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The Arab Emirates (Dubai) in the modern world is an exciting mix of contrasts, where the old and new, East and West, the modern rhythm of life and ancient traditions are closely intertwined. All this attracts a huge number of tourists.

Long before oil was found, this "paradise" acquired the reputation of a "city of merchants", always cordially greeting travelers and traders who arrived in the Arab Emirates. Hotels in Dubai are pleased with their comfort and variety, and the streets are clean and safe. This city received several times the award "the safest place on the planet."

The Arab Emirates is a dynamically growing global commercial center. This is the place where international exhibitions and conferences are held. Its role is difficult to overestimate. Every year the Dubai Trade Festival is held here with great success. He comes to more than 2 million visitors. Also, the festival "Summer Surprises" is organized here, where tourists from all over the world are waiting for exhibitions of the latest fashion goods, unimaginable sales, various cultural and entertainment shows for children and adults, opportunities for individual, group and family recreation. Therefore, tours to Dubai are in great demand. This is further explained in more detail.

The main attractions of Dubai

Here everyone can find for themselves many interesting things. Without a doubt, this place impresses tourists with the presence of a huge variety of attractions.

  • The central territory of present-day Dubai is divided into two regions - the Boer (southern) and Deira (northern). In general, each part of this city has a lot of interesting. In the old district of Bur is worth seeing Bastakia. Here you can see a lot of Arab traditional dwellings with patios, windmills, replacing once air-conditioners.
  • It is impossible to visit this city and not to look into the Dubai Historical Museum, the not insignificant fort of Al-Fahidi, who managed to visit the palace, the garrison and even the prison. There are extensive collections of objects of everyday life, both Bedouin of ancient times, and modern inhabitants of Dubai. Also, the sea and underground parts of this exposition operate.
  • The pearl of Dubai is the palace of Sheikh Zayed, who was the first ruler of the city. So that he could observe the ships, his palace, surrounded by windmills, was built on the seashore.
  • Another attraction is the Jumeira Mosque. It is unusually beautiful in the light of special evening illumination. This building is a vivid example of Islamic architecture.
  • Another well-known reminder of antiquity is Burj Nahar, a watchtower guarding the old city. There is a given construction in the picturesque gardens of Deira. It is a favorite object for photographing numerous tourists.
  • Undoubtedly, the miracle of modern architecture can be called the Dubai World Trade Center. On the observation deck of this 39-storey building, there are hundreds of tourists every day.
  • Beautiful parks and gardens of the city of Dubai (UAE). The most significant are Jumeirah Beach Park, Dubai Creekside Park, Mushrif Park, Raz Al-Mamzar Park and Safa Park. The local zoo is considered to be the best in the Middle East.
  • Rest in Dubai can be varied endlessly. One of the most famous water parks in Asia is the amusement park "Wonderland". Feel free to explore any of the thirty attractions - from a fun carousel for your children to roller coaster for yourself - and enjoy a carefree pastime.
  • The composition of the amusement park "Vanderland" includes the Water Park "Splashland", "Land of Splashes", in which the general ticket operates. It allows you to use any attraction without restrictions.
  • Rest in Dubai includes a visit to the ethnographic museums of the emirate. Near the Gulf is the "Heritage Village". In it you can observe the work of masters of folk crafts. There is also a "Village of divers", whose inhabitants show how pearls were produced in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) in the old days. And the ethnic museum "Al-Bum" will acquaint guests with the life of nomad Bedouins.
  • In the center of the Hajar mountains is a mountain resort, the only one in Dubai - Hatta. It is an excellent resting place. Fresh mountain air, clear cool lakes, the ancient picturesque fortress Hatta Fort, the Juma mosque, the oldest in Arabia - this picturesque place will undoubtedly attract the attention of every tourist.

Arab Emirates (Dubai) - a paradise for shoppers

This is quite the right name. Dubai proudly wears its "city-shop" title. The UAE is a free trade area where a very low import duty operates. This allows you to sell imported goods cheaper than in the producing country. In all kinds of retail outlets (from various shops to noisy markets) you can buy shoes and clothes, audio and video equipment, furniture from pink and walnut wood, jewelry, Persian carpets, cars and much more. The variety of goods here is very large. You can not miss the wonderful opportunity to walk through the numerous shopping streets and markets of the city, where in the placers of shops you can find absolutely everything that can please a seasoned shopper. Virtually all shops have air conditioners, which makes life in the hot climate of the United Arab Emirates very easy.

An indispensable component of any transaction is bargaining. This is important when making a purchase. Bargaining, the persistent tourist will be able to get a tangible discount of 10 to 30 percent.

The most popular souvenirs are various caskets made of wood, inlaid with stones, crafts made from soapstone, wonderful national coffee pots (dallas), and old silver ornaments. You can also bring home an Arabian saber or special curved daggers - hanjars.

Shopping centers

Dubai (UAE) has a lot of them:

  • The most famous are City Center, Al-Huber (Deira). They operate about 300 stores.
  • No less popular is Gold Souk ("Gold Market"). It is also visited by many tourists. Many consider it to be the world retail center for gold products and precious stones.
  • Blue Souk is a famous shopping center in Sharjah.
  • Also, many people go shopping for Al Fahda - the famous "shopping street".
  • The Souq Al-Jumaa market (the "Friday market") between Sharjah and Fujairah is another popular trading place. Here they sell wonderful carpets from all over the east.

Mode of operation of shopping centers and ways of payment for goods

This is important to know. Large shopping centers mostly function until ten in the evening, sometimes around the clock. Department stores, markets, boutiques, certain shops work on Fridays - on the official day off in the UAE. All large and most small trading points accept credit cards. It is also possible to pay off US dollars. But we must remember that the Arab Emirates is an eastern country, the greatest discounts can be obtained by paying cash in local currency.

Dubai Shopping Festival

Vacationers with experience get tours to Dubai in the spring, namely in March-April. At this time there is held a Trade Festival lasting a whole month. Sales provide unimaginable opportunities to purchase all categories of goods. A lot of entertainment programs - shows, lotteries, horse racing, and bullfight will not get bored during breaks between shopping trips. At numerous sales discounts on goods can often reach seventy percent, and for accommodation in hotels - forty; Air carriers often increase the baggage allowance.


There is no person who, having arrived in the Arab Emirates - Dubai, would remain indifferent to the local cuisine, to its magnificent variety. In the UAE, it is not difficult to choose a restaurant - there are a lot of them and for every, the most demanding, taste - from chic to simple. Most of all, of course, Arabic. Although you can find both Russian and Italian restaurants, there are also Irish pubs. The quality of products in these establishments is strictly monitored by the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service. Arab cuisine has rich traditions, and the number of delicious dishes can not be counted and worthy of a separate detailed story. Everyone here can pick up something on their own. Seafood from the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean is always popular among tourists. They are in great demand. You will always be served with the freshest seafood - perfectly cooked crabs, lobsters, shrimps, tuna. It is impossible to resist the local desserts. The preparation of coffee is erected in art, and it is worth trying in one of the many Arabian cafes. Prices, as elsewhere, are very different - from a democratic $ 8-10 in a hotel to $ 50 or more in a five-star hotel for an ordinary dinner. In numerous street restaurants and cafes, this costs, of course, lower. This is peculiarly characterized by the Arab Emirates (Dubai). Here you can safely drink water from the tap, it's completely safe. But nevertheless, most of the hotels and restaurants offer visitors the mineral water of local producers.


There are certain restrictions on this product. The UAE is a Muslim country, therefore, alcohol can be bought almost freely only in hotels, bars and restaurants. Alcohol is prohibited in public sale. This is especially characteristic of the Arab Emirates. Dubai in this respect is the most democratic city. For those who do not consume alcoholic beverages, there is always a huge selection of very fresh cocktails from a variety of fruits. The country is allowed to import no more than two liters of alcoholic beverages. It is important to remember that drinking alcohol in public places, on the streets, beaches, driving is prohibited. Violation of this rule can lead to a very large fine, and sometimes to imprisonment.


In Dubai, locals appreciate modesty in this regard, which is especially true of the beautiful half. In the city, tourists should abandon overly frank clothing: short skirts, shorts and deep dresses; Topless sunbathing is not allowed, welcome wearing a headscarf.


Visitors during Ramadan are eaten and drunk in special restaurants for foreigners or at the hotel. Also, tourists should remember that in public places is not supposed to smoke and chew gum. In Ramadan, noisy entertainment is also prohibited. The UAE is very careful about cleanliness: for garbage that a tourist is imprudently thrown on the street, a fine of 500 dirhams may be imposed.

Dubai (United Arab Emirates): photo

Strictness is also present in this plan, as some rules must be observed. In this country it is forbidden to photograph palaces of sheikhs, any state institutions and, of course, military facilities. Serious violation is an attempt to shoot local women on camera.


If you have chosen to holiday the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), then you should remember about the specifics of this peculiar country. It is best to plan this trip from October to April, when there is no exhausting heat. In this case, you can completely do with summer clothes. However, we must remember that in the winter in the evenings the temperature drops sharply. Then in this case, warm clothes can be very helpful.


Having familiarized with the foregoing, almost everyone will have a great desire to visit such a "paradise", as Dubai (Arab Emirates). The prices for tours in this direction are quite acceptable, that is, from 14 to 45 thousand rubles, depending on the company providing these services, the number of vacationers, etc.

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