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Dying Light - where to save on your computer?

The game Dying Light is one of the best in the genre Survival Horror in the first person. There is a believable cycle of day and night, as well as a completely open world. To study huge spaces is really interesting and fascinating. And, of course, there is a huge number of nasty and horrible zombies, which also strive to attack the main character. But many gamers are asking a well-grounded and important question about where to save in Dying Light. After all, if you find the location of their storage, you can try to replace the existing saves with new files or to do their direct copying.

Where are the

If you do not already know where to save Dying Light The Following, then it's worth remembering that they can still be found. Unfortunately, these files are reliably hidden from the eyes of the average user. It is completely unclear why this was done. Therefore, it is very difficult to find the required folder independently. In this case, you can access the saves with the possibility of further management.

But immediately it should be noted that any manipulation of conservation can lead to unpredictable consequences. For this reason, it is recommended to make a backup of the files so that the records can be instantly reanimated in case of any problems.

With what it is necessary to begin?

Where to save Dying Light, absolutely every gamer can learn. But first you need to decide on the version of the game itself. This is very important, because the ways to saves in pirated and licensed programs are completely different. If you determine the version of the game, then finding records will be much easier and more understandable. When saves are found, they can really be replaced with files already ready that are downloaded on the Internet. For example, they will help to open access to all in-game content or give the opportunity to go through some difficult place without unnecessary hassle. That's why you need to find out where to save Dying Light, which can open a lot of new opportunities.

For the pirated version

To understand where the Dying Light save files are stored, you need to find the treasured ProgramData folder on your computer, which contains all the essentials. As a rule, it is located on the C drive of almost every modern computer. Then select the Steam directory where the RLD folder is hidden. It is in it carefully cherished long-awaited records. To do this, you need to find and open the directory 239140, and then go here - Storage \ Out \ Save. If you want to transfer saves to another place for some reason, then it's enough to use the classic link to copy / paste.

For the licensed version

Where saving Dying Light for pirate, it's already clear. But with the license things are different. And this must be remembered before any action is taken. If the game was purchased and installed through the Steam service, then all entries will be located in the corresponding folder on the PC. Just open the Steam folder, and then find the Userdata directory. Now it remains to enter the ID of your profile with a unique number to go to the right place - Storage \ Out \ Save. All the necessary game records are stored right here. The user will be able to replace the current files, as well as copy them.

Problems with saving can occur at the most inopportune moment. It often happens that saves simply stop working. After this it is simply impossible to continue playing from the last saved place. Moreover, the project has quite complex episodes, which can go far beyond all. Because of this, the probability of throwing a very exciting and intriguing game is great, but it can be successfully passed to the very end. But manipulations with records will help to solve such difficulties literally in one moment. Since it is now quite clear where developers hid them.

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