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The main signs of love spell

Quite often a man, falling in love with someone, seems insane from the side . Love pushes him (or her) into insane acts that his close friends or parents may not like. The very same lover does not like the negative attitude towards his passion surrounding. In most cases, of course, he is right, since love is his own business, which means that he also has to sort out the consequences, but the situation changes radically when it's not about ordinary love, but about the result of a love spell.

It is extremely important to be able to distinguish between natural and unnatural love and help people who fall into the second situation, even despite their protests. The actions of the spell are extremely unpleasant and dangerous for the bewitched, which is why it is not unreasonable for every person to learn the main signs of the spell just in case.

The main difference between witchcraft and falling in love is the suffering that the victim of the spell experiences. It's not about the pains of a broken heart, but about the strong and inexplicable spiritual and even physical pain that the victim feels especially when sitting next to the bewitching woman (the overwhelming majority of love spells are performed by women). Communication with the object of love does not bring him any pleasure, and physical affinity causes a sense of abomination and irregularity of what is happening. All this is not typical for normal human relations.

In addition, the characteristic features of the spell are the unnatural behavior of the victim. True love gives a man strength, while a love spell deprives him of them. A man can not concentrate on anything other than his "beloved", throwing all his hobbies and deeds. The rest of the people also remain an empty place for him. Even the strongest love will never erase a close friend and family from the person's head, and a love spell can make a person indifferent to anyone, except for the witch herself, in a matter of hours.

If you see that a person has lost all respect for others and for himself - then these are the true signs of a love spell. Tearfulness, self-loathing, discontent and depression - all this is quite typical for modern people. But if a person did not have the prerequisites for a depressed mood, but they came along with a new lover, it's worth thinking about.

This mood leads to self-destruction, loss of self-confidence and humiliation before his beloved - all these are also signs of a love spell. The bewitched man will do anything for his "beloved", even if it completely tramples all his manhood. As soon as you see similar signs from one of your loved ones, hurry to save it, as it is absolutely abnormal.

With the salvation of man, by the way, one should hurry, because if the situation goes too far, a man can reach and commit suicide. It is worth more serious about such a statement, because men, in principle, are unwilling to throw them away. Notice such signs of a spell, immediately rush to the supposed sorceress and try to warn her about a possible tragedy. Does not help - ask for help from professionals: magicians, sorceresses or ordinary psychologists.

And finally, the most reliable sign that the spell is not the fruit of your imagination is that strange objects appear in the person's pocket, near his house or in other places connected with him: threads, nails, poppies, etc. - all this is used to perform the ritual.

The signs described in the article refer, first of all, to men, but the signs of love spell in women do not differ much. Unless the woman behaves even more impulsively and unpredictably. Attempts to charm a woman could turn into anything, but not a happy marriage. Yes, and a spell of men is better not to do - happiness it will not bring anyone.

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