Cosmetics Yves Rocher: user feedback - positive!

At all times women find all kinds of ways to keep their beauty as long as possible. Someone uses only herbs and all sorts of means from food products, someone - cosmetic products, designed by scientists specifically for skin care. But the goal of both is beauty and the preservation of youth.

Herbal cosmetics Yves Rocher combines the naturalness of the components and research of scientists, therefore, along with a multitude of manufacturers, it occupies a leading position. The firm was founded fifty years ago in France, named after its creator, and today it is one of the most famous brands of the world.

Natural components in the composition of the products make them as efficient as possible, so Yves Rocher's cosmetics , which are described by the majority of consumers only on the positive side, are so popular.

Purpose and idea

The products of this company are designed for women of different ages. In the cosmetic laboratory, new products are constantly being created to care for the skin, hair and body, based on natural components. Advertising booklets say that the company grows plants for its products on its own, which further attracts attention to this brand. This approach to the organization of production has created a good image for Yves Rocher. A set of cosmetics of this manufacturer is considered a prestigious gift for every occasion of life. Good reputation - excellent advertising, which works for the benefit of the company.

Where can I buy

There are three ways to purchase this product: in a chain of stores in your city, via the Internet and by phone (having a catalog). This type of sales shows the maximum concern for the convenience of making a purchase, everything is at a high level, which requires cosmetics Yves Rocher. Feedback on purchases in the last two ways is more attractive than the first option, even though you will have to pay for the shipment and wait until the goods arrive at the post office. This is due to constant discounts and stocks, in stores, of course, they are also held, but not in such quantity. The company for regular customers was introduced a bonus program, which consists in the accumulation, and after the exchange of bonuses for a certain encouragement. Of course, this is again the cosmetics of Yves Rocher, the feedback about the gifts is also positive, as representatives of the trade mark try to keep the earned customers and attract new ones.


The sales network of cosmetics and perfumes Yves Rocher has more than 1400 free-standing stores, about 3,000 salons worldwide, where the consumer is offered an assortment of 700 items. This means for the skin, gels, shampoos, decorative cosmetics and perfumes. Every year the assortment expands. What attracted women to cosmetics Yves Rocher? The feedback of most customers says that it is the idea of the company - the naturalness of the ingredients above all else. By the way, all the products have a pleasant floral-herbal aroma.

The price category of this brand is quite large, but, according to regular customers, it justifies itself.

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