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Choosing a mobile phone for a child: the main criteria and popular models

Do I need a mobile phone for a child at all? For most parents this question is rhetorical, because this device allows you to find out where the unattended child is at any time and what he does. In fact, this is the main purpose of a cell phone. That is, before entering the school, your baby is unlikely to need a mobile phone. But the more independent the child becomes, the more new people and events appear in his life, the more dangers he is waiting for. You will be worried anyway. So from the moment of entering the school the mobile phone for the child is not just a luxury item, but a real necessity. But how to choose it?

Say no to expensive models

Too expensive phone with a lot of "bloat" to the child, in fact, to nothing. Having bought such a model, you will put him at serious risk of being robbed or getting into a fight. In addition, by themselves, children are rarely neat with respect to technology. Therefore, even throwing out a "round" amount for a gadget, you risk after a month or two to see on it a lot of cracks and scratches. And the more expensive the chosen phone model, the more expensive it will cost you and its repair.

Convenience and ease

What would you prefer for yourself: a bulky device that hardly fits in your hand, or a compact and light phone? 98% of people will opt for the second option. Here and for your child the phone should be convenient: not too big and not heavy. Ideal in size, the cell phone should fit in the pockets of your child (and, do not look and do not fall out of them).

It is important to adjust the corresponding ring volume immediately. If it is too quiet, the risk is high that the child simply will not hear it (especially during a noisy change). At the same time, too loud a signal will irritate others and may serve as an occasion for comments from teachers.


Here everything is simple: you should not save by buying a mobile phone for a child. Most likely, there will come a time when it will have to be repaired. Therefore, it is best to immediately buy a reliable and trustworthy cell phone manufacturer. And it should be purchased at specialized points of sale or supermarkets of equipment, where you, among other things, will be provided with a guarantee and other documentation. If you are buying a used phone, it is better to check all its functions and replace the "worn out" battery.

Choose what the child likes!

When you choose a mobile phone for a child, be sure to consult with him. Design a few models that satisfy you for all of the above criteria, but the final choice should remain with your child. To put it simply, you need to find a "golden mean" between your capabilities, as well as the needs and desires of the child.

Popular Models

How to choose a mobile phone, we already know. But which of the hundreds of models is worth paying attention to?

Samsung C3011

This is an excellent children's mobile phone. It will cost you about 55-65 USD. Samsung C3011 - lightweight, supports camera functions (0.3 megapixel), FM receiver, Bluetooth. There is a connector for a flash memory card. It's safe to say that Samsung C3011 is ideal for children of any age.

Nokia Asha 200

A fairly modern model, released in late 2011 and found many fans among people of all ages. The highlight of it - a full QWERTY keyboard, with which it is much more convenient to type messages and use the Internet. The cost of the device is on average $ 100, but for this money you will get a "full set of chips" - starting from Bluetooth and a 2 megapixel camera, and ending with a huge selection of colors. In addition, the Nokia Asha 200 supports the use of SD cards and is equipped with an incredibly capacious Li-on battery for as many as 1430 mAh!

Samsung Star 3

A handy touch monoblock is only 11.5 mm thick. It costs a little more than previous models - about 140 dollars. But any child from Samsung Star 3 will be completely delighted! After all, it is not only beautiful and convenient, but also very functional (support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, games, FM radio, organizer capabilities, etc.). A three-inch QVGA display shows very bright and colorful images. Among other things, Samsung Star 3 is equipped with a good camera for as much as 3.2 megapixels. If your child is in high school, this is the best option for him.

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