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How will people stop drinking?

Many of us are negative about drunkenness. But, despite this, we still allow ourselves such a weakness and are absolutely sure that we do not do anything wrong. As a rule, such people do not know what else you can enjoy, that's how they spend their free time in this way. But sooner or later they all the same ask themselves: "How will people stop drinking?" - after all, this way of life over time gives a lot of problems.

The root of evil

Quite often people are faced with the fact that there seems to be a favorite family nearby, and the work brings a good income, but the joy is still somehow small. So a man takes a bottle with a purpose to get a little amused. Time passes, and he realizes that he can not rejoice at all sober. He slowly ponders how he will stop drinking. But in a sober state, he is irritated, he has a bad mood. Of course, the final is not always the same. Not all eventually become chronic alcoholics. Many can stay like this for the rest of their lives or until their health allows them. However, such people have already lost the opportunity to just enjoy life, and do not know how to get them back again. While we will allow ourselves to drink on any occasion, we will be on this path.

Why can not I say "No"?

Many of us have often thought about how to stop drinking forever, but, nevertheless, continue to take alcohol on occasion and without. This phenomenon has many explanations. The positive attitude to alcohol among many of us arose in childhood. Then we still did not understand much, but we saw a large table with large bottles on it. Behind him, usually there were many guests, beautifully dressed and constantly smiling. In the house there was an atmosphere of celebration and good mood. If such events were rare in our home, they were associated with positive emotions and beautiful bottles. We have read many times about how harmful alcohol is to our health. But we can not imagine a single holiday without alcohol. In the modern world, the image of the fact that alcohol is a symbol of successful life is successfully cultivated. We know how a sip of wine helps with stress, it is even capable of clearing blood vessels. Well, about the good mood and spiritual intimacy and there is nothing to say! Today the propaganda of alcohol is conducted in films, songs and even books! Not one famous and talented person thought about how he would stop drinking. After all, many already felt all the consequences of "alcohol therapy". Drinking, people tend to escape from reality, because it often does not meet our wishes at all. Many are already catching themselves thinking that they are waiting for the next Friday to quickly forget themselves. On Monday, a man again thinks about how he will stop drinking, but by the end of the week such thoughts again disappear. It is important to note that a successful person has long since given up a shot. He does not need to distort his reality, because it is beautiful. The drinking person eventually loses his face and starts looking for all sorts of ways to give up alcohol. Today there are folk remedies, how to stop drinking, but many people do not even help them. After all, they often turn to them too late.

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