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How to make a car in "Maynkraft"? What does that require?

It's no secret that there is no specific goal in "Maynkraft" - this game is a "sandbox", that is, the player gets into a world in which he just needs to survive. He can use improvised means, invent new devices and enjoy every unforgettable moment of the game. But to make the sensations of the process more complete, you can add certain modes that open up new possibilities. For example, you can hardly answer the question about how to make a car in "Maynkraft". But it's possible - you just need to carefully study this question.

Moving around the world "Maincraft"

The worlds in this game are really huge, so if you travel only on your own feet, it can take a very long time. In "Maynkraft" you can find a variety of ways of movement - from the most primitive to the incredible and fantasy. For example, you can grow a full-fledged dragon, which you can cut through the airspace at a huge speed, and getting from one point of the world to another will not be a problem. However, most vehicles that can be of interest to a player are only available when certain modifications are installed, so there is no point in looking for the answer to the question of how to make a car in the original version of the game in Meincraft, since there are no cars there.

Adding a car to the "Maincrafter"

The ability to create a car can be added very simply - for this you will need a special mod. To learn it is not difficult, it is called The Car Mode, and for connoisseurs of English it will not be a problem to translate this name as "Mod for a car". Having installed such a modification, you solve the problem of traveling around the world once and for all, and you will no longer have to look for an answer to the question about how to make a car in Meincraft. You will have to deal with the crafting recipes, spare parts for the car, and The ultimate crafting recipe of the car itself. Therefore, before you start building a car, make sure that you have enough materials, otherwise you will have to stop and go in search of what you are missing.

Making Wheels

If you are interested in how to make a car in "Maincrafter", then first think about the craft of its main components. You must get the wheels. They themselves are not found in the game, but The Car Mode adds the possibility of their crafting from the most common materials. So, to make two wheels that are created together, that is, occupy one slot, you need 8 skins and one iron ingot.

The ingot must be placed in the center slot, and all other slots should be filled with skins. As a result, you will get two wheels, but, as you know, cars go to four. Therefore, the process will need to be repeated - take the next eight hides and ingot of metal and make a second pair. It is on these wheels that you will be able to explore the vast world that the Meincraft game offers you. How to make a car to which these wheels will be attached? All in good time, now you need to tackle another important component of the car - the engine.

Heart Machine

If the car is fully assembled, looks perfect and as if asking for a road, without the engine there will be absolutely nothing. It represents the heart of the car, leading this metal construction into motion. The same goes for "Meincraft" - without a motor you will not be able to craft a full-fledged car.

Let's figure out how to assemble the engine and what it will take. First of all, it is worth noting that you can not make the engine without the furnace, so be sure to get this extremely important item.

Next, you will need two torches, two pistons and red sand. Most often, recipes are associated with reality, and sometimes the arrangement of materials when crafting roughly repeats the outline of the object, which should turn out. But since this is not an original game, but a mod, it is hardly possible to find any regularity in what the engine is made of. But this is not so important - the main thing is that you now have an engine, so you should consider directly the Meincraft recipes, how to make a car to move around the game world on it.


When you have two pairs of wheels and an engine, it's time to put everything together and get a long-awaited car. But even here it's not so simple. If you want to learn how to make a car in the "Maincraft 1.5.2", then you will have to be patient.

The fact is that in addition to wheels and engine you will need some more materials. First of all, this is a chest, which is probably conceived as a car body, as well as two iron ingots. Placement of all materials is important: pairs of wheels should be located in the lower corners, and the engine in the central cell. To the right of it will be a chest, and from below and to the left - ingots of metal. You just have to start the production, and you will have your own vehicle.

Vehicle Features

If you wanted to learn how to make a machine without a mod 1.5.2 in Minecraft, then you will be disappointed - this is not possible. As already mentioned above, in the original version of a similar vehicle was not planned. But with a special fashion, following the recipes, you can build your own car. When it is ready, you will only have to sit in it and go to explore the endless world. Therefore, you will naturally need some management instructions. In fact, everything is extremely simple - you will only manage six keys. Actually, as in the case of the character, the basic movement is done using the direction buttons: W is the forward movement, A - to the left, and D - to the right. However, the S key is not used in the usual way - it is used for the reverse, you have to slow down with the Shift button. Also, the developers made sure that you had easy access to the inventory - you can enter it by pressing the C button.

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