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How to withdraw the Voodoo? My Singing Monsters Game - Player Tips

In the game My Singing Monsters, your main task is to breed monsters that will sing. This is quite obvious from the title of the project, but it should be noted that the process may seem rather easy at first glance. But this is not so - you will have to make a lot of efforts to succeed and get into your possession a large number of monsters, including rare species. If the usual monsters you can get pretty fast, then you'll have to sweat over rare ones. A great example is Vujas - this monster is one of the rarest in the game, and you have to spend a very long time to get it. Therefore, you can safely say that a player who has in his collection Vuzhasa, or puts real money into the game, or became in it a real master. So, how to get Vujas out?

Who is Vujas?

If you are going to get this monster, then you need to find out about what it is like before you look for information on how to bring out Vuzhas. This monster looks rather unusual - it floats in the air and has a translucent body, which leads to associations with the ghost. It has the obvious features of a cat breed - sharp ears, large eyes, canines in the mouth, as well as the front paws with pads and claws. All this suggests that Vuzhas is a kind of cat, a ghostly creation that will clearly make your collection even brighter. Next, you can find out how to get Vuzhas out and why.

Musical abilities of Vujas

Each character of this game has its own musical characteristics - someone plays one melody, someone - another, one monster produces sounds, another - sings and so on. If you are going to learn how to get out Vujasa, then you should know what it will give you. Pay attention to the fact that around him constantly flies five spherical vesicles. When Vuzas is not involved in the performance of the composition, they simply serve as a decoration for this character. But if you decide that he should become active and complete your melody, he will start pressing these pads with his paws, extracting the synthesizer sounds from them. Thus, he is a very interesting hero of this game and can nicely diversify your melody with electronic sound. But it's time to learn one of the main secrets of the game My Monsters - how to bring out Vujas.

Purchase for diamonds

In this game there is a special kind of resources - diamonds. They are given to you very rarely, so you need to use them wisely. However, you can hardly collect enough diamonds to buy Vuzhas, simply playing and not investing in this project. The fact is that in My Singing Monsters monsters have a different value. And if the base characters can be bought for a fairly low amount of diamonds, then Vujas will cost you a thousand. Accordingly, you can immediately say that this character can be bought for diamonds only if you invest real money in the game. For them you can buy a large number of diamonds, which is enough not only for Vujas, but for many other monsters. This is one of the most pleasant features of the game "Singing Monsters". How to withdraw Vujas in other ways? Fortunately, this is quite possible - you only need knowledge of the necessary information, as well as patience. If the second depends only on you, then the first you will now find out.

Breeding of Vujas

You immediately need to understand that the game My Singing Monsters does not allow to get such a rare monster without problems. You will have to try very hard and spend an incredible amount of time to get at least a small chance of success. However, if you do not know the basic information, then you can completely waste this time without getting anything useful in return. So, you should know that to get Vuzhas you have to cross between one three-elemental and one four-spirit monsters. In general there are not so many combinations that will lead to success, so the choice for you will not be the most difficult.

Chances for success

Now you should carefully consider ways to increase the probability of obtaining Vuzhas. The fact is that the initial probability percentage is 1%, and you will not be able to increase it directly. With an increase in the number of attempts, he himself will gradually increase. After 70 attempts, it will already be 50%, but up to 99.9% will have to wait much more - 650 attempts. However, you have the opportunity to speed up the process. Naturally, the number of attempts you can not cut, but you have the opportunity to optimize them, reducing waiting time. As already mentioned, there are several combinations of monsters that can lead to the appearance of Vujas. The most effective among them is the combination of Isabolist and Ti-Rox. The fact is that you will need to wait eight hours until you can find out who you got. And in the case of other combinations, waiting time increases. Accordingly, this combination is the most effective and will allow you to get Vuzhas faster, although you must understand that it will take a very long time to wait.

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