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Victor Titov: films and the creative path

Viktor Titov is a Soviet and Russian director, the creator of the comedy picture "Hello, I'm your aunt!". Quotations from the film became winged phrases. On the account of the cinematographer, in addition to this legendary picture, more than twenty works.

short biography

Titov Victor Abrosimovich was born in 1939 in Azerbaijan. The mother of the future cinematographer was Armenian, the father - Russian. In 1954, the family moved to the small homeland of Titov the elder. Viktor's youth was held in Rostov-on-Don. After graduation, he took an active part in the development of virgin land. The beginning of the creative path in some way refers to the years of army service. It was during this period that Victor Titov became interested in theatrical art. Before entering the Institute of Cinematography, his work was limited, of course, only to participation in artistic amateur performance. But it was in the army that the future director finally decided on the choice of the future profession.

Carier start

Viktor Titov entered the All-Union Institute of Cinematography and became one of the students of Mikhail Romm. But soon the illustrious Soviet director was suspended from teaching. Romm was replaced by Alexander Stoller.

The debut work of Titov was the film "The Soldier and the Queen". Then was the production of the opera "Love for Three Oranges". Named cinematographers did not approve of this work. The creator of the film, shot on the opera Prokofiev, collapsed a barrage of angry criticism. But despite the disgrace, many wonderful pictures were later created by Viktor Titov.


The hero of this article created more than ten scenarios and about twenty films. Viktor Titov is a director who shot one of the most famous Soviet paintings. And in the last years of his life he worked actively. But most of the projects, unfortunately, could not be completed. In the nineties, as is known, there was not enough funding. On domestic screens appeared more often films that represent a parody of Western cinema. For the real art, the last decade of the last century was an unfavorable period.

Among the films that Viktor Titov created, one can distinguish, in addition to those already listed, the following:

  1. "Ilf and Petrov were traveling in a tram."
  2. "The Life of Klim Samgin."
  3. "Leave at your own expense."
  4. "Russian transit".

"Soldier and queen"

This short film was created based on the work of Andrei Platonov. She narrates about the capricious queen, who, angered at the soldier, made him cruel and humiliating punishment. The unhappy should endure beatings within a year. The hero of the film tries in every possible way to avoid punishment. And, fortunately, he discovers that the faithful shoemaker has an amazing external resemblance to the princess. The protagonist of the picture is a substitute. The princess is in the modest home of an artisan. The shoemaker's wife is in the luxurious royal mansions.

The roles in the debut picture of Titov were performed by Oleg Dal and Ekaterina Vasilyeva.

"Hello I'm your aunt!"

Like other people of art, Titov often remained without work. During one of these forced vacations, he was invited to make a film based on the work of the English playwright Brandon Thomas. The application for the screen version of Gorky's work, which was shortly filed by the director, was rejected. So he gladly accepted the offer to make a comedy movie, which became the pinnacle of his work.

Grotesque, satirical - the features of the picture, which created Titov. In addition, he managed to find an ingenious cast of actors. The main role was played by such outstanding artists as Oleg Tabakov, Vladimir Etush. But the director approved the little-known at that time Alexander Kalyagin.

The script for this film was also written by Titov. He is the author of many famous replicas. For example, the phrase about Brazil - the country from which many many wild monkeys are carried. In the original, the hero did not pronounce such words.

Other Movies

Years after the premiere of the famous comedy, the series "The Open Book" appeared on the screens. The film is based on the work of Veniamin Kaverin and is devoted to the work of Soviet scientists, microbiologists, who first received samples of penicillin. The roles were performed by Iia Savvina, Georgiy Taratorkin, Oleg Yankovsky and other famous actors.

In 1982, the lyric comedy "Leave at Your Own Account" was created, in which the main roles were played by Olga Melikhova, Igor Kostolevsky. Secondary, but colorful heroine played Lyudmila Gurchenko.


Viktor Titov wrote ten dramatic works. The most famous paintings, present in his filmography, were shot according to scenarios that he wrote himself or in co-authorship with other filmmakers. These films include the above, as well as films "Dinar", "Curse Durant", "Child."

For his brilliant paintings Viktor Titov was awarded only one award, received during the festival in Vyborg in 1999.

In recent years, the director was seriously ill. The creator of the film "Hello, I'm Your Aunt" passed away in 2000.

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