A few simple but effective tips on how to give hair volume at the roots

Every woman wants to look beautiful. But for this often it is not enough gifts of nature. However, do not despair, there is always a way! In this article I want to tell ladies how to give hair volume at the roots. We offer a few fairly simple, but effective ways.

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First of all, it's worth to say that before you start a beautiful hairstyle, you should remember that your hair should look healthy and natural. Spit strands, split ends - it all looks ugly, even if the woman tried very hard to make a pretty haircut. Therefore, it is worth saying that from time to time you need to visit a hairdresser who will cut off the dead ends of the hair. Also, you should periodically make masks for your hair. Already only thanks to this hair will look healthy, thick and lush. So, the recipe for a mask that is able to give volume to the hair at the roots: it is necessary to mix a glass of sea salt (ground to a powder state in a coffee grinder) and honey heated on a water bath. The mass is left to cool for 15 minutes. Then you can apply it to the hair. To give the volume, the mask can be rubbed into the scalp. Also, everything should be evenly distributed along the entire length of the strands. For a better effect on the head, you can put on a shower cap or package. After a third of the hour the mask is washed off, after which you can safely proceed with the installation.


So, how to give hair volume at the roots? To do this, it is enough to know a few simple rules on how to dry the hair with a hair dryer correctly. Here is a list of small female tricks:

  1. Hair at the roots will rise, if you dry your head, tilting it down. To do this, as an assistant, it is better to take a round brush: it needs to move from the roots of the hair to the tips, lingering slightly around the scalp.
  2. Excellent assistant when drying hair, which is able to give the volume of hair, - foam. So, it should be applied exclusively to the root zone, and during the drying of the round comb, the strand should be lifted upward.
  3. After drying, it is good to use a varnish of super-strong fixation. To do this, the head should be tilted down, treated with a lacquer root zone.

All these methods will perfectly help to cope with the problem of fine hair and give the desired volume to the hair.


The next clue about how to give the hair volume at the roots, is to make hair. However, this does not mean that you need to create a hairstyle in the style of the 80's. It is important to work only in the basal area. To do this, the hair should be well washed, only in this case everything should turn out. So, for work you need to take a comb with wide teeth. The first stage: to separate the upper strands, zakolov them from above. They do not need to be combed, work only with the lower hair, which then hide. Then one should take one strand and comb it in the root zone from the top down. It is worth saying that you do not need to crunch your hair too much, so your hair will not look natural. After the end of the procedure, the upper strands are released, the hair is gently combed (everything should look natural). To increase the reliability of the hair, you can fix it with a hair spray.


The next clue to women who want to know how to give hair volume at the roots: you can use a diffuser for this. This is a special nozzle on the hair dryer - round and with denticles. To get it right, you need to dry your head a little by tilting it forward. Also, the best effect is obtained if the air is directed against the hair growth. Thanks to such simple movements, strands assume an upright position, forming hairpins. To fix the hair, you can also use a hair spray.


There is one more familiar option, how to create volume at the roots: use curlers for this. However, to get a magnificent head of hair, and not curls, curlers need to take a large diameter. It is also worth remembering that it is necessary to wind the curlers only on dry hair. For a better effect, you need to apply foam on the strand beforehand. After all the manipulations, the hairdo can be sprinkled with varnish to fix it.


And the last rather usual way, telling how to create volume at roots in house conditions: to use for this purpose correct shampoos. In the store you need to choose that bottle, which says: "For the volume of hair." Also, do not be afraid to use the air conditioner. However, if you want to give your hair volume, apply it best only to the tips, avoiding the root zone. An excellent option may be a home shampoo mask, which is not so difficult to prepare. To do this, you need to stock up the following ingredients: gelatin (1 tsp), egg yolk (1 pc.), Mustard powder (1 tsp). First you need to work with gelatin: pour it with water, heat to 60 ° and wait for a little swollen. When this ingredient is ready, yolk and mustard are added to it, everything is whipped to a foam condition. All this is applied to the hair for about 20-30 minutes, after which it is washed off with warm water. Important is the fact that you do not need to wash your head after this procedure, because the mixture works not only as a mask, but also as a shampoo.

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