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Funny scene about the fall for school children

Early autumn is a bright time, inspiring poets for soulful lines. But after the tender September comes slushy October and dank November. Nature prepares for rest: the days are getting shorter, and the sky is being drawn by gray clouds. Students sit at desks, sadly recalling the sunny days of summer. It's time to hold an interesting event called "Autumn Ball" or "Autumn Symphony", which can be decorated with school sketches about autumn.

"Yeralash" to help

If there is no dramatic circle in the school, you can take the scenes in ready-made form - from the children's "Yeralash" for example. Most children do not have acting talent, but they can emulate admirably. It's not bad: to become a master, you first need to master the craft. Viewers will be doubly interesting: they will be able to enjoy not only the fun story, but also the reincarnation of their classmates. In many editions of the children's magazine, the beginning of the school year and the autumn troubles are well illustrated. You can use the early stories that have not been shown on television for a long time.

Autumn - it's time to hike in the forest and gather mushrooms. Do the guys know how to collect them? "Mushrooms" - a scene about the fall. The primary classes will play it out with pleasure, and the spectators in the face of parents and classmates will laugh at the unlucky hero.


A boy in the forest collects mushrooms with exclamations: "Well, you must!", "And here's a whole family!". In a few minutes the basket is completely filled with the gifts of the forest. Tired, he walks, leaning on a stick, toward the stop. The bus is waiting for two girls of his age. Shrewd glance, they talk to each other.

First girl: Wow! I typed one of them.

Second girl: And why are they to him?

The boy (thinks and asks with interest): Are you local? Do you understand in mushrooms?

Both girls (almost in chorus): Of course! We are from this village, we can help.

The boy holds out a basket to them, and the girls one by one throw out all the mushrooms on the ground with the words: "Oh, a toadstool!", "And one more!". Suitable bus. The boy pours out the remaining mushrooms on the ground and with an empty container jumps on the bandwagon. The bus leaves. Girls from the bushes pull out baskets and start collecting scattered mushrooms.

First girl: Wow! Lucky something like!

Second girl: Aha! Another naive!

Scenario about the fall - funny, if the children will be able to convey the intrigue after the heroes of "Yeralash".

Fairy tales

A wonderful role in the life of a child is played by fairy tales. Why?

  • This is the easiest way to learn life.
  • Through the relationship of heroes, children learn what friendship, deception, meanness, and love are.
  • In fairy tales there are no half-tones: the hero is either positive or negative, which is easier to understand.
  • The total victory of good inspires confidence in children.
  • Faith in good becomes the main principle of life.
  • Through fairy tales, children learn the wisdom of centuries.

That's why it's very good, if a fairy tale is a sketch about autumn. Primary school is the period when it is through allegory that it is easier to bring up educational issues to children. For the autumn event, the traditional work can be remade, which will give additional interest.



Open the curtain.

Time. And two. And three!

New about the turner

Look at the story.

Somehow on the day of spring

Our grandfather did not forget

And in the garden

Turned to turnip.

Autumn has come.

Vintage shoot

All your household

The grandfather began to call.

Grandfather (grandmother):

My little wife,

Come out, help.

Turned turnips,

Like what's inside.


What are you, granddad,

From the oak that fell down?

I'm in the ground to dig

Manicure interfered!

I now also

At the massage I hurry.

Granddaughter - on the Internet.

I'm leaving!


Grandfather is brave

Vnuchenku is calling.

And in response he hears ...


The room does not work!

I still have lessons

Do two hours.

Sadness has come

In the life of the band!


Well, you have to Beetle

Instead of calling you.


Why do I need a turnip?

It's time for me to walk!


Well, there is Murku

Just ask.


And I need to sleep,

How could you forget?

At night concerts

I like to give.

And now I need

An hour or two to lie!


And one left

Our grandfather was sad.

Even about the mouse

With grief, he forgot.

And the rodent is small

I took it and ran.


What's wrong, dad?

Heard I, Abraham?

We are fine with you

We will manage together.

The song "Hey, uhnem!"

We'll sing now.

( They pulled out the turnip and found the bag ).


Nothing to do!

What kind of nonsense is this?

Gold, look, bag!

Here in fact a miracle-garden!

A sketch for schoolchildren about autumn will be of interest to children of any age, if it has an unexpected ending. The following finale is proposed:


We are now, my little mouse,

Heal together with you!

( Everyone is running after his grandfather ).

All in Chorus:

Forgive me, granddad, us

This is the last time.

Life to start again,

We will spend money to help!


My grandfather forgave me,

Yes, only he

I took all the money ...

In the orphanage!

Scenes about autumn are devoted to the theme of the harvest, so it will be relevant at any autumn event.

For middle management

Autumn is the beginning of the school year. The guys met after the holidays with their classmates, so it's very important to talk about friendship at the holiday. In the proposed scene "In the autumn forest" absolutely unexpected ending. For younger teens, costume performances are interesting, so the mini-performance is built on an allegory where dressing is required. In costumes there should not be a complete coincidence with the image, only a hint is needed, which will make the viewing more interesting. At first glance, the scene about the fall does not look cheerful, but rather philosophical. Here, the right mood will create a game of actors, in which there is no tragedy. Some pathos in the voice and detachment will cause positive emotions and a smile. And everything else will be done by the final scene.

For a mini-performance, three characters are needed: the lead and two wolves are a wise old man and a young leader. In the mass scene, several participants depict a flock.

«In the autumn forest»

Moderator: The old wolf, the leader of the pack, did not feel the strength of the others to go hunting during the slushy autumn morning. He put forward a young leader, remaining in the deaf often in anticipation of prey.

Young Leader: Do not be sad, we'll be back in the morning, not with empty paws.

Moderator: The morning came, and the old man saw a flock down the hill from below. Wolves were prey, but with bloody muzzles and paws.

Elder: What happened? You are all covered in blood!

Young Leader: We met seven hunters, entered into battle with them and won, the wisest.

Elder: Well ... now you can replace me in everything. Tomorrow you will lead the pack again.

Host: In the evening the pack again went hunting, and the elder waited for the wolves in the forest. The next morning he saw how one young leader descended from the hillside without prey. His whole face was covered with blood.

Elder: What happened, where is the pack?

Young Leader: There are no more flocks, oh, wisest! We again came across people!

Elder: And how many of them were there?

Young Leader: Three!

Elder: How is it? Yesterday there were seven hunters, but you could defeat them. And today only three, but the whole flock died! Were they armed with a gun?

Young Leader: No, they did not have weapons at all. Three schoolboys collected a herbarium. But they turned out to be ... friends!

This is a very unpredictable sketch about autumn. A funny ending does not detract from the important content that it brings.

For senior classes

School years are a wonderful period. This is not only a time of success and failure in school, but also the experience of disagreements with teachers, finding friends and first falling in love. Textbooks and notebooks, lessons and changes, homework and school holidays - this is the fabric from which the school life is woven. In the upper grades, the educational and professional activities come first, but the students are particularly sensitive to activities that allow them to reveal their other talents and prove themselves in front of the opposite sex. Autumn Ball is one of the most beautiful holidays, where the Queen of the Ball is chosen, the guys show their ability to dance. Therefore, it would be appropriate to sketch about the fall, switching participants to the musical part of the holiday.

If you have creative senior pupils, you can write the script yourself. The main thing is that there should be a team of those who will feel confident on the stage and be able to dilute the excitement of participants in various competitions, adding a positive mood. An example is the scenario called Autumn Syndrome. This is a universal sketch that can be shown to both parents and younger children.

Scenes about autumn for high school students: "Autumn Syndrome"

Participants: two doctors and a patient - a high school student.

First doctor: How are you?

The second doctor: The schoolboy here has acted one, the diagnosis - "Autumn syndrome". I just can not figure it out ...

First: I understand ... Is the body lame?

Second: Oh no ... this spleen.

First: I just cured this one quickly. Turned Malakhov's transfer right in the ward, he after the second home to ask to become. He says: it's better to have autumn slush than a brain explosion.

Second: The method is not bad, but my patient, I suspect, will not look at the screen either.

First: Well, then the universal remedy is castor oil ...

Second: I tried it. It helps, but not for long.

First: What about sweets?

Second: Chocolate fed.

First: Well, where is he? (The orderlies bring out a patient who mutters verses about the fall ... ) Listen, maybe he's Rusty?

(A sketch about the fall will be funny if the patient manages to play apathy).

Second: If only there mustard mix it.

Patient: And I do not care: with or without mustard ...

First: Did you give toys?

Patient: Since the tenth grade I do not play ...

Second: Can Rammstein try? Strong means. (The music sounds.) The patient becomes frightened and hides behind a chair .

First: Oh! He even reacts. He needs music. Just have some fun. ( Sounds merry music.) Everyone starts to dance.

Second: This is the medicine for which he must be prescribed. On every day!

If you want a short sketch about autumn

There are situations when you need a very small miniature on the topic of autumn (KVN, evening of humor). It should be fun and original, so it is more important than the content part of those ideas that can cause the desire to improvise. You can offer:

  • The creative process of writing an autumn poem ... AS Pushkin.
  • Unexpected meeting in the autumn forest with talking leaves, animals, trees.
  • A meeting with an alien who needs to explain what autumn is.
  • Writing an autumn landscape from nature.
  • School skits in the September days.

Roll call in the classroom, where half of the students are absent is a sketch about autumn. A funny situation is based on the fact that high school students will not get involved in the educational process.

Teacher: Ivanov?

Answer from the class: And he was released from the exams, why should he go to school?

Teacher: Petrov?

Answer from the class: And his head hurts, he went to the clinic. And Sidorov, Popov, Gorokhov, Nikolayev and Vertushkin took him there.

Activities for the autumn theme are very important, and funny skits will help to overcome that mild melancholy, which everyone experiences on cloudy days.

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