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The love spell - how to achieve reciprocity with the help of magic

People who do not have everything in order in their personal lives often ask themselves a question: can a love spell be made on blood? To do this, you need to contact a professional magician, or try to conduct a ritual yourself.

Before you start making a love spell on your blood at home, you need to know that the result will largely depend on the skill of execution. In the absence of a certain preparation, the spell may not work, and in the worst case give a negative result. The performer of the rite must have immense willpower and keep everything under control. After all, at a time when the customer's blood enters the body of the "victim," a powerful astral connection automatically appears between them. These people at the subconscious level begin to feel very subtly each other. Carrying a self-love spell on the blood, there should be no doubt about the love of a man who has been charmed. At a time when such thoughts have appeared, the subconscious mind will immediately receive the command "stop loving."

It is very important when performing the rite to put the defense correctly. It is just necessary to avoid the negative phenomena that can fall on the spinner, if something happens with his lover, even if it is an ordinary cold. But, protection should be put on the person who is being fascinated. Because as a result of manifestations of negative consequences of magic, such a stream of negativity will fall upon him, that instead of love and tenderness one can get only jealousy and aggression.

Having decided on the love spell on the blood it is important to choose the right conspiracy and rite. From the first time can not work. Since the inexperienced person still has weak willpower and thought, and also not strong enough power. Also, the elect can have an innate protection against such interventions.

If it is not terrible to perform a finger piercing with a needle or to make an incision with a blade on the hand, then the presented simple charms will be liked.

Performing a love spell on the blood, an odd number of drops are taken from the finger of the right hand and added to the wine with the words: When you (name) try this wine, you will strive to me with a crazy passion, and all your thoughts will be about me. " Then it is necessary to treat the spell object conjoined with wine (suitable for both men and women).

To perform the next ritual, you need a small amount of pigeon pigeon or hare meat. In addition, you need a clay pot and a sterile disposable needle or blade. On the arm is a few punctures or a small incision, and the blood that appears is dripped into the pot (how much is not a pity), add hare meat or pigeon liver, mix everything thoroughly and put it in the oven. The resulting mass must be grinded into a fine powder and added a couple of grams to food or drink to the chosen one. This ritual must be performed on Friday.

The next spell on the blood to perform is much more difficult, because it takes the blood of the beloved. Additional components will be the liver of a swallow, a dove or a sparrow, a clay pot and a needle, with the help of which it is necessary to obtain blood. It is also done, as described above, only the dried powder is not added to the food. He is poured into some kind of jar (can) and constantly wears himself. The rite must be performed on the growing moon.

Before performing magical actions you need to weigh everything well, since negative consequences are possible.

There are also signs of a love spell on the blood. For example, men who have been exposed receive a permanent red complexion. And the wives of married spouses of loving husbands begin a protracted period. Also, there may be aggression and abuse against the spouse on the part of the husband who received the spell.

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