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What is the best quality wire connector?

The guarantee of safe wiring is a quality and reliable connection of wires. But doing repairs in the house, you need to determine in advance how exactly you will connect the cable. This article will help you understand this issue, because today we will look at all electrical connectors of wires and find out which type is the best quality.

As is known, in the construction industry, the following methods of connecting them can be used for laying a network of electric wires:

  • Welding.
  • Soldering.
  • Pressure testing.
  • Cable installation with special clamps.

The first two methods are classical and have been used in construction since the time of the USSR. These methods of soldering and welding the cable make it possible to achieve a very high-quality and reliable connection (see photo No. 1). However, at the same time, it should be noted that this method is one of the most labor-consuming and costly among all the others.

Crimping is also very useful when installing wiring in buildings. However, this method is only used when there is special pressure testing equipment, which makes it possible to establish contact at the junction point of the conductors.

Regarding the latter method, the clamping connector of the wires is the most popular and effective method, which, in addition to providing reliable contact, can be connected absolutely with different wires. For example, with the help of terminal blocks (namely, as these devices are called), it is possible to conduct a network between aluminum and copper wires, which can not be obtained either during crimping or when welding. Therefore, these mechanisms are in great demand not only abroad, but also absolutely in all CIS countries.

Types of special clips

In turn, the "terminal block" wire connector is divided into three sub-categories and can be spring, screw or crimp. Each of these devices has no fundamental differences in the field of application - all three mechanisms are used practically in any spectrum. Such electrical connectors of wires are in demand when installing wiring in both the home and industrial sectors.

Benefits of using

With the help of special clamps it is possible to provide quality contact between any kind of cable having a different diameter and composition. At the same time for installation it is enough to have only one such connector of wires (by the way, depending on the design and dimensions, it can be connected with a dozen different wires). Such connection technology has an increased electrical security, which makes their use the safest and most reasonable. And the last: with the help of special clamps it is possible to measure the parameters of the electric circuit without breaking the contacts.


Thus, the most reliable, safe and hermetic connector of wires is the so-called terminal blocks, which, in addition to their ease of installation, are the most affordable and popular on the Russian market. With them, the installation process is very quick and easy, and you will be sure of the reliability of this contact.

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