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Leka Mironova - favorite fashion model Vyacheslav Zaitsev

A cult figure in the world of Soviet fashion, long overdue seventy years, still takes part in the shows of new collections. A woman with a very uneasy fate exudes optimism and rejoices every day. The dream of many men is lonely and lifelong keeps the memory of its trembling love.

Broken children's dreams

In Frunze, in the family of noble descendants, Leka Mironov was born (his date of birth is hidden by a model, only the year when this memorable event was known - 1940) is known. From her parents she got a beautiful voice, and the girl dreamed of the career of an opera singer. However, in her youth she damaged the ligaments and could no longer sing.

After school, she is going to study for an architect, but the problems with vision that have begun have put an end to this dream. She enters the theatrical and technical art school, though, she can not paint pictures from nature because of her strong short-sightedness.

Carier start

Success to a tall and slender brunette came from where no one expected him. Once, together with his girlfriend Leka is sent to the city of Babushkin, to the garment factory, where the young beauty was seen by a young fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev. Estimating the external data of a 21-year-old girl, he suggests that she become a model, and the next day she starts working with the maestro, about which Mironova responds incredibly warmly.

A year later the well-known Lek invites to work the All-Union House of Models, followed by Zaitsev, following his beloved model.

The best model

Lena Mironova's biography (according to the passport - Leocadia), who never considered herself a beauty, is full of achievements and successes in her career. The profession of the mannequin in the USSR was not prestigious, and only a few girls achieved the heights in the chosen field. And getting into the fashion world at that time was not considered a great success. Requirements for co-workers differed from modern ones: growth, age and composition were not important, because it was required to show that any woman can be beautiful.

Leke manages to do the impossible - in 1967 she is recognized as the best model of the USSR, and Western designers admire the way the Soviet Audrey Hepburn looks. (Mironova looked very much like a Hollywood actress).

If it were not for Zaitsev, who gave a ticket to the fashion world, no one knows how the fate of the beautiful girl would have developed.

A meeting that turned all life

Several years later Leka Mironov left for Latvia, where the fashion designers' congress is held. This was her first trip outside of Moscow, which turned into a resounding success for the star. It is there that the mannequin acquaints himself with the love of his life - the photographer Antanas. The girl falls in love for the first time in her life and immediately realizes that a handsome young man is the very prince she dreamed of. Those who are holding hands happy lovers did not notice anyone around and thought that this will always be so.

Serious problems

With Latvia, the USSR had tense relations, and the awakened nationalists of the near abroad pursued those who meet with the Russians. Antanas has big problems: the young man is threatened with death. The frightened star of the Soviet podium is trying to find work in Moscow for a lover taking prizes at young photographer's contests, but everything was in vain. An experienced professional is offered only to print cards for documents, and he needed to improve his talent.

Having learned about the threats to the Antanas family, Leka Mironova understands that she needs to let go of the one she loves more than anyone else in the world. To save a life to the beloved, she selflessly renounces it.

One love for life

Later, the woman learned that her beloved tried to commit suicide, but nothing could be changed. In the life of the successful model, there was no other man, she did not know how to fall in love again with the same force.

Fifty years have passed since their first meeting, but she still keeps a joint photo. To all questions about the solitude of Leka Mironova answers that she is comfortable in this state and she is happy in her own way.

By the way, the personal life of her lover from Lithuania, too, did not work out. Forgetting the brown eyes in which he was drowning, the photographer could not. A few years ago, he died in a car crash.

The restricted model

To forget, Zaitsev's favorite modeler travels a lot around the Union, giving viewers the beauty and unspent love. The best models, including Leku, are invited by foreign firms, offering advantageous contracts. One hour of the mannequin cost about two thousand dollars, while at home the girl was paid 76 rubles a month.

Mironova's problem was that she was not allowed to go abroad. The origins are brought down - the repressed father, declared the enemy of the people, and the mother-noblewoman. Even his favorite couturier could not help her, since he himself was not allowed to leave.

Popularity Abroad

But despite this, the Soviet model was also known abroad. In America, a film was shown that told foreign audiences about the life of the three famous stars of the Soviet Union, among whom was the charming Leka. About her filmed a film and Canadian filmmakers.

After the shooting, the model began to have big problems. Special services called for interrogations, asking about the true goals of working with foreigners.

Persecution of a high-ranking official

The refined fashion model Leka Mironov has always enjoyed success with men. She was disinclined to trade her body for a brilliant career, as colleagues in the shop did. Leku begins to pursue an influential party official dreaming of a beautiful toy. Having received a resolute rebuff, a person with a shallow soul begins to take revenge. A proud girl is even hinted at the possibility of an accident, and she leaves the house only accompanied by her mother.

The model remains the only way out of the humiliating situation - she writes a statement of forced withdrawal, without hiding the true reason. She was the first to tell about the harassment of party bosses without any concealment and told about the mutilated destinies of young girls who got into this business.

Persona non grata

The star of the Soviet podium suddenly becomes persona non grata. She ceases to be invited to shoot and show, erase all the TV programs in which Leka Mironova participated. Diva, sitting without work, threatened to be imprisoned and expelled from the capital. But she did not break down and did not betray herself, life principles and her love, the memory of which lives in her heart. Mironova did not want to ask the famous fashion designer who gave her a start in life, to interfere with her problems, believing that she does not have this right.

After much toil, she settled in the Model House in Khimki, where she worked for more than 20 years.

Always go only forward

Beautifully looking model lives on the very outskirts of Moscow, receives a modest pension, and Vyacheslav Zaitsev sometimes invites his muse, with whom they went through a difficult path to fame, to work as a model in their shows. The audience applauds the beautifully aging model who has not done any plastic surgery. Mironova is happy that she inspires other women to follow her example even in old age.

A respectable star admits that even in the hardest days she smiles, not showing the mind how bad she is. Always keep your back and go only forward, whatever happens - that's her motto. She is not ashamed for any act in life.

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