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Because of what there can be a vascular dystonia

The phrase "vascular dystonia" is perfectly familiar to most people. Rapid fatigue, weakness, constant fatigue, dizziness, a sense of lack of air ... These symptoms are not-yes, and there will be for everyone who works hard and has little rest.

Possible reasons

Among the most common factors doctors call various problems in the emotional sphere. Stresses, neuroses, experiences, mental overloads - all this leads to the fact that a person develops vascular dystonia. The causes include hormonal disorders (for example, pregnant and lactating women, as well as adolescents during puberty, are affected). It should be noted that all these symptoms can occur and against the background of other diseases. Problems with the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, internal organs occupy an honorable third place in the list. By the way, the patient may have a hereditary predisposition to dystonia.

Vegeto-vascular dystonia: symptoms, treatment

As you know, the state of our nervous system depends on how almost all internal organs function. For example, it regulates blood pressure, respiratory rate, musculature work, body temperature. It is natural therefore that vascular dystonia leads to the fact that the coordinated work of the organs is disrupted. Depending on which particular department of the nervous system suffers - sympathetic or parasympathetic - it is customary to isolate, respectively, sympathetic and parasympathetic disorders. The first variety is indicated by such symptoms as low blood pressure, nausea, dizziness, stomach upsets. The second group includes the following symptoms: high blood pressure, palpitations, dilated pupils, an unconditioned feeling of fear, anxiety.


How to understand that you have vascular dystonia? The main danger is that all of the above manifestations can relate to another, more severe disease. That is why before the diagnosis is made the doctor must conduct a series of examinations and exclude the presence of all possible pathologies. This may require a blood test, computer and magnetic resonance imaging, cardiogram, ultrasound.


Are vascular dystonia and pregnancy related? Is it possible to give birth at all with such a diagnosis? These and similar questions are often asked in the office of a gynecologist. Unfortunately, the prognosis is not very comforting: VSD, accompanied by high blood pressure, can provoke anemia and placental insufficiency. In addition, for moms with this disease is characterized by too low a weight. Dystonia, which develops according to the hypotonic type, is not so dangerous, but almost always accompanied by the strongest toxicosis.

Therapy, prevention

Vegeto-vascular dystonia requires constant medical control. Otherwise, it can lead to some complications. Usually doctors offer their patients several recommendations - someone will call them banal, but, it must be admitted, from this they do not become less effective. Spend more time in the open air, get enough sleep, try not to allow stressful situations, do not overdo it, spend the weekend with your friends outdoors, and not at home at the computer, eat right ... Do you know? If you follow these tips, unpleasant symptoms will very soon disappear.

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