Mask for hair at night - beauty recipes

Hair for a woman is like a muse for a writer, they should always inspire and please with their magnificent and well-groomed appearance. Most representatives of the "weaker sex" prefer to take care of themselves with the help of cosmetics, which are sold in stores and pharmacies. And it is not surprising, because today all that is needed in the fight against dull, disobedient, brittle hair, is available in specialized centers. A variety of shampoos, gels, creams, conditioners, masks, foams and other means attract customers, offering them well-groomed and healthy hair every day. In addition, numerous advertisements and shout to us about this or that means, which is necessary for women to restore the structure of the hair, what we actually use.

But there are many girls who use traditional folk remedies. A hair mask for the night, made at home, very well affects the structure and general condition of the hairline. There are many products that make women's curls well-kept, beautiful and shiny.

In addition, a hair mask for the night is used to save time. A woman will not have to sit and wait for a certain period to achieve an excellent result. All that is necessary is to put on a mask and go to bed, and in the morning get healthy, smooth and soft hair. In addition, it is very easy to wash off, and with a careful wrapping does not spoil the bed linen and does not cause any inconvenience. Such procedures are very effective, due to the fact that active substances for a long time affect the scalp.

In modern society they use different ways to improve their hair. Mask for hair at night is also very diverse. We will not talk about such options, which are sold in pharmacies and shops, everything is simple here - bought, smeared and received the result. In the article we will touch only those variants of masks that can be made at home.

So, let's give several ways to make curls beautiful and healthy:

- a mask for hair at night with ginger, it, first of all, influences growth, acts strengtheningly and tones up. To do this, take ground ginger and sesame oil (on a tablespoon), mix the ingredients and apply. Then put a towel on your head or a special cap, and in the morning just wash off the mask with warm water;

- a method based on honey, for this you need to take 2 yolks and mix them with honey (2 tablespoons). Also put on the hair and warm it, wash it off in the morning. Such a night mask for hair is most suitable for a greasy structure. In addition, this method will help women's locks to become radiant and more attractive;

- Night hair mask based on a pear very strengthens the roots, makes the curls strong, healthy and soft. To do this, grate the pear on the grater, add a raw egg and 2 tablespoons. olive oil. Everything, as in the previous versions, is applied to the hair and washed off in the morning.

In general, in the world there are many ways to strengthen the head of hear, to make it obedient. Many women, having curly hair by nature, tend to ideally smooth version. And others, on the contrary, always curl their hair. Today there are night masks for the hair, which can give its owner a long-awaited result - smoothness and direct structure.

Very popular is the ordinary potato, which, in grated form, is applied to the hair and washed off in the early morning. As a result, the woman remains content, because her hair is shiny, moisturized and silky.

Every corner of the world has its own recipes for hair masks, many prefer herbal options, while others rely on vegetable types. But in any case, a hair mask for the night will please a person with a wonderful result.

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