Learning to give beauty, or How to make a bunch of toys with their own hands?

A perfect gift for a fair sex can be a bouquet of soft toys. Today such presents become very popular. And all because it is a very practical gift. Judge for yourself: a person receives just two gifts in one - and a bouquet, and toys. In the future, such a composition can be disassembled, after which the memory will remain lovely bears or rabbits. In the gift shop, the decoration of such bouquets is not cheap. We suggest that you learn how to do them yourself. In this article you can read about how to make a bouquet of toys, what materials are needed for this. Study the master class and join the creative process.

Preparatory work

To make a bouquet of soft toys, take care of purchasing the following materials and tools:

  • Basket wicker with low sides;
  • Toys soft small 9-11 pieces;
  • Wooden skewers (you can bamboo sticks);
  • Polystyrene sheet;
  • Corrugated paper;
  • Mesh floral golden or silver;
  • wrapping;
  • Satin ribbons;
  • Scotch;
  • Thermo gun or PVA glue.

How to make a bouquet of toys. Step-by-step description of the process of making the composition

  1. Put the basket on the foam and circle it. Cut out the workpiece along the planned contour.
  2. Wrap the resulting part with corrugated paper, fixing the ends with adhesive tape. Glue it to the bottom of the basket.
  3. From the wrapping paper, cut out two square blanks with a size of 12x12 centimeters. The same details are drawn from the mesh. On one square of paper, put the second, shifting the corners by 45 degrees. For these details, put the parts from the mesh. This you form a "skirt" for the toy. Perform such preparations by the number of soft figures.
  4. Each toy pierce a wooden skewer from below. This is desirable to do in the place where the seam, so that after the disassembly of the bouquet, you could sew a figure. To keep the wand firmer, you can grease it with glue.
  5. Put on the skew of the workpiece from the square parts, attach them from below with your fingers, forming a frill around the toy. Secure it with tape or thread.
  6. How to make a bunch of toys? And then everything is very simple. Starting from the sides of the basket, fasten the soft figures on the sticks to the foam. Arrange them in such a way that the central toys are slightly higher than those near the walls of the wicker container. Then the bouquet will look bigger.
  7. Spacing between toys fill with artificial flowers or candy sticks. Each sweet can also be decorated with a "skirt" made of paper or mesh.
  8. Handle the basket wrap floristic braid, tie a beautiful bow. The outer side of the tank should be decorated with flowers or ribbons made of satin ribbon.

So you learned how to make a bunch of toys. For such compositions, small figures are more suitable. Better let them be 9-11 small toys than 3-5 large ones. In the preparation of such a gift, you can use all the same toys, and absolutely different. If it is a present for the child, then in the composition you can collect all the characters of your favorite cartoon or fairy tale of the originator of the celebration. To decorate the basket and mask the gaps between the figures, you can use different materials: a pen, beads, sisal fibers and so on.

How to make a bouquet of toys? You already know the answer to this question. We wish you to learn how to perform such compositions and surprise your friends and relatives with original soft gifts.

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