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How to protect children from the most dangerous diseases? What are the most dangerous diseases in childhood?

When a child is sick, the light fades. Especially the young inexperienced parents panic. And although the vast majority of diseases are successfully treated, but it is better to prevent an ailment than to fight it. How to protect children from the most dangerous diseases? In this article we will try to answer this question.

Golden rules of prevention

How to protect the child from disease? This question worries every mother. Pediatricians distinguish several basic rules, adhering to which, you can keep your blood healthy.

  • Avoid contact of the baby with sick people. Do not visit the points of large concentrations of people in the epidemic period.
  • Strengthen immunity, providing good nutrition, saturated with vitamins and other essential substances. If possible, breastfeed for up to a year, or even longer. The components of mother's milk are vital, because they protect children from the most dangerous diseases in the future.
  • Regularly walk with the child in the fresh air.
  • Tempering a small organism.
  • Observe the strict regime of the day.
  • Do not allow a child to sit in front of the TV or table game for days. Movement is life.
  • Protect your baby from overheating and hypothermia.
  • Adhere to the basic rules of hygiene.

Sadiq - breeding ground for infections

How do they protect children from the most dangerous diseases outside the home? A separate occasion for emotions is a kindergarten. Everyone knows that as soon as a child begins to visit him, it immediately becomes a target for a variety of sores. And this is normal! After all, the baby's body, accustomed to the home microclimate, does not yet know how to resist microbes. And no matter how shocking this may sound - you need to give sick. Because the moment of entering the society and meeting with the "crowds" of microbes still can not be avoided.

Children who have passed kindergarten, have already formed immunity to the school and are sick much less often than their own peers. The only task is to reduce risks to a minimum and protect the child from serious consequences.

How to protect the child from illnesses in kindergarten, what should I do for this?

When the baby begins to attend a preschool, all the above preventive measures should be observed especially carefully, although it is not easy to do, because most of the day the child spends outside the home. Parents must necessarily control how the teachers protect the children from the most dangerous diseases in the kindergarten, what their children are feeding, whether they care enough about it. Whether there are drafts in a building, whether sick children come to the group, etc.

It is advisable that at first the mother did not work, as, most likely, the baby will be ill often, and it is important to bring the treatment to the end. Otherwise, consequences are inevitable. In addition, if there is a threat of infection in the garden, you can always pick up the child and sit out an unfavorable time at home.

Ten Childhood Diseases: A Brief Description

Among the ailments that occur in children often enough, fraught with consequences, and sometimes bear a direct threat to life, the following are distinguished:

  • Poliomyelitis - transmitted by airborne droplets, in 50% leads to disability.
  • Pertussis - transmitted by airborne droplets. If improper treatment threatens pneumonia and even choking.
  • Salmonella is caused by bacteria that, when ingested into the intestines along with products, cause serious poisoning with far-reaching consequences.
  • Staphylococcal infections - are the result of dirty hands and other disorders of hygiene. Provoke serious illnesses - from angina to meningitis.
  • Heppatitis A - is transmitted through food, water, through communication with carriers, etc. Gives complications to the liver.
  • Gilt - transmitted by airborne droplets. Boys can affect reproductive function.

Also, ear infections, scarlet fever, sweating - in infants, umbilical hernia - in newborns, etc. are not uncommon. Almost all diseases can be avoided if vaccines are given in time and the rules listed above are observed. This is the answer to the question: "How do they protect children from the most dangerous diseases?" Observe the rules of hygiene, watch for proper nutrition, play with the child in outdoor games. And everything for your baby will be wonderful.

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