Gremyachy waterfall - a unique monument of nature

The Gremyachy waterfall is a unique nature monument, which is a state reserve and is of regional importance. They say that it is the only waterfall in the Moscow region, but this is a mistaken opinion. In fact, Gremyachy is not a waterfall, but a spring that flows from the crevice slope of the Lyapinka River from a height of 25 meters. It is located on the right bank of the Vondigi River, which flows from Torbeev Lake, located near the village of Lyapino. At a distance of 14 kilometers south-east of Sergiev Posad and 57 kilometers from Moscow is a waterfall. Gremyachy key, or the source of Sergius of Radonezh and Roman Kirzhachsky, is sometimes called Gremyachy waterfall.

The origin of the source

Tradition says that the Gremyachy waterfall arose after the prayer of St. Sergius, who stopped here on the road from the Trinity to the Mahrishchensky Monastery. According to another version, the source appeared after a lightning strike in the hillside. A confirmation of this version is also the name of the source, indicating the action of the thunder arrow.

Amazing properties of water

Every second 6 liters of water flow out of the spring, which never freezes and is characterized by a year-round temperature (6 ° C). The key consists of three streams bearing the names of Faith, Hope and Love. Spring water is mineralized and in composition resembles the Kislovodsk narzan. Gremyachy water has medicinal properties. Doctors recommend drinking it in small amounts, as a curative. They say that the right source cures heart diseases, the middle one - head diseases, and the left - female ailments. It is believed that if you sprinkle the patient with water from the spring, he immediately feels better, and then completely cured. According to the popular rumor, the Gremyachiy waterfall is one of the most miraculous sources. This is a popular place of pilgrimage and a well-known tourist site that gathers around itself a large number of believers and tourists all year round.

Spring arrangement

A memorial sign is placed near the waterfall. A wooden staircase is laid to the spring, on which several recreation areas are located. Near the waterfall there is a parking lot, a font, a shower room, a delightful wooden church and a chapel. The swimming pool consists of an open pond and a closed room.

The lunar reviving is the same age as the mastodons

Although near Sergiev Posad and there are many springs, but the most famous of them is the Gremyachy waterfall. Sergiev Posad is famous for another attraction - here the lunyke is reviving, being a relic plant, listed in the Red Book. He lived at the time of mastodons. On this plant appear yellow and blue flowers, having the smell of gillyflowers. When the moon will bloom, pods form on it. These pods open on two falling leaves, leaving a thin silvery septum with seeds, which makes the plant decorative. Thanks to these partitions, the lunny is called "silver ruble". According to popular beliefs, lunnik is considered a talisman, bringing wealth and prosperity to the house. A severed plant is threatened with extinction.

No words can convey the charm of this area. Gremyachy waterfall must be visited by yourself, admire the surrounding beauty, drink water from the spring, listen to its murmur.

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