

Features of products based on sea-buckthorn

What is remarkable about sea buckthorn? The use of this berry, as well as leaves, promotes the treatment of articular rheumatism and gout. This is due to the fact that this product removes from the body an excess of oxalic acid and uric acid.

Oil made from seabuckthorn berries is actively used in ophthalmic practice. They treat eye diseases, cataracts and burns of the visual organs. It is also used for the healing of purulent wounds, with frostbite, trophic ulcers, skin burns, bedsores and erosion.

Sea-buckthorn oil is very effective for ulcer of stomach and duodenum, anal fissures, proctitis and internal hemorrhoids. It is used to treat tonsillitis, maxillary sinusitis, periodontitis and pulpitis. Oil is also lubricated with a nose in the cold.

Tea with sea buckthorn helps alleviate the suffering of a patient with cancer, hypertension, atherosclerosis, flu, diarrhea and obesity. He is very often drunk with diabetes, bacteriosis, anemia and poisoning.

Sea buckthorn broth rinse with periodontitis and stomatitis, throat with angina and make lotions with skin rashes.

Tea with sea-buckthorn delivers well from depression and insomnia, eliminates emotional stress and calms the nervous system.

Infusion of leaves, bark and twigs of this plant can be used as a hair conditioner. It eliminates dandruff and is a good tool for the growth of thick hair.

Jam from sea-buckthorn is not recommended for people with obesity and diabetes. The rest are not forbidden to enjoy this dessert. It is very tasty and extremely useful. Jam from sea buckthorn can be used as a means to improve immunity.


Sea buckthorn, medicinal properties and contraindications to which are described in this article, is a medicinal plant. It helps to get rid of various diseases. But, like any drug, this amazing product has its own contraindications for use. Therefore, before treatment, you should definitely consult a doctor.

According to specialists, this berry is contraindicated in acute diseases of the gallbladder, liver and stomach disorders.

It is strictly forbidden to consume the fruits of sea-buckthorn and their juice to people who suffer from urolithiasis. This is due to the fact that this plant is capable of increasing the acidity of urine.

It should also be noted that sea buckthorn and sugar are contraindicated in diabetic patients and obese patients. In addition, this product is prohibited for use in cholecystitis and hyperacid gastritis.

Sea-buckthorn oil can not be used for a number of pancreatic diseases, including acute pancreatitis.

It should also be noted that in the fruits and leaves of this plant contains many active substances that can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, people prone to them, it is required with special care to use berries and to use medicines from sea-buckthorn for treatment.

Folk recipes

How is the use of sea-buckthorn in cooking? Reviews say that this product can be easily processed. The fruits of this plant are used for making sea buckthorn oil, compote, jam, infusion, broth and the like. Also for the creation of medicinal preparations use leaves and even branches of sea-buckthorn.

Recipe and method of application of sea-buckthorn oil

Fresh berries are picked, well washed with running water, dried, laid out on a towel and placed in the sun, so they are well warmed up. After that, the juice is squeezed out of the fruit, which is poured into a clean container, covered with a lid and placed in a dark and cool place for a day.

After a while, the oil should go up. It should be carefully removed and poured into a bottle of dark glass. Store this product preferably in the refrigerator.

Sea buckthorn oil is very often used in diseases of the digestive tract. He is drunk in the amount of 1 dessert spoon three times a day, before eating. Also this product is used as a face mask.

With gynecological diseases, it is soaked with a tampon, which is injected into the vagina.

Recipe for medicinal tea

To make a delicious and very useful sea-buckthorn tea requires half a liter of boiling water. They pour a couple of large spoonfuls of black brewing tea, about 150 g of fresh fruit, ground in puree, and 20 g of honey of May. Having infused the mixture for 10 minutes, it can be safely consumed inside.

Such tea promotes rejuvenation and strengthens health.

Sea-buckthorn preserves

Most berries lose their properties after heat treatment, but only not sea buckthorn. This product remains useful even after prolonged cooking.

So how should you cook seabuckthorn jam? In this there is nothing complicated.

Fruits are sorted, the stems are removed, washed in cold water and well dried. Further they are poured with hot sugar syrup and left aside for 4 hours. After this, the berries are filtered again. The syrup is brought to a temperature of 106 degrees and cooled a little. After a lapse of time, the fruit is again poured into it and cooked on low heat until it is completely ready.

Readiness of the jam can be determined by the following features: the berries should be evenly distributed in a transparent syrup and do not float.

After the buckthorn is cooked with sugar, it is cooled and distributed to dry jars. They are then closed with a lid and removed to a cold store. To prepare such a jam for 1 kg of fruit, we used 1.5 kg of sugar and 1.2 liters of water.

To eat such a delicacy is desirable in the winter season, when the immune system requires special protection.

Price and reviews

Now you know how to use sea buckthorn. The healing properties and contraindications of this berry were presented above.

The price of such fruits can be different and depend on the region of our country. In the shops frozen frozen sea buckthorn can be purchased for 220-280 rubles / kg. Also, this product is often sold in pharmacies (in dried form). In addition, the sea buckthorn leaves are very popular among consumers. From them you can prepare tea, various broths and infusions. The price of the dried plant is about 40-50 rubles.

According to the experts, the product in question can be used not only in its pure form, but also as additives to various medicines. For example, rectal suppositories made from sea buckthorn oil effectively eliminate inflammation in hemorrhoids.

As for patients, they prefer to use only natural products. They consume the fruits of sea-buckthorn in fresh form, cook jam from them, make juices, compotes, decoctions, tinctures and so on. Daily use of such a product prevents the development of various diseases and increases immunity. Therefore, many supporters of traditional medicine are stocked with sea buckthorn berries for future use and use them throughout the winter season.

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