Alerya Hotel 3 * (Turkey, Kemer): reviews and the travel details

The city of Kemer, located in Turkey, is among the top 10 most popular resorts in the world. Every year thousands of people, seeking sunshine and fun, rest here. The city is located about 60 km from Antalya and the main attractions of the resort. Distinctive features of Kemer are picturesque natural resources: there are stunning mountain heights protecting the resort from strong winds and bad weather, there are fragrant orange groves and coniferous forests.

It should be noted that Kemer is characterized by an abundance of party places. The resort has a lot of clubs, bars and restaurants working around the clock. If you travel with children, you should choose the hotel, the most remote from the central part of the city. Ideal option will be the Alerya Hotel 3 *. It is aimed at the audience with young children. Perfectly suitable for a romantic weekend, active, beach and sightseeing holidays.

general description

In 2000 the Alerya Hotel 3 * was founded. Kemer is a resort with rich infrastructure, numerous walking parks, historical monuments and long beaches. The distance to the airport is not more than 55 km. In the city are concentrated entertainment centers for young guests, for this reason couples come here with children. The hotel has a small territory, on which there are two three-story buildings.

Accommodation conditions

Alerya Hotel 3 * (Turkey) offers accommodation in comfortable rooms, the main part has balconies. The windows of the rooms offer stunning views of the mountains, the sea or the greenery. The rooms include regular cleaning - at least twice a week. In all rooms, the Internet is held, however, use will be paid.

The standard package includes a landline telephone for direct connection to the registration department. There is air conditioning (cold / heat), cable TV with Russian channels is connected. The bathroom is equipped with the necessary set of bath accessories. Paid services: electronic safe, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in the bar. A baby cot is available upon request.


There is no own beach near the Alerya Hotel 3 *. Municipal is located approximately 700-800 meters from the building. The minibus runs to the coast, if desired, you can walk on foot in 20 minutes. The road to the shoreline runs through a picturesque park with sprawling palm trees, flowering plants, orange and pomegranate trees.

The entrance to the coast is for a fee. This is a little crowded, equipped with beach equipment and water attractions (catamarans, hydrocycles, diving) territory. If you feel sorry for money, go to the free beach. The paid coast is equipped with bars, there is a cafe with Russian-speaking staff. Guests are entertained by animators, arrange fun contests and foam parties. The sea is a separate topic: the water is clear, warm, without seaweed and large stones. A little farther from the shore, the whole flora and fauna appears.

What is the food system?

Hotel Alerya Hotel 3 * (Kemer) operates on an all-inclusive basis. Meals three meals a day in a restaurant, a variety of dishes. During the day, free drinks are offered: beer, wine, vodka, coffee / tea. According to tourists, the food is decent, properly balanced.

Morning meal consists of dairy products, oatmeal, porridge, fresh salads, sausage, cheese, sour-milk drinks. For lunch, meat is served, chicken in addition to garnishes and vegetables. Dinner will please with an abundance of legumes, dishes from potatoes, eggplants, etc. Sweetheads are spoiled with jams, fresh fruits, confectionery. It's hard to stay hungry.

Alerya Hotel 3 * also has a pool bar with a rich wine list, elite cognac, whiskey, liquor. Coffee connoisseurs will taste a real Turkish drink. For children, prepare fruit drinks, freshly squeezed juices, milkshakes.

What does the tourist complex offer for its guests?

Immediately make it clear: the hotel Alerya Hotel 3 * (Kemer) there is no animation and entertainment program, but all this you will find outside the complex. The hotel is designed for a measured and quiet pastime. From entertainment: Turkish sauna, outdoor pool with sea water, working in summer.

There is a tennis court and bicycle rental on site. A variety of massages are available for a fee. For children - a section in the pool. Hotel services include laundry and car parking (free of charge). If the complex becomes boring, you can always go on an excursion.

Children and their parents will like Dinopark, located in the forest park area. There are 28 exhibits of various sizes, which can move, growl, move limbs. In Dinopark are equipped with a creative corner, attractions and rope labyrinth. Impressions from the tour will be enough for the coming year. A lot of interest will be caused by a visit to the ethnographic museum "Yoruk Park" in the open air. The excursion will acquaint you with the traditions and customs of the ancient nomadic peoples.


As a rule, visitors speak positively about their stay at the Alerya Hotel 3 *. Reviews of people regarding service and service are enthusiastic. All the staff is friendly, attentive and friendly. Every tourist here is welcomed as the most expensive and long-awaited guest.

The main advantages of the complex are massage room, swimming pool and hammam. The rooms are clean, decorated in pleasant colors. The only negative is the paid internet. This shortcoming is not so significant. Tourists were delighted with tasty and fresh food.

Interesting entertainment is outside the Alerya Hotel 3 *. And all the facilities are located within walking distance (dolphinarium, serpentarium, eco-park, merry-go-round). Thanks to its convenient location, there is an amazing opportunity to combine beach and sightseeing holidays. Vacation will be fun, exciting, carefree. Leave the three-star hotel you obviously do not want! According to tourists, this is one of the most comfortable and inexpensive complexes that provide quality services at an affordable price. Happy holidays!

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