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"Vital" as an example of devaluation of words

Attention is the currency of a world overloaded with information. Understand that the main thing, and what is secondary, becomes more difficult and more difficult. Therefore, the expressions used to enhance what has been said and highlight certain parts of the text become very popular. For example, the expression "vital" has basically an amplifying meaning, not having its own in most cases of use. That is, without context it is almost meaningless.

Literal meaning

The exception is the phrase "vital organ" in medicine. There are parts of the body without which life becomes worse in quality, but with their loss, it will continue.

An example is the kidney (if the second is functioning well) and other paired organs, gall bladder, appendix. And there are organs whose disruption of function calls into question the possibility of life - the liver, the heart, the parts of the brain responsible for vital functions. In this context, the phrase "vital" is justifiable. Other examples of justified use can be found in military affairs, in epidemiology, that is, in areas where there is a real threat to the physical existence of people.

Exaggerated seriousness

But if we talk about the existence of vital human goals, then we inevitably bring a subjective component into our statement. The physical existence, of course, will not end if the person does not succeed in achieving the desired. However, the phrase "vital" is still pronounced, because the speaker wants to emphasize the seriousness of the goals and his responsible attitude towards them. It is not without reason that there is a related word for "the question of life and death," which, note, is also used not only in really serious situations that threaten the body.

Watch out, propaganda

What can be the vital goals? The most justified, from the point of view of linguistics, will be the importance of "providing a roof over your head, food, security."

If you hear people seriously say "vital" in an inadequate situation, be careful - perhaps it's just manipulation. Analyze the behavior of others. Propaganda of unusual "vital" goals is widely conducted in sects, closed communities.

Less and less meaning

Any language faces the threat of devaluation of words. Especially it concerns lexical units and word combinations with amplifying expressions. The psyche of listeners gets used to the sound of "terrible" phrases, especially if they are not used reasonably justifiably, and then can ignore the obvious danger, simply because the word "faded" and stopped paying attention to it. This fate and the expression "vital" did not bypassed - now it has also become familiar, and often people simply omit it when they perceive speech. Therefore, if you write a report or create a presentation, it is better not to use this concept. He will be missed by ears, and you will be considered an ordinary "Aquarius". At public appearances, laconicism is required much more than in written speech. By the way, be careful too. In scientific works, the expression "vital" can be used only in literal meaning (military science, medicine). Even in the humanitarian departments there are fans who criticize speech, and sometimes these amateurs even read scientific works.

Vital is an initially strong expression that has become weak due to inappropriate use. Therefore, if you are applying for education and good language taste, do not use it outside of literal meaning. Reputation spoil, and the goal - getting attention - will not reach. According to a person's speech, it is easy enough to draw conclusions about his personality. Do not give grounds to suspect yourself in the absence of independent thinking and sufficient courage.

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