"Miraf-Bank", problems: the license is withdrawn, payments are not made

Trusting your savings to banks is becoming more difficult. And the point here is not even in the financial instability of the world scale, but in the next purges of the Central Bank. In this case, it is rather difficult to guess when the regulator's "Damocles sword" hangs over your credit institution. This time, under the impact hit "Miraf Bank." The problems that this financial institution faced, the depositors' reviews and other information about the organization, we will discuss in this article.

Brief information about the bank

"Miraf-Bank" is a fairly large credit institution, the main office of which is located in Omsk. It was founded in 1997, and since that time has never changed its name. Only the legal form of the company was changed. She was famous for her impeccable reputation and was never associated with her clients with various financial frauds.

"Miraf-Bank" (its license was not withdrawn at that time) was slowly developing its retail network, opening new representative offices in the largest cities and regions of Russia.

He also took an active part in the development of corporate and retail business, offered a number of standard services for entrepreneurs and individuals. The clients of the bank were mainly commercial and industrial enterprises, including companies from various service sectors.

A few reviews about Miraf Bank

When the financial institution was still working, its clients often left positive comments about it. For example, one borrower liked personal credit conditions. Others arranged deposit programs with a high percentage. The third liked the professionalism of the organization's employees, who were happy to answer questions and quickly reacted in case of unforeseen situations. As you can see, Miraf-Bank (user reviews are an excellent confirmation of this) was a reliable and sought-after financial institution.

In short, nothing foretold troubles. What happened to the bank that everyone trusted? What are the reasons for his financial problems? And how did the inspection of the regulator's commission end?

Financial problems of the bank

According to most clients, they could not imagine that their guarantor was experiencing any financial difficulties. For example, interest "Miraf-Bank" (Omsk) paid regularly, gave out loans and beckoning with new banking products.

It all began in December 2015, when one of the influential financial portals posted on its website a message about the disconnection of Miraf Bank from BESP payments.

At that time, the bank's clients were not yet aware of the seriousness of their favorite guarantor's position. In addition, the press service of the financial organization Miraf Bank (Omsk - the city where the company's head office is located) continued to insist on full control over the situation.

On the day of publication of the message, the press service of the bank made a statement about a certain misunderstanding in the program. At the same time, they insisted that all payments will continue to be in normal mode. But it turned out, everything is much more serious.

The first "swallows" of instability of the bank: problems with the issuance of deposits

A few hours after the statement of the representatives of the bank, the forums began to appear messages from the indignant owners of deposits. In most cases, their text boils down to the fact that they do not work and do not send payments. Moreover, many customers were just confident that the situation itself is to blame for Miraf Bank itself. Contributions, according to user stories, stopped serving. On them it was impossible to withdraw interest, and it was impossible to close the deposits themselves.

It is noteworthy that the bank's employees themselves could not provide an adequate explanation regarding the current situation. And it even more excited the customers. There was a panic.

"Miraf-Bank": problems (termination of payments on deposits)

Since the end of December 2015, Miraf Bank has stopped issuing deposits. According to the new rule of the financial organization, residents of Omsk were allowed to take no more than 10-15 000 rubles a day. Ito on preliminary requests. However, larger amounts on deposits simply froze and refused to issue even in installments.

On December 28 of the same year, "Miraf Bank" (payments here could be made in national and foreign currencies) organized a global meeting. According to preliminary data, it took place in the main office of the joint-stock company (on Frunze Street).

But even then the representatives of the bank denied problems with solvency. They assured all those gathered that the reason for the delays in payments was the change in the financial policy of the credit institution.

Among the possible reasons, according to eyewitnesses, the bank also called an unwarranted panic of clients. It is because of them that Miraf-Bank does not make payments. This is due to an incredible number of requests from users who simply did not have time to process employees of the organization.

Then, the employees of the joint-stock company urged to be patient and entrust the matter to professionals. The depositors could only believe and wait for the final verdict.

Introduction of a temporary administration in a bank

Finally, the situation only became clear after the total checks of the bank began. Then, the regulator introduced the temporary administration. She managed to find out the real reasons why Miraf-Bank does not make payments. One of them was the financial fraud of the management of the credit institution.

According to preliminary information, shortly before the introduction of the interim administration, the bank's representatives sold assets worth over 560 million rubles. And they did it in a hurry.

Simultaneously, Miraf Bank (whose problems were just beginning) paid debts of about 120 million rubles. And this money was received from some creditors and given to others.

Inventory and identification of shortages

As a result of the inventory, new facts of the bank's violation were revealed. As it turned out, representatives of this financial institution tried to hide from the regulator a shortage of property in the amount of 288.53 million rubles. And a significant part of the amount was due to the lack of bonds and bills, as well as loan agreements and other documentation.

In addition to the securities in the organization Miraf Bank (the company's problems are connected with the unlawful policy of the management), the inspection revealed unaccounted-for furniture, equipment, bills and transport. All of them were in fact "hanging in the air" and were not listed anywhere.

During the audit, a huge "hole" in the budget of the joint-stock company was also determined, amounting to 1 billion 512.8 million rubles. It was this amount that determined the difference between the size of the bank's assets and its liabilities.

Revocation of license from Miraf Bank

On the basis of the work of the investigation commission made a lot of conclusions, clearly not in favor of the credit organization Miraf Bank. The license as a result of the audit was withdrawn, and the reputation of the joint-stock company was finally spoiled.

According to official data, among the reasons that led to the revocation of the license were the following:

  • Repeated violation of federal laws and regulations;
  • Providing incorrect and unreliable data on the financial performance of the company;
  • Intermediary activity in laundering of incomes of wealthy citizens;
  • Investing in low-quality assets without creating additional reserves;
  • Non-fulfillment of obligations to creditors.

So he lost the license of Miraf Bank. Its branches, opened in Moscow, Omsk, Tolyatti and other cities of the Russian Federation, were closed until further orders of the Central Bank.

Legal proceedings and declaration of bankruptcy of a bank

After the license was revoked, the Central Bank filed an application with the court, demanding that the financial institution be declared bankrupt. As a result of the trial, which took place on January 24, 2016, the court found Miraf-Bank insolvent. After that, the Agency for Deposit Insurance announced its verdict . According to this statement, depositors of the bankrupt bankruptcy were to pay about 2.8 billion rubles in compensation.

Payments for depositors of a bankrupt organization

In order to avoid panic among depositors, the DIA representative office announced the beginning of insurance payments of Miraf Bank, falling on February 4, 2016. At the same time, the amount of this compensation was to be 100% of the sum of all the accounts of the depositor that had previously been opened in a bankrupt bankrupt. However, the remuneration received should not exceed 1.4 million rubles in aggregate.

Obtained by the DIA compensation depositors can before February 4, 2017. Payments in this case took over Rosselkhozbank. In this case, each depositor has the right to choose the most convenient option for receiving money (in cash or in the form of crediting to the client's bank account).

In order to find out information concerning the addresses of the acting branches of the agent bank, it is necessary to call the hotline phone: 8 (800) 200-02-90. The order of payments can be tracked according to the publications made in the printed edition of "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Omsk".

At the moment, about 4.8 thousand individuals, as well as 150 middle and large-scale businesspeople, have addressed about the compensation of Miraf Bank. In the near future, the number of those wishing to receive compensation, according to the representatives of the DIA, will increase at times.

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