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Smart Sprint 4G - smartphone from MTS: a review, features and reviews

4G - a network of new generation, which are an integral feature of most advanced smartphones. And gadgets of the average hand, and even more so the flagships today allow their owners to transmit data at speeds not available previously. But not everyone can afford an expensive smartphone. And the developers went to meet users, starting to produce budget devices with support for LTE-networks. The product from MTS Smart Sprint is deservedly considered one of the best budget smartphones that provide the opportunity to work in 4G-networks. Today we will talk about it.


This 4G-smartphone is created from a fairly cheap plastic, so it is very soft to the touch. White coloring strongly collects dirt and after a few weeks of use loses its presentable appearance. The black version of the case is somewhat better in this regard. On the back cover there is almost no dust and fingerprints, but the front panel and the screen "blush" very quickly.

On the front side of the model under the screen are three standard touch keys. Above the display is a light warning indicator and a small eye of the front camera. Next to them is a conversational speaker. On the right side of the device there is a power button of the smartphone and a key responsible for the volume. The left end is empty. At the bottom of the device is a microphone, on top is a headset jack (3.5 mm) and a mini-USB slot. The back panel is equipped with a main camera and LED flash. At the bottom is a microphone. By the way, the reviews say that its location is not chosen very well, since while holding the device in hand, the person closes the sound hole with the palm of his hand.

Overall dimensions: 136х68х11 mm.


4G-smartphone from MTS has a very decent screen for its class. The 4.5-inch display is equipped with an IPS-matrix and a resolution of 960x540. The color reproduction is quite bright, but the viewing angles are far from ideal, but quite acceptable. On a smartphone, it's nice to play or watch videos. Of course, the 720p resolution is not enough, but let's not forget that the gadget belongs to the budget category. In general, judging by the feedback of the owners, there are no complaints about the screen: the sensor is working properly, the colors are saturated, the brightness is high.


The smartphone is equipped with a dual-core processor MediaTek MT6572. Each core operates at 1.3 GHz. 512 MB of RAM is responsible for working with applications, and the video accelerator Mali 400 is responsible for the graphics component of the device. MTC Smart Sprint 4G Sim smartphone has 4 GB by default. But experienced consumers say that they will expand with the help of microSD memory cards. Smartphone MTS 4G recognizes flash drives up to 32 GB.

Speaking of networks and wireless modules, I would like to mention Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and, of course, the operation of LTE networks. The average data acquisition speed is about 48 Mbit, and the transmission rate is 7 Mbit. Indicators, as you can see, are quite good. As we see, LTE support is installed here not just for a tick, as the networks have a fairly good speed, which makes the smartphone compete with gadgets from the budget price segment.


Smartphone MTC 4G has a very mediocre optics, but still, if necessary, the device will be used as a camera, but only with good lighting. The 5 megapixel camera has autofocus and LED flash. The photos are quite good when shooting outdoors in the daytime, indoors, but a lot of noise appears on dark objects. With a lack of lighting, optics distort colors, noise becomes indecently a lot, and flash, judging by the words of users, poorly cope with the backlight. In the dark, the device can not be photographed unequivocally.

Speaking of videotaping, it is worth mentioning that the smartphone allows you to make videos with a resolution of 720 r at a frequency of 30 frames / second. Here the situation is exactly the same as with shooting a photo: in the daytime it will be possible to shoot a good video series, in the dark, the image quality becomes simply awful.

The front camera has only 0.5 megapixel and is installed here, most likely just for the sake of a tick, since it will not be possible to get a decent picture on it. If a relatively small screen gadget photo still looks more or less tolerable, then on a large monitor to look at it is quite unpleasant. If you want, you can put this picture on the social network - nothing more.

On the functionality of the cameras there is nothing to say, since all options are standard for devices of this kind, but we do not offer any interesting solutions to the developers.


According to the owners, this 4G-smartphone has a very average sound. When holding the device in your hand, as mentioned above, there is a risk of closing the speaker with the palm of your hand, because of which the sound is muffled. This phenomenon is especially uncomfortable in the process of watching videos or games. As for the quality of melodies, it is not interesting here. In principle, the device can be used as a player, but it can not become a full-fledged replacement for an MP3 device. In the kit comes a very very weak headset, so that, most likely, there and then have to replace the more expensive headphones.

games and applications

A good stuffing device and a good screen allow you to use a lot of popular applications. Resource-intensive software is unlikely to work properly on a smartphone, but middle-tier programs are handled perfectly.

As for games, the gadget is quite capable of launching high-quality products, but not at the highest graphic settings. Of course, games from the category of TOP smartphone MTS Smart Sprint 4G can not play correctly. But still it is unlikely that someone will buy this device as a portable multimedia center or game console.


For autonomous operation, a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1800 mAh is responsible here. If you believe the reviews, the smartphone will be able to watch the video for 3.5 hours. The combined use of social networks and music will "eat" the battery in about 6.5 hours. Moderate use of all energy-consuming options (music, internet, games, video, communication) led to the fact that the device required a charge after 5 hours of use.


Smartphone MTC Smart Sprint 4G Sim showed a good side. Excellent work LTE-networks, high-quality screen, good assembly, a good photo in daylight conditions, decent standalone performance, an excellent set of modern applications and options. From the minuses we sing out a horrible shooting with a lack of light, the surface of the case, collecting dirt and fingerprints, frankly weak front camera, a small amount of RAM and only 4 GB for storing data by default. As you can see, from significant shortcomings there is perhaps a lack of RAM and a weak self-optics, and as for everything else, the product from MTS was pleasantly impressed: for 4,280 rubles we get a good gadget with high-quality work of new generation networks.

Smartphone 4G: reviews about the brainchild of MTS

The smartphone has received positive feedback on the design. The building was liked by most users: the design is pretty good. Claims are about poor-quality material, on which there are dirt and fingerprints. And many people say that it is very difficult to erase them afterwards, and they will appear soon afterwards.

Technical characteristics of users came in handy. Owners believe that for this price 4G and dual-core processor is a real gift for those who need a 4G LTE-smartphone. Nubia is unlikely to be able to create such a cheap and high-quality device supporting 4G networks. As for performance, the gadget does not cause any complaints: applications and games are going well. The color reproduction and good sound of the speaker are completely immersed in the game universe, from which it will not work out for a long time. In addition, the device launches most modern options, because of what its use becomes more productive. Also, many were impressed by the smart work of 4G networks.

Now about the cameras. Smartphone Smart Sprint 4G Sim received conflicting reviews. According to the owners, using the basic optics, you can take good pictures under the condition of sufficient lighting. Criticism was subjected to night shooting. Also, most users abuse the camera's front camera, which is frankly weak.

But the autonomous work of the people who purchased the smartphone we were considering were satisfied. Batteries last for several days without recharging under condition of moderate use. At the same time, owners use Internet surfing quite actively, they often call and regularly listen to music. In this regard, the smartphone did not disappoint.

The best 4G smartphone in the budget category (according to many) received mostly positive reviews, since the device from the MTS has a good value for money and almost completely meets the expectations of the owners.

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