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Nokia 5210: a review of the mobile phone

Nokia 5210 is a mobile phone developed by Nokia specially for fans of active activities. This is indicated not only by the external performance of the gadget, but also by its technical characteristics.

The model was introduced in 2002 and at that time was an innovative solution in terms of reliability.


Nokia phones are distinguished for their reliability and robustness of the case. And Nokia 5210 was no exception.

Naturally, the first thing that catches your eye is the unusual appearance of the phone. The Nokia 5210 is not designed as a single unit, but it is divided into two halves, which are easily separated from each other in the same way as a nesting doll. Having removed the case, you find out the phone itself with the connector for the SIM-card and the battery.

The Nokia 5210 is made of dense rubber and plastic, which increases the reliability of the phone. Due to this performance, the phone can be safely taken with you to any sports, even extreme ones. In this case, do not be afraid that the gadget will suffer from falling to the ground or from wetting. The rugged case is equipped with a reliable function of protection from dust, impact and moisture. As for the latter, it is not worthwhile to immerse the Nokia 5210 completely in the water, but the body can save from dropping water and damp on it.

Another feature of the phone is that the case can be changed. To do this, remove the old one: by clicking on the side points of the bottom of the phone, its upper part is removed; The bottom is removed in a similar way, but when you click on the points of the top.

The whole appearance of the phone gives out in it the representative of the Nokia company: the shape, location and controllability of the keys. The numeric buttons are made of high quality rubber, and the control keys are made of plastic. Pressing is light, effortless. On the side there are volume buttons, and on the top side there is an on / off button.

The screen is monochrome, in the switched on mode it is highlighted with an orange illumination.

Interior fittings

The internal content is identical to the previous Nokia models. The menu contains all the functions necessary in daily life:

  1. A phonebook with a memory capacity of 250 numbers. It is possible to use dialing a voice function, but it is limited to 10 numbers.
  2. WAP-browser that allows you to access the Internet.
  3. A calendar that is able to make reminders.

The full list of phone features will be considered further.


Nokia 5210 - lightweight device, weighing only 92 grams. Its parameters are 105.5 x 47.5 x 22.5 mm. The gadget is conveniently located in the hand, it is very convenient to carry out the keystrokes.

The battery of the phone is equipped with a capacity of only 750 mAh, which allows it to work 3.5 hours of talk time and 170 hours of standby time.

The gadget's menu is filled with a number of useful devices:

  1. Infrared.
  2. Messages. Using your phone, you can send SMS. It is possible to use the template messages that are already present in the phone, and you can also create your own.
  3. Nokia 5210 supports screensavers.
  4. Built-in games.
  5. The organizer contains: an alarm clock, a calculator, a timer, a stop watch, a calendar.
  6. Tone ringing tones, vibration in silent mode.

Unfortunately, no audio player, no headphone jack, no voice recorder in the phone is provided. In addition, there are no:

  1. Camera, video shooting.
  2. Connect to a computer.
  3. Slots for additional memory.
  4. Wi-Fi.

"Immortal" gadget

Nokia 5210 will be a good option for those who appreciate the reliability and quality of the phone. This is a fairly simple device, without modern equipment, whose function is making calls and sending text messages.

Nokia 5210, the photo of which is presented in the article, despite its primitive functionality, certainly bribes with its sport design, impact resistance and moisture resistance. This is truly an "immortal" gadget.

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