Peptide cosmetics - what is it? Reviews of cosmetologists and users

Remain young, beautiful and well-groomed for many years - what every woman dreams about. That is why the market offers constantly appear all new products, promising the fulfillment of any desire. However, not every product can cope with age-related skin problems.

What are peptides?

Peptides are a compound of several amino acids (from two or more). Their chain forms a protein. The study of peptides began at the end of the last century.

Proteins and peptides in the field of cosmetology

Proteins in the field of beauty and cosmetology began to be used for a relatively long time. Such species as collagen, keratin are known to everyone. However, peptides in the market of cosmetology services have appeared recently. The problem of using proteins is their large size. A long chain of amino acids can not penetrate deep layers of the skin. Peptides, thanks to their structure, perfectly cope with the tasks. Because of the long chain of proteins in the process of parsing and preparing for use, they lose some of their properties and can not provide a full effect. At the same time, peptides are a universal component that has a less complex structure. In addition, the great advantage of peptides is their ability to influence the work of other cells in the body. Therefore, with their proper use, it is possible to influence the aging processes occurring in the body.

Thus, peptides, unlike amino acids and proteins, have a universal structure. Amino acids are too simple and can not influence the course of processes in the human body. The proteins are too complex and can not penetrate the skin cells. Whereas peptides, due to their size, penetrate well through cell membranes and, having a rather complex structure, can influence the processes occurring. This product is not toxic and does not have a negative effect on the body.

The production, study and testing of their properties is a continuous process that allows us to call this product the future of cosmetology.

Use of peptides in cosmetology

Peptide cosmetics are excellent for skin prone to dryness, the appearance of vascular asterisks and premature aging. In order to help it and prevent wilting, it is necessary to penetrate the active components of the cream into the deeper layers. However, often a substance collides with a barrier in the form of a stratum corneum. Components that can overcome this obstacle will have a much more active effect than those that remain on its surface. Various methods are used to improve the penetration of peptides and amino acids.

Methods for improving the penetration of peptides

  1. Physical methods.
  2. Chemical methods.

Among the physical methods are:

    • Ionophoresis . It is the introduction of active molecules of the cream with the help of an electric current.
    • Ultrasound (sonophoresis). It is an effect of an ultrasonic wave, under the action of which the cells of the stratum corneum move, and the active components penetrate the skin better.

    Chemical methods involve adding to the peptides an active component - a lipophilic derivative of amino acids. This increases the ability of nutrients to penetrate the skin.

    Peptide Functions

    Peptides have undoubtedly a positive effect on our skin. They contribute to:

    1. Increase of elasticity;
    2. Removal of inflammatory reactions;
    3. Improvement of regeneration;
    4. Improvement of blood microcerculation;
    5. Increase the natural protective function;
    6. Control of the production of melanin;
    7. Activation of superoxide dismutase.

    The positive properties of peptides

    In youth, our skin looks great due to a sufficient amount of collagen and the ability to quickly restore its deficiency. Over time, this body function worsens its effect, and collagen is produced less and less, and the skin begins to age, and the first wrinkles appear. Peptide cosmetics stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin by the skin, which contributes to its recovery. The face again looks fresh and taut.

    Collagen, which is produced by the skin when exposed to peptides, allows it to "rejuvenate" it. It is proved that the "young" collagen is produced by the body up to 15 years, after which its concentration drops.

    The main advantage of peptides is their ability to increase skin regeneration and shorten the healing time for wounds.

    Peptides at the moment are the best helpers in the fight against age-related skin changes. Young they can help for a long time to preserve its natural beauty, and the skin with obvious age-related changes will help to renew, tighten and rejuvenate the appearance. With the help of peptide cosmetics, the use of beauty injections or surgeon intervention can be delayed for a long time.

    Features of cosmetics containing peptides

    Peptide cosmetics has its own characteristics:

    • In conventional cosmetics, presented in massmarkets, the concentration of peptides is very small (not more than 0.001). Therefore, in the cream they are indicated at the very end of the list.
    • The composition of creams usually includes several or a whole complex of peptides having different functions.
    • Peptides are rapidly oxidized in the liquid medium of the cream, so special stabilizers are added to the cosmetic agents to prolong their effectiveness. Without them, the action of peptides would not exceed 3-4 months. For maximum effect from the action of the cream, it is recommended to use it within 2-4 months from the date of manufacture. The cosmetic itself should be stored in the refrigerator in order to reduce the likelihood of oxidation.
    • To activate the action of peptides, they must penetrate into the deep layers, which hinders the horny layer of the skin. On the surface of the face, the components of the cream will not be able to have the proper effect, therefore it is recommended to use agents that facilitate the penetration of peptides.

    Use of products containing peptides

    For the correct use of cosmetics with peptides, you should keep in mind:

    • Check the timing of the cream. It is not recommended to buy a product made more than four months ago.
    • Do not forget to periodically use exfoliants such as scrub or peeling to remove the stratum corneum and improve the penetration of active substances.
    • Skin care should be regular. Peptides can not accumulate in the skin, they work here and now.

    Cosmetics containing peptides in its composition

    A large number of products of various brands and manufacturers are represented on the market of cosmetic products.

    There are several options:

    1. Cosmetics "Lora".
    2. Cosmetics Reviline.

    "Lora" - a set of anti-aging peptide cosmetics

    Cosmetics "Lora" from the firm "Evalar" appeared on the market relatively recently, but already managed to gain positive feedback from users and customers. In its composition, cosmetic products contain peptides produced in Switzerland.

    Peptide cosmetics "Lora" includes several products:

    • Serum "Lora Mesoeffect". In addition to the product, there is a mesoroller with titanium needles. The use of both components helps to achieve maximum effect. The use of the mesoroner promotes a deep penetration of the peptides that make up the serum. Serum is the first step in using the kit.
    • Anti-aging face cream "Lora". Thanks to the active ingredients of the cream, it provides deep hydration, skin regeneration and regeneration, and the lifting effect will be noticeable after the first application of the product.
    • Eye cream "Lora". Multifunctional cream helps to fight with such problems as swelling, dark circles under the eyes, facial wrinkles.

    Anti-aging peptide cosmetics "Lora" will be an excellent assistant in the fight against age-related skin changes.

    Cosmetics Reviline

    Peptide cosmetics Reviline is represented by such a manufacturer as NPCRiZ. This institute is engaged in the production of products containing peptides. The study of their nature and effects on the body for many years engaged scientist VH Havinson. Therefore, the peptides that make up the products produced by the institute bear his name. The Institute's products can not be found in a simple pharmacy, it is realized only by the partners of the NPCRP. The ruler of Reviline creams consists of fifteen products. Peptide cosmetics NPCRIZ includes such care products:

    • Micellar cleansing tonic;
    • Tonic ph-balance;
    • Cream against vascular asterisks;
    • Creams for the eyes are intense, against swelling;
    • Face cream for day, night, against wrinkles;
    • Face cream for problem skin and prone to acne and comedones;
    • Foot cream from corns and calluses;
    • Cream for varicose veins;
    • Hand cream nourishing;
    • Anti-cellulite body cream;
    • Cream for the body from stretch marks and scars.

    Among the presented versions of creams, anyone can choose the one suitable for him, and the result will not take long.

    Customer Reviews

    Comments of women who have tried the products containing peptides are very positive. Many note the significant visible lifting effect after several weeks of applying a face cream. It also talks about the cumulative effect of body creams that help fight skin imperfections and orange peels, since the effect does not appear immediately, but after a long time. Peptide cosmetics "Lora" reviews also gets positive. The effect is noted after the first procedure. Often mention a pleasant smell and light consistency of creams of this line.

    Peptide cosmetics, reviews of cosmetologists

    Cosmetologists often use peptide cosmetics in their procedures and note its positive properties and visible effect. However, there are also those who are afraid of not so long period of application of peptides and their possibility of interference in the activity of skin and body cells. Because of the short period of use of the product in cosmetology, the possibility of its negative impact could not be sufficiently well studied.

    Thus, science does not stand still, and its novelty, like peptides, already competes with many cosmetic substances and procedures. Therefore, today they can be called the future of cosmetology.

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