ArtMoney: "I can not open the process." Solution

ArtMoney - an exclusive program designed specifically for gamers. With it, you can make it easier to go through the game, just multiplying the amount of money, cartridges, arrows, lives and experience. Of course, any level of the game will be able to even a novice, but not always everything goes smoothly.

Often on the official program forum, users complain: "I can not open the ArtMoney process." In this article we solve the problem, and in passing we learn interesting information about the program "ArtMani".

Development of "ArtMani"

The program with the closed source code was created by the graduate of the Samara high school - Artem Mikhailov. The first version was written for "DOS", an obsolete operating system for personal computers. Utility every year became more perfect, new functions were added.

Ten years later, the company acquired the right to the program, "SystemSoftlab", making its developer richer. It is worth noting that the game allows you to change the amount of money in games, as well as data in other programs. To implement these functions on your own computer, you need to purchase a PRO version of the cheat software.

The program is working on a hard method, sorting through the combinations in the game files. But despite such a primitive method, the utility is used by a huge number of gamers.

How to open the "ArtMani" process?

If the program gives an error "Can not open the ArtMoney process", then most likely you have UAC enabled ("SAC"). This mode controls the player's account, so you must disable it. Go to the control panel, open the "Enable or Disable User Account Control" option and deactivate "SUS". Restart the computer later.

Also you can buy a PRO-version, which easily bypasses the control of the account. It is inexpensive, any gamer can buy "ArtMani" on the official portal. There you can buy ArtMoney in Russian.

If the game does not appear in the process list, try using the Spyware Process Detector. The search engine will help you find any process and, regardless of its availability, make the appropriate adjustments. So we found out what to do if the utility issues: "I can not open the Artmoney process".

How to open a service?

On a 64-bit "Windows" you need to disable driver signature verification in order to use the program. You can use one of the two methods presented below:

  • When the operating system is loaded with "Windows 8", press F8, and then select "Disable verification of signatures".
  • Use the program "Signature Driver" and with simple manipulations turn off the check.
  • You can also turn off the check in the parameters of the operating system "Windows". We remind you that you can move to the settings with the cursor, moving it to the lower right corner.

Done! Now you can start the program, including the version of ArtMoney 3!

How to use the utility?

Many novice players do not know how to use the program ArtMoney. Especially for them, we prepared a plan of manipulation!

  • First you need to start the game, minimize it and open "ArtMani".
  • In the field you need to enter the current value of the game data: cartridges, arrows, lives or experience.
  • Click "Search" and wait for the result.
  • Later again, go into the game and add (or reduce) the value of the currency or other things.
  • Enter a new number in the field and click the "Dispense" button.
  • Before you will be the only line that needs to be changed. Write the desired value and click "OK".
  • Open the computer game and rejoice that you have an immeasurable number of cartridges or lives.

But how to increase exactly the resource that you need? Easily! In the input field of the number of bits you need to write 1 or 2 to change lives. Four bits for finance.

Having learned how to use the program ArtMoney, you will become an immortal warrior or a rich street racing player. We will tell in more detail how to use the utility on the example of the legendary game that has won the hearts of millions of gamers. Her name is "Thirst for Speed: Particularly wanted."

At the very beginning of the game you only have two cars available: Chevrolet Cobalt and Fiat Punto. The third car, the Volkswagen Golf, is also available, but you do not have five thousand dollars to purchase it. Note that the characteristics of "Volkswagen" is better than other available wheelbarrows. We pass to Artmani, we introduce the active value of finance (at the very beginning of the game there are thirty thousand). We search for it, and later we spend this money for the purchase of "Fiat" or "Chevrolet". We sift and enter the desired amount of money. If desired, you can request 10 billion, but it does not make sense to play any more: all levels pass easily and interest in the toy disappears. We buy "Volkswagen Golf" and tune it! Do not forget about the "Fiat Punto", because it can be used in pursuit of police cars.

Should I buy the full version?

In the free version you can hack almost all games for money, experience and ammunition. But there are also those games that do not lend themselves to hacking just like that. For these games, you need to disable account control or manually rewrite the source code. To crack a hard-to-reach game, you can download the full version or request activation of Artmoney. The full edition will give you the opportunity to edit not only computer games, but console as well, such as Sega, Dandy, Playstation and Super Nintendo. The speed of the search for values will be higher, thereby facilitating your expectation. Also, you can search not by numbers, but by the names of objects and nicknames of players.

If you want to save on the purchase of the utility, then download the registration code ArtMoney from the network.

How to use the program in online games?

In online games, you can not change the amount of money, because the data about them are stored on a specially allocated server. If you try and add them yourself, then you will have the indicated amount of money on the display, but in fact, it will change. Try to buy something, and the amount will again become the original. In any case, make an attempt and take action to increase the amount of money.

If the data is stored on a computer, then you will succeed and the amount of money will be increased. It's interesting, but somebody reduced his finances with the help of "ArtMani"?

How to crack "Warcraft" with the help of "ArtMani"?

"Warcraft" - a popular strategy game, which came out in the 2000s. Although it is outdated, millions of gamers still play and conduct open championships in it. Anyone can participate in them.

Useful resources, player characteristics and money from Artmoney are encrypted, but, fortunately, in a primitive way. One unit is encrypted for ten units, which means that if you have four hundred woods, then you need to search four thousand.

Thanks to "ArtMani", you have the opportunity to quickly develop your settlement and easily defend yourself from enemies. But as noted above, interest in the game disappears quickly enough.


"ArtMani" - a computer utility, created specifically for gamers, who love to win and bypass game rules side. The program was created by our domestic developer, but it is used in many countries, including the United States of America. Let's list the main theses you need to know when working with "ArtMani":

  • If the program can not see the process, then most likely, "Juas" is to blame. Try to disable it in the control panel or use a third-party utility that can bypass account control and find all processes.
  • Also find the process will help the maximum version of "ArtMani", which can bypass the control of users.
  • Change the number of cartridges, lives, the amount of power, intelligence and money you can with the help of "Artmani." Enter your current number and find it in the program. With the help of screening, determine the necessary data and change its number.
  • Unfortunately, you can not use the program "ArtMani" in online games!
  • The Artmoney registration code can be found on the Web on pirated sites.
  • Acquiring the full version of the program is a matter of principle! But if you can be called a real gamer who follows the novelties and honors old games, we advise you to buy it.
  • Also with the help of the program you can crack the old-good game "Warcraft". Note that each resource unit is equal to one ten. Therefore, one hundred units of gold is equal to one thousand.

In this article we learned what to do if the program issues: "I can not open the Artmoney process".

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