Paint for discs: types, self-painting technology

Many motorists faced the situation when cast or stamped disks do not have cracks and deformations, that is, they can still perform their main function, but their covering has many scratches and chips, which, of course, spoil the appearance of both the discs themselves and the whole Car on which they are installed. You can restore the coverage of such disks in two ways: to give to a special workshop or paint them yourself.

The first option is preferable, as in special workshops for painting used powder paint for discs. The same method is used in manufacturing plants, but the cost of such services is quite expensive and can reach 25-30% of the cost of new disks. The high price is due to the complexity of the technology and the need to use an expensive thermal cabinet to fix the paint.

The best choice for self-painting is acrylic paint for discs, which combines the ease of application and decent durability, although much depends on its manufacturer. Many companies that produce paint and varnish products have a range of discs in their assortment, which includes: primer, paint (sometimes several colors), acrylic lacquer, and sometimes - luminous paint for discs (ordinary paint, in which a phosphor was added). For a qualitative result, it is recommended to use both paint, and primer, and varnish.

Required materials and tools: paint for discs, primer, lacquer, solvent, spray gun (if your paint is not in cans), a brush with pile of plastic, sandpaper from coarse to fine grain on a waterproof basis, detergent, paint tape.

First we remove the wheel. It will be better if you remove the tire from it, but you can also paint it. Next, you need to thoroughly clean the surface of dust and dirt, you can use a brush, solvent and detergents. Then you should start cleaning the old coating. To do this, we use sandpaper, first coarse, not forgetting to wet the surface with water. The quality of this stage largely depends on the durability of the final coating. After the surface is cleaned of the old paint, it is necessary to degrease it with a solvent. If you did not remove the tire, then it should be pasted with paint tape. Now it is possible to apply a primer. Do not try to get an immediately opaque layer, make two, three or four thin layers with an intermediate drying for 10-15 minutes. Apply paint in the same way, not allowing the appearance of streaks. After applying the last coat of paint, wait 20-30 minutes and apply one thin layer of varnish. Now you can leave the disc to dry, and then install it on the car. All the same thing you need to do with the other three disks. If the surface still appeared to leak, then gently remove it with a cloth, and after drying, apply 2-3 thin layers of paint to this place with intermediate drying.

Paint for discs will retain its color and texture longer if you do not use abrasive materials when washing.

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