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LG G4C: smartphone review

Today we will consider a mobile phone LG G4C. An overview of this device is given in detail below. It will be a representative of the middle category, but he has a number of strengths.


So, before us LG G4C H522Y. We will begin the survey with the delivery kit. The complete set is the following: documentation, headset, USB-cable, charging unit and phone itself. There are also versions of the device with other delivery kits.

Design, build quality and materials

So we figured out what kind of configuration comes on the shelves of the smartphone LG G4C. An overview of its appearance is given below.

First of all, we note that this is the younger representative of the G4 series. From the flagship, he received a plastic back cover. The device is a classic 5-inch smartphone. The device dimensions are 139.7x69.8 mm, with a thickness of 10.2 mm. Thanks to the rounded cover, the smartphone does not feel bulky. A small mass - 136 grams - emphasizes the visibility of a compact device. The material of the body in this case is normal plastic. However, the back cover is complemented by relief and pattern. The lid plastic for execution is simple. Control buttons for LG are located typically on the back of the device. The build quality of the smartphone is good. Provides a removable back cover. Under it there are 2 microSIM slots and a compartment for MicroSD. Also here is a removable battery.

Screen, color quality and viewing angles

So we figured out the look of the LG G4C. The review of the screen is given below. The device received a five-inch display with an IPS-matrix. Its resolution is 1280x720 pixels. The screen has good viewing angles and high-quality color reproduction. The pixel density per inch is decent - 294 ppi.


Now let's take a look at the performance of the LG G4C. The review of the tests is given below. According to the manufacturer, the smartphone is built around a 64-bit platform Snapdragon 410. It includes a graphics subsystem Adreno 306 and a 4-core processor at 1.5 GHz. Performance results in the tests are incredibly good. Games work smoothly, as on the flagship models. The smartphone received 8 GB of permanent memory, of which about 3.3 GB are available to the user. This indicator can not be called high. However, it can be expanded with MicroSD. The maximum storage capacity is 32 GB. However, you can not place games on the MicroSD. The capacity of a rechargeable battery is 2540 mAh. A decent result for the specified screen diagonal and performance indicators. The time for viewing the video was about 7 hours at maximum brightness. The smartphone's charge will be enough for days of autonomous work under intensive load. The external mono speaker is located behind the device. Its quality does not cause any complaints. The sound in the headphones pleases. It reaches, if not superior, the flagship's capabilities.

Other Features

Overview of the LG G4C phone we will continue the description of its operating system. The device is running Android Lollipop. The platform is supplemented by the proprietary shell of LG authorship. This upgrade brings a number of additional functions to the operating system, including gesture support. Now you should look at the cameras. There are two of them: the main - 8 MP, the front - 5 MP. The main module is equipped with an LED flash, and is also able to record video in Full HD quality. Most often, the main camera allows you to get pictures of average quality. However, they can be excellent if there is good lighting.

A 5 megapixel front camera shows average results. LG G4C is equipped with the necessary set of wireless modules: 4G, FM radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS. The price of the device is about 15,000 rubles.


Now let's see what the owners of LG G4C say in their responses. The review of the opinions of the owners of the device is given below. So, the quality of the assembly, the convenience of the shell, the design and the communication characteristics deserved praise. Owners also note that the device perfectly fits in the hand. The volume is recognized as high. The sound in headphones is often characterized as excellent. The display users consider bright and high-quality. The outburst was praised and recognized as effective.

Many are pleased with the easy switching between the two sim cards. Some users consider the lack of side buttons to be worthy. In their opinion, this design allows you to confidently hold the smartphone in your hand, without fear of pressing the key accidentally.

The thickness is recognized as ideal, noting that it allows you to conveniently take the device from a perfectly flat surface, but it does not slip out.

The response also deserved praise. It is noted that the touch screen responds instantly. The presence of the operating system Android 5.0 allowed the phone to get even more positive ratings from the owners.

Among the shortcomings mention the absence of oleophobic coating (this problem can be solved by purchasing a special glass or film). The sound of the speaker also has several complaints. In some reviews, it is noted that the battery is poorly calibrated and from 20 percent can be discharged immediately to two in a few minutes. The FM receiver is also praised not always, mentioning that it does not catch stations in urban conditions. There are complaints about a lack of memory. Some owners of the smartphone note that the back cover is unstable to external damage, in particular scratches. A couple of active numbers found a response in the hearts of users. Also in the comments it is stated that the module of the fourth generation network perfectly copes with its functions. Users are pleased with the availability of Glance View. This is a function that allows you to get the information you need by dragging your finger across the screen without completely unlocking the device. Now you know everything you need about the smartphone LG G4C. We tried to make an overview of the device as detailed as possible.

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