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Seafood Cocktail. Recipes of cooking.

Seafood, which includes a huge number of invertebrates of the inhabitants of the seas and oceans, are useful for their trace elements, especially iodine, so necessary for our body. They have a beneficial effect on metabolism, purify the intestines, are indispensable for men's health. Everyone knows perfectly well that the average life expectancy of the Japanese and Chinese is much higher than that of representatives of other nationalities, thanks to the daily consumption of seafood.

Some of the seafood products require preliminary preparation, namely cleaning from the shell or shell. But for our convenience, seafood is now sold in stores in all its variety, already peeled and calibrated in size, and also an assortment of seafood, the so-called "sea cocktail", is also on sale. Recipes in which you can meet seafood, these are casseroles or julienne, salads and snacks, shish kebabs, pizza and much more. It is worth noting that, in addition to their medicinal properties, all seafood has excellent taste qualities, as well as a sea cocktail. Dish recipes With a sea cocktail are famous for the simplicity of cooking, and the dishes themselves are very harmoniously combined with many other products and on the table always look spectacular and appetizing.

Seafood is added to various dishes, they are marinated in oil with spices, make pasta with seafood, paella. The traditional recipe for making a sea cocktail includes mussels, squid tentacles, peeled shrimps and octopuses, sometimes scallops also come into it. Previously, seafood dishes were very expensive and exquisite pleasure, now it is an affordable and healthy product for proper nutrition. Soup from a sea cocktail, the recipe of which we now consider, always turns out refined and gentle. Seafood is good because they perfectly match both with tomato sauces, and with creamy. They can also be combined with each other, adding mushrooms, chicken meat to them.

Seafood Cocktail. Recipes for cooking with seafood

Paella with a sea cocktail

- Long grain rice - three hundred grams;

- Sea cocktail - one package;

- fillets of any white fish - two hundred grams;

- onion - two heads;

- Bulgarian pepper - one piece;

- canned peas - one pot;

- vegetable oil - three tablespoons;

- spices, adzhika - to taste.

Boil the water, add it and throw well washed rice. At this time in another pan also boil water and cook there a sea cocktail about five minutes. After that, throw the seafood in a colander and let's drain it. Cut the fish fillets in small pieces. Fry in finely chopped onions and peppers. Then add the fish and stew it in a frying pan for a couple of minutes. Follow the fish throw peas. Solim and pepper to taste, add a little adzhiki. Then we put a sea cocktail. Finished rice is added at the very end. Thoroughly mix everything, cover the pan with a pan and simmer for another eight minutes. Ready dish can be sprinkled with herbs.

Salad «Sea cocktail with fresh vegetables»

- Sea cocktail - one package;

- red onion - one small head;

- Bulgarian pepper - one piece;

- Tomatoes - two jokes;

- Butter - fifty grams;

- juice of one lemon;

- vegetable or olive oil - a couple tablespoons;

- greens and spices - to taste.

Tomatoes and Bulgarian peppers are cut into thin strips. We chop onion semirings and scalded with boiling water to remove the burning sensation. In a frying pan, melt the butter and fry in it a sea cocktail. Seafood should evaporate all the water. Cool it down. In the salad bowl add a sea cocktail and add vegetables, finely chopped greens. Add spices and lemon juice. In the end, pour with fragrant olive oil.

Now more and more popular dishes that include a sea cocktail. Recipes with seafood every day enjoy increasing popularity, and the dishes with them look exquisite, they are light and unusually tasty. Bon Appetit!

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