Cap-pipe, knitted with spokes: detailed description

The trumpet hat went into fashion thirty more years ago, since then it has not returned to the wardrobe of women of fashion for the first time. This is a simple explanation - knitting cap-trumpets is not difficult, but it fits almost everyone - both adults and children. Today, we will consider in detail how to tie a cap-pipe on stocking or circular knitting needles.

For work we need knitting needles 3,5 or 4, depending on the density of your knitting. Here it is necessary to make a reservation, this product should be elastic enough to lie beautiful waves and not frayed. If the canvas at you turns out dense, take spokes on polnomera more.

The yarn suitable for work will be "Merino Gold" or "Merino Lux", as well as any half-woolen thread with a length of 250-280 m per 100 gr.

Cap-trumpet: the beginning of knitting

On the circular knitting needles, dial 112-120 stitches and knit in a circle pattern rubber band 2x2 or 1x1, according to your taste. For children's hats is more suitable for small elastic band, for adult models you can experiment. When the height of the lap reaches 10 cm, go to the main picture.

Beginners knitters can continue to work with a rubber band, it easily takes the desired form and looks beautiful enough, for more experienced craftsmen I propose a variant - a hat-trumpet with Irish braids.

Rapport drawing: 9 purl, 6 facial for braids, repeat 8 times. Cross the facial loops in each 6 row, the remaining rows are knitted according to the pattern.

A small cap on 98-112 stitches is knit with a rapport of 14 loops. We sew 8 with the wrong ones, 6 loops on the face, repeat 7-8 times. Face loops are also crossed in a braid in each 6 row.

When our hat reaches a length of 60 cm, we close the hinges freely enough that the edge gently surrounds the shoulders. Wet the finished product and lightly pull it out, dry it with a towel that absorbs excess moisture. If desired, you can slightly strip off the cap with a warm iron from the wrong side, previously spread out on a thick towel. Irish braids and arans can not be ironed from the front side, otherwise the pattern will lose volume.

If you for some reason does not fit circular knitting, a stylish hat can be tied in the easiest way. Type on the spokes 120-140 loops, knit a straight cloth garter stitch. The resulting square 65x65 cm sew as neatly as possible so that the seam is almost invisible. One of the sides of the tube is rolled into a tube and fastened in this position, wrapping it with a contrasting thread or cord. Such a cap can be made and larger, it will sag, like the hood of "Angelica", and cover your shoulders completely.

A very effective hat-trumpet is obtained with knitting of melange yarn. There is no need for any drawing, it is enough to tie a lapel with a rubber band, the rest of the product is made with facial loops. To prevent the hat from getting too mottled, the colors of the same color on the string should be long enough. If a thin thread, for example mohair, is used, the needles should be selected in accordance with the recommendations on the yarn package.

Using the descriptions, you can link the exclusive cap-pipe in one day!

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