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Stroller Bebe Confort: description, specification, models

Products of the brand "Bebe Confort" are made in France. The company specializes in products for children. Working since 1875, the company produces only premium products. All materials used in production are thoroughly tested. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the level of quality and environmental friendliness. For more than a century, the company has been a leader in international markets. Products Bebe Confort reviews from buyers has positive. They fully confirm the claim that the product meets European standards.

The company works in two directions. The first is the production of products for home use, the second for the street. The latter include car seats and strollers. It is worth noting that the manufacturer cares not only about the quality of the goods, but also about its appearance, characteristics and user-friendliness. In this article I would like to look more closely at the TM "Bebe Confort" strollers.

Why choose a stroller Bebe Confort?

To date, many mothers have estimated the benefits of lightweight wheelchairs. The French company provides consumers with models that weigh about 10-13 kg. The hardest are the "winter-summer" options. Why is the weight of the wheelchairs so important? Just imagine what to do to mothers who live on the third floor and above, and without an elevator. Many will answer: "Just take the stairs." However, if it is done systematically, then in a month or two the wheels simply fall off. An excellent way to solve this problem will be the carriage-cane Bebe Confort. They are built on the principle of the book, acquiring a fairly compact size.

A beautiful fabric seat and aluminum frame provide not only comfort for the baby, but also the ability to transfer mothers without any problems, which you can not say about heavier designs. Carriages canes can be compactly folded and go with them to a store or a children's polyclinic, due to this it will not stop people from moving in the narrow corridors of various establishments. In addition, their high mobility allows for long walks to go for a walk, as well as pass and take a shuttle bus. The stroller is folded from a distance like a cane, which is why it got its name.


So, what are the advantages of the stroller Bebe Confort? Naturally, the first thing I would like to draw attention to is quality and safety. Little babies are very susceptible to various diseases. Their body is still very weak to resist external aggressors, which is why the French company Bebe Confort thoroughly tests its products for reliability and safety, and prior to manufacturing, special attention is paid to the quality of materials. The second point, which is allocated by the buyers, is a bundle. The manufacturer was concerned about the most convenient operation, providing a special cover. With its help, when folded, the Bebe Confort stroller will not stain clothes to you or to people who are nearby.

Another advantage is the wheels. They are rubber, inflatable, there are brakes. The diameter varies - from 18 to 31 cm. Mammies claim that the stroller passes perfectly on any roads. Ideal not only for walking along city sidewalks, but also along country roads. The Bebe Confort stroller is equipped with a height-adjustable handle. This is very convenient when the mother is short and dad is tall. Also, it is worth highlighting the possibility of changing her position: the baby can be carried both to her face, and in the opposite direction.


Having studied the opinions of numerous buyers, it is possible to identify some disadvantages. It is worth noting that they are insignificant, but still there are. First of all, if there is no cradle, then the stroller can be used in spring and autumn. In winter the child will be cold. Also, models with three wheels are quite unstable. If the baby is already actively moving, then it is impossible to leave it unattended, as it can easily tip over to one side. Typically, the stroller Bebe Confort is equipped with wheels with a 360-degree swing mechanism. On uneven roads this gives certain inconveniences: the axis turns across the path.

Bebe Confort Elea 2 in 1

This model is designed for use all year round. The cradle is removable, its dimensions are 72x31x20 cm. In the summer version, the backrest is adjustable: sitting, half-lying and lying. The whole structure weighs 13 kg. There are four wheels. The front ones have a diameter of 18 cm, the rear ones - 25. They are equipped with a rotary mechanism.

Bebe Confort High Trek

A stroller is designed for children aged 6 months to 3-4 years. The seat is quite spacious, the backrest assumes two positions. The footrest is automatically adjusted. The handle can be rearranged along the way and against it. Wheels are rubber, inflatable (3 pcs.), Equipped with a swivel mechanism and brakes. A hood can be removed if necessary. Between the wheels is fixed a grid into which different things are stacked.

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