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Nozzle for chainsaw: corder, motobur, icebreaker. Description, instructions

First of all, a chainsaw is a device that has a high level of power in relation to its weight. The device features compactness and reliability of the motor circuit. A carburetor based on membranes and a sealed fuel supply system allows the device to function in different positions.

Pros of the unit

A well thought out design of the centrifugal clutch makes it possible to reliably protect the system and units from overloads or combustion.

With the help of a chainsaw a number of works are carried out:

  • Landscaping;
  • Stocking up of firewood;
  • Preparation of materials for construction, etc.

Chainsaw are distinguished:

  • Minimal costs of manual work;
  • High level of productivity;
  • rapidity;
  • Availability of fuel;
  • Ease of operation.

Chainsaw has a simple selection of power. To the output shaft, you can attach a device such as a nozzle for a chainsaw. The unit is autonomous, which allows it to be used in any conditions.

A nozzle for sawing a tree in a horizontal plane

Such a device makes it possible to cut boards or uneven bars of equal thickness. The nozzle for the chainsaw has a well-thought-out design, which ensures rigidity of the unit. Its fastening is carried out to the tire at the beginning and end. With the guide element, you can set the desired thickness of the boards. The most difficult task is the first cut. To make it smooth, an additional guide frame is attached to the log, serving as the base surface for the stop. With the subsequent sawing, the aligned surface of the previous one will act as a stop.

Nozzle for longitudinal cutting

The saw is then produced vertically. This is a unified device. The adapter is attached to the base of the bus. By means of the guide bar, straight movement of the adapter is achieved. The nozzle for the chainsaw is not very precise. By means of the device, rough wood is cut, and the log is given an unpretentious shape of the square.

Nozzle for chainsaw: winch

It is designed for the evacuation of boats, cars, pulling out trees, building materials with the use of an additional block, increasing traction and changing the trajectory of movement by hooks, anchors by straps.

The power indicator of this device is directly dependent on the power rating of the chainsaw.


This device was invented for pumping water. Also, this nozzle for the chainsaw is used for emergency water supply to the house, irrigation of the garden and garden, drainage of the flooded cellar or foundation pit. The device represents an ordinary centrifugal pump, equipped with a bracket with holes for fastening to the chainsaw. There is also a pulley for rotating the turbine.

The principle of operation of this device is based on the general rules for the operation of all centrifugal pumps. A hose is connected to the central fitting, which is lowered into the water. A pressure hose is connected to the fitting. Before you start working in the cork poured water, which is needed for the pump to pump. When the turbine rotates in the suction nozzle, a low pressure draws in water flowing out through the pressure hose.


Nozzle "corder" is well known. It is also called a debarker. It is used for cleaning logs from surplus wood and branches. Also by means of this device it is possible to cut out in the logs of the cup, to give the flat bar a roundness. By its configuration, "corder" are drum and disc.

Drum device

The drum model is used to remove excess bark. The working part of the nozzle includes a drum and a milling cutter. They are attached to the bearing assembly.

The nozzle is easy to use and reliable. It is installed in a few minutes, subject to all instructions in the operating instructions.

Disk model

Disk devices are designed for cutting out mounting grooves and grooves. In motion, such devices are driven by a V-belt. The driven pulley is located on the transmission axis of the device. Depending on the caliber of this part and the number of revolutions of the gasoline engine, you can change the speed of rotation of the working part of the unit.


The tire, which is very popular is the nozzle-benzorez. In the people it was called "Bulgarian". The device is able to cut materials such as metal, stone, tile and even bricks. The nozzle on the chain saw for cutting metal on the end part has a groove, which serves as attachment to the device.

Principle of operation of the device

The main unit of the device contains a bearing center with a shaft. At one end of the shaft is the driven pulley, which rotates by means of a V-belt. At the opposite end of the shaft is a mandrel, which serves to securely fix the cutting wheels.

A gasoline cutter based on a chainsaw and a "Bulgarian" nozzle is not a professional tool. Leading firms do not deal with the issue of such devices.

Precautions when using a gasoline cutter

When working with a device such as a nozzle for the chainsaw "Bulgarian", you need extreme accuracy. Precautions with a gasoline cutter are the same as when working with a chainsaw.

After turning on the machine, you have to wait until the crankshaft rotates to five thousand times per minute. It is at this frequency index that the speed of the crankshaft coincides with the speed of rotation of the spindle. Cutting is carried out at seven thousand revolutions.

Advice from professionals

To work with such a device should be with particular care, since the probability of injury is high.

The chainsaw and the "Bulgarian" are not essentially the same devices. They perform different operations. Therefore, to guarantee how the unit behaves in an unusual role for him, no one can. Professional masters do not recommend using a chain saw for such purposes, and separately purchase a "Bulgarian".


The nozzle-trench for chainsaw is used for drilling pits in the ground or ice. The diameter of the hole can be up to 35-40 cm. A very convenient thing for those who have suburban areas or like fishing.

Manufacture of a motobul with own hands

Many make self-made devices for chainsaws with their own hands. How to make a nozzle-motobur independently? First you need to prepare a chainsaw. Most often used domestic model "calm", known since Soviet times.

The screw speed should be small. To this end, they are looking for a way to reduce the number of revolutions so that when the output is obtained, an indicator is obtained that is necessary for the safe use of the unit. For the manufacture of the "motobura" you will need a reducer yourself.

Belt or worm gearbox with a difference in designs are the same in functionality. But in this case it is advised to use a worm, since the efficiency index of the transmission is much lower than that of the clinoferring. This part is subject to slow heating and its installation can be carried out directly on the shaft of the main mechanism. You do not need any couplings or mechanical transmissions.

A large-sized pinion of a reducer of a wedge-shaped structure leads to a working state of the auger.

Where can I find the correct gear and fasteners?

Experts advise to purchase a part in one of the online stores. In the network there are a lot of videos, like with ordinary bullets, a screwdriver and a hammer, some craftsmen take out a gearbox from old tools. This is also an option, but it does not differ in reliability.

The reducer and the motor of the chain saw are fastened together. At this stage, you will have to turn to the locksmith for help. It will carve the bushing of the desired diameter. It will serve as a connecting link.

Additional hardware can not be purchased. It's handmade. Each device requires its own mount.

We select a drill and knives

The drill and auger should work in one direction, if your unit is prefabricated. The most popular manufacturers are "Tonnar", "Mora", "Hitachi". The price for these is usually not more than 5000 r.

Knives are selected by domestic, and not by foreign release. In particular, you should adhere to this rule if you intend to use a device such as a nozzle "icebreaker" on a chainsaw for drilling holes in a fishing trip in winter.

Analogues produced in China can fall off and crack. They, as a rule, can not be restored by welding.

Homemade devices are able to drill a well in the ground or in ice. Its maximum diameter will be 150 mm.

What and how to drill - you will learn the practical application of the unit. Everyone will be able to choose the appropriate option for using the tool.


Chainsaw is considered an aggregate, carrying a danger. It is believed that it is better not to remove the covers for protection and to lock the brake handle. Also, when working with her protective equipment (gloves and glasses).

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