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Treatment of dermatitis in the hands of available methods

When exposed to the skin of irritants of all kinds, inflammation begins, which develops into a disease called dermatitis. It can manifest itself in different parts of the body. The main signs of dermatitis are redness, itching, swelling, burning, blisters, pimples. To prevent this disease is easy enough. It is necessary to reveal its cause. It can be smoking, stress, reduced immunity, chronic lack of sleep, cold or hot impact on the skin, diabetes, taking specific medications. Also, the cause of the disease can become a pet hair or banal dust.

Treatment of dermatitis on the hands can be performed with the help of aromatherapy. With this disease, many oils show high activity and efficiency. So, the chamomile can remove inflammation, lavender and geranium - restore skin, sandalwood - soften the skin, juniper - have an antiseptic effect. Apply to compressions compresses of these oils, and the inflammation will quickly decline.

Treatment of dermatitis on the hands can also be performed with the help of herbs. Compress of calendula, cucumber juice, borage leaves - all this will help to quickly and safely remove the inflammation. Do poultices can only be on healthy skin. They are excluded during pregnancy and feeding. Treatment of dermatitis in the hands can be carried out with horse sorrel. The water in which the carrots were cooked will help to remove the itch. This is due to the high content of vitamin A in carrots, which helps the skin to heal and renew faster.

Some products may become a cause of dermatitis. In this case, it is urgent to find out which ones. As a rule, these are eggs, citrus fruits, sugar, tea, milk, soy, coffee, wheat, corn, alcohol. When dermatitis appears on your hands, it's best to stick to a diet that includes watercress, carrots, beets and water. It is better to supplement the food with vitamins A, B, C, as well as zinc. You should eat more green and orange vegetables - because of the high content of flavones in them.

When treating dermatitis on the hands, do not wear synthetic and woolen clothes. It is better to choose in favor of cotton. Air in the premises should be moderately moist. It is important to observe personal hygiene and use a special soap. After taking the bath, you need to lubricate the skin with cream without lanolin, petrolatum and olive oil.
In women, this type of dermatitis, as perioral. It's pimples and rashes around the mouth. Treatment of perioral dermatitis also consists in revealing its cause and following the basic rules. It is necessary to conduct a thorough cleansing of the intestine from toxins, since this is considered the main cause of the disease. Also it is necessary to stop the use of corticosteroids ointments. Be sure to observe the correct diet and take vitamins to strengthen immunity. You can use the same lotions and rubs, as in the case of dermatitis on the hands. To remove the itching, you can take suprastin or similar drugs. As sedatives are recommended valerian and motherwort.

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