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Filmography and biography of Mikhail Pugovkin

Actor Mikhail Pugovkin, whose biography always interested his devoted fans and grateful spectators, is rightfully considered the king of Soviet comedies. During his life, this man starred in almost a hundred films, and also managed to play a lot of characters on the stage. Regardless of whether he played the main or second-rate role, all of his characters were very vivid and memorable. Looking at his work, few could have thought that a smiling man with burning eyes and charisma that attracted viewers to him, was never a darling of fate.

Artist Mikhail Pugovkin, whose biography was not easy, was born in a poor family, passed the war, was seriously injured and could even lose his leg. His second wife, with whom they had lived together for more than 30 years, died. The actor himself suffered from a severe form of diabetes mellitus and had serious problems with alcohol consumption. Michael Pugovkin (biography, photo of which will be considered in this article) lived a difficult life, but the bright images of his heroes forever remembered thousands of spectators. His role in such films as "Wedding in Malinovka", "Operation Y", "Visit to the Minotaur", "12 Chairs" can serve as a similar example.

Mikhail Pugovkin: biography, family

Those who knew Misha small, could not even assume that he would grow from almost the most brilliant comedian of Soviet, and then Russian cinema. The biography of Mikhail Pugovkin began in the village of Rameshki, Kostroma province. It was there that he was born in July 1923 in a completely simple family. Mom, Natalia Mikhailovna, was an ordinary peasant woman, his father, Ivan Mikhailovich, worked as a butcher. The family was poor, and little Mikhail Pugovkin, whose biography was not cloudless since childhood, managed to finish only three classes at a local school. Further, the boy was forced to quit his studies and render all possible assistance to his parents.

In one of his interviews, the actor remembered that he had firmly decided to become an artist as early as 10 years. It happened after watching a film in the village club. Of course, when Misha announced his intention to friends and family, they raised him to laugh. It seemed that the chances of a simple poor rural boy to get on the coveted blue screen was, by and large, no. But fate decreed otherwise.

Decisive move to the capital

The biography of Mikhail Pugovkin changes dramatically after his parents decided in 1936 to move to Moscow. Work in the field required great health and strength, and it was almost impossible to live in the village in any other way. For this reason, they decided to try to somehow settle down in the city.

At the time of the move, the guy turned 13 years old. Once in Moscow, he got a job at the brake factory. Kaganovich. He was accepted as an apprentice electrician. This work could not be called easy, but the young and active guy, full of youthful enthusiasm and ambition, enough time and energy for a hobby. Despite all the difficulties of that difficult time, he did not say goodbye to his dream of an acting profession. Misha signed up for one of the Moscow drama clubs, which he worked with at the club. Kaliayev, and with great pleasure attended classes there after work.

The first theatrical experience

Khudruk of this drama circle was the People's Artist A. Shagov. It was he who first saw the seemingly unremarkable kid born of an actor's talent and entrusted him with the main role in the play "His people - we shall be counted", staged on the play of the same name by Ostrovsky.

First recognition of talent

Then fate still showed its benevolence towards a teenager: during the next performance, one of the artists - FN Fyodorov - drew attention to him. Kaverin. At that time, he directed the Moscow Drama Theater and invited the young talent-nugget to try to play "really", on the same stage with professional actors. Pugovkin Mikhail Ivanovich, whose biography changes radically after such a proposal, accepted him without the slightest doubt. Caught in the staff of actors playing in a dramatic theater on Sretenka guy without acting, basically got the role in the crowd and was accepted into the reserve playing squad.

Film debates of Mikhail

A young man dreaming about the scene, this state of affairs is quite acceptable. He took part in the preparation of plays, watched the work of recognized masters, could learn from them and even sometimes perform with them on the same stage. At the time of starting work Pugovkin in the theater on Sretenka he turned 17 years old. One of the most beautiful days Georgy Roshal came to this theater in search of the right artist. A famous film director was looking for a young actor to play the role of merchant Barsky in the film "The Artamonovs' Case". According to the script, this character at the wedding tried to play the main character. The film director asked who of the theater's actors knows how to dance and sing well. Young Mikhail Pugovkin, without hesitation, offered his candidacy (although he did not know how to sing or dance). Roshal could not miss the talented, charismatic young man, and as a result, Misha was approved for the first in his life kinolol.

At the beginning of the summer of 1941, the shooting of the film was coming to an end, but the film did not have time to be announced, since the war began.

Service in the ranks of the Soviet army and the wound

Despite the successful film debut, then the biography of Mikhail Pugovkin continued at the front. Already on the second day after the start of World War II, the boy voluntarily went to the front. He fought as part of one of the rifle regiments, was a scout. While in Voroshilovgrad, the young actor was very seriously wounded in the leg. He started a serious complication in the form of gangrene. Military medicine at that time had many problems: because of the shortage of medicines and equipment in any complications, field physicians were most often forced to take radical measures - amputating limbs. In the case of such an operation, it's hard to imagine how the future biography of Mikhail Pugovkin could have developed.

Fortunately, in 1942, Stalin issued a decree strictly prohibiting military doctors from performing amputation of limbs in the field without significant reasons. And Pugovkin was fortunate enough: despite the gangrene that started, he was still sent to the nearest military hospital for treatment, where he could save his leg. Then Michael was commissioned and at the same time awarded the Order of the Patriotic War.

Post-war work in the cinema and theaters

In 1943, Pugovkin realized the need to receive acting education. He enrolled in the studio at the Moscow Art Theater, was enrolled in the course of Ivan Moskvin and soon became a favorite pupil of the famous actor and teacher. In parallel with his studies, Mikhail worked in the Moscow Drama Theater, which at that time was in charge of N. Gorchakov. And it was there that Mikhail played the first major role in his life - Petra Ogonkov in "Moskvichka".

In 1947, the young actor successfully graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School. One season he successfully worked in the Murmansk theater. The next theatrical season, 1948-1949, the actor successfully worked in one of the Vilnius theaters. Then he returns to Moscow and works at the Lenin Komsomol Theater. Michael Pugovkin, a biography, whose filmography is exactly in this period of life are interesting and saturated, in parallel with work in the theater begins to actively act in films. In a short period he managed to play in such films as:

  • "Earth and people";
  • "The Soldier Ivan Brovkin";
  • "The Girl with the Guitar";
  • "The Case of the Colored."

Roles in these tapes brought him recognition, but the real glory came to the actor a little later.

The final departure from the theater

In 1960, Pugovkin makes the final decision and forever leaves the theater. He begins to work as an actor at the legendary film studio Mosfilm. Often the actor preferred the roles of the second plan. But in fact, he was always just interested in characters that could be worked out and played in his own way. Examples of such roles may be pop in "12 Stulyev", a superintendent in "Operation" Y "and, of course, Yashka from the" Wedding in Malinovka. " The last character, by the way, was remembered by all spectators and brought to Mikhail Pugovkin an incredible recognizability.

Recognition of a brilliant actor

For all his creative career, Michael has appeared in almost a hundred paintings. In addition to the films already mentioned in our article earlier, he played in the following films:

  • "Shelmenko-Batman";
  • "Kutuzov";
  • "If there are sails";
  • Maksimka;
  • "Restless economy";
  • "Good for non-combatants";
  • "Girls";
  • "Sportloto-82".

The game Pugovkin was always remembered and very soon, he became a true favorite of the audience. For all his life Pugovkin was awarded many prizes, awards and orders and medals. For the first time the official recognition came to him in 1965, when Mikhail was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR. A few years later, in 1977, he received the title and People's Artist of the RSFSR.

Among his many awards were the Order of Honor (issued for his personal contribution to the development of motion pictures), Zhukov Medal, Luspekaeva "For courage and dignity in the profession."

Three spouses of the great actor

Mikhail Pugovkin, a biography whose personal life was interested in thousands of his fans, was married three times. The first wife of the actor was his classmate, a very beautiful woman, the actress Nadezhda Lenin, who is more known to the public under her stage name pseudo-Nadezhdin. Judging by the recollections of eyewitnesses, young people really loved each other. But they had the opportunity to live together in a rather difficult post-war time. Everyday the young actors of the theater passed in real poverty. When the young people turned 23, they had a daughter, Elena. But, since there were no proper conditions for raising a child from a married couple, little Lena spent all her childhood with her grandmother on the maternal side.

Now Elena Pugovkina herself says that she is very grateful to the grandmother for the decision made then to take care of her. Unfortunately, she can not boast of warm and gentle memories of her parents, although she treats everything with due understanding. According to her, the couple Pugovkin-Nadezhdina was too busy with herself and with her acting work to give her daughter proper attention. Mikhail loved to drink and was very jealous of his first wife, against the background of which the spouses quite often broke out scandals. Despite all the difficulties, they managed to live in marriage long enough. Michael and Nadezhda divorced after 12 years of marriage.

The second spouse of the artist was a very interesting personality - Alexander Lukyanchenko, who, by the way, was older than Pugovkin for 11 years. She was a famous performer of folk songs, but for Pugovkin left her career. We can say that this marriage was successful, because Lukyanchenko managed to do almost impossible - she managed to save her husband from addiction to alcohol. Michael, in turn, appreciated the care of the new wife and treated her the same way, very warmly and gently. This marriage lasted much longer than the first, they lived together for 32 years, until the death of Alexandra Nikolaevna.

The third wife of the actor was Irina Lavrova. After Lukyanchenko's death, Pugovkin moved to Yalta, where he met his last wife. Lavrova once was the administrator of the "Soyuzkontsert", and, having met Pugovkin, took the initiative, becoming its administrator. Together, they lived almost 17 years, until the death of the actor in 2008.

Leaving a life

Together with his last wife, Pugovkin returned to Moscow, where he died on July 25, 2008. He was buried near his friend, Alexander Abdulov, at the Vagankovskoye cemetery.

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