Salty lakes: water, mud, benefits, medicinal properties and photos

Summer (and not only) rest all people imagine themselves in different ways. Someone does not see it without the sea and beach tanning, for some people the forest air, others are attracted by active tourism, spending the night in a tent and songs by the fire. But if a person wants to combine a legitimate vacation with the solution of health problems, very often he chooses a place for his recreation salt lakes. They help with a variety of diseases, although, of course, not for everyone and, naturally, can not be considered a panacea.

The essence of the concept

What is meant by the concept of "salt lakes"? To be precise in terms, it would be more appropriate to call them mineral. Of course, sodium chloride, the most famous salt (cookery), is present in large quantities in such lakes, but there are many other compounds. Saline lake water begins to be reckoned, if its mineralization is already one thousandth of a share. This content is called one ppm. In most cases, salt lakes are located in arid areas and do not have drains. It is their absence and determines the high degree of mineralization.

The biggest

The most famous salt lakes of the planet are the Caspian, the Dead and Aral Seas, the Big Salt, Elton and the Baskunchak. There are seven in total. The first in size is really rather a sea, although by geographic characteristics it applies to lakes. Healing mud, quality sandy beaches and mineral springs could provide him with a huge influx of vacationers, but because of the strained political relations between the states that own the coast, tourism is not very active here.

The Aral is now considered a former lake. The pumping of water from the rivers feeding it led to so much shallowing that the Aral Sea today is a separate salt lake with the names Southern and Northern Aral. It is clear that there is no question of any rest and useful properties of water.

Another thing - the Dead Sea. It is actively used both for recreation and for recreation, like any other, smaller salt lake. Photo from the Dead Sea coasts attracts the interest of so many tourists. And the infrastructure for holidaymakers is beyond praise.

The most extensive in the Western hemisphere of the Earth is the Great Salt Lake. It is located in the USA, in a rather deserted area. Interest in terms of recreation is not enough; But from the point of view of industry it is very valuable: hence the large quantities of cookery and Glauber's salt go.

Elton (Volgograd) and Baskunchak (Astrakhan) are Russian salt lakes. Both are very popular resorts, known not only throughout the country, but also in the far abroad.

What else is rich in Russia

Many areas of the country can boast of the fact that in their territory there are salt lakes. Among them - Kurgan, where there is Bear Lake and Gorky Lake, Orenburg with Lake Razval, Stavropol Territory and Lake Tambukan, Altai with the Big Yar Lake located on its territory. And the Volgograd region can boast not only Elton, but also Bulukhta, and Botkul. And on the mud of the salt lake Tus in Khakassia people from all over the country gather. Do not disdain them and foreign tourists. In Tuva, Dus-Khol, known for its medicinal properties, enjoys popularity, while the Omsk region has Ulzhai and Ebeyti within its borders.


The neighboring country also has healing waters and mud. These are salt lakes of Ukraine. The most famous and popular place is Solotvyno, which is located in the Carpathians. Its salty lakes are warm, the salt content in them reaches 200 ppm, almost like in the Dead Sea. In addition to the standard range of effects (skin and motor problems), the therapeutic properties of the salt lake in Solotvyno also extend to the cure of respiratory diseases and allergies.

Well known and Slavic salt lakes. There are three of them: Repnoe, Veysovoe and Blind. They are interesting as a monument of nature, their medicinal qualities and unique location - so far from the seas, mineral lakes are rare. An additional bonus is the pine forests surrounding the salt lakes. Conifers in combination with the miraculous effects of mud and water accelerate treatment and make it more pleasant. Here, bottom silt is extracted, which is transported to many mud baths and is used in Slavic resorts in winter, when bathing is not available.

Water in water

A rare natural phenomenon attracts tourists' attention to the Gulf of Mexico. Submarine salt lakes are found, of course, in other oceanic waters (for example, in the Arctic), but in the Gulf they are most accessible for observation. Different currents carry water with different degrees of salinity, so that the streams have different densities and do not mix with each other. The therapeutic properties of salt lake under water are not noted, but as an object of observation it is very interesting.

Than attractive

Of course, first of all, its beneficial effect on the body! All salt lakes have different composition of water and bottom silt, so they also help with various diseases. The most widely known benefit of salt lake, inherent in virtually all such reservoirs - the treatment of psoriasis and other skin diseases. Rheumatological problems and violations of the musculoskeletal system are also successfully treated in most such lakes. However, the same Baskunchak perfectly helps those who have malfunctions with the lungs. And Tus copes with neurological and gynecological diseases and promotes the establishment of disturbed metabolism.

Not only good

However, the water of saline lakes can not only cure, but also cause significant harm. Those who resort to her help, it is necessary to remember that she is a medicine, and in large doses the medicine becomes a poison. And the use of any drug should be approved by a doctor. So, the cores can resort to this kind of treatment only under the watchful medical supervision: the water of saline lakes and their muds strongly affect the heart. Even healthy people are recommended to swim in them no longer than half an hour. In addition, the salt in such waters is so concentrated that even microbes and bacteria do not survive in them. It is not difficult to conclude that it is seriously dangerous to take such a solution internally - only one sip of it can lead to a serious burn of the larynx and esophagus, and possibly of the viscera. The disadvantage of most resorts on the basis of salt lakes is the fact that there is practically no vegetation around the reservoirs, and therefore it is easy to get a heat or sunstroke.

However, if you follow the recommendations of doctors and do not seek to get an instant result, treatment in the waters and mud of saline lakes will not only be effective, but also very pleasant. The main thing is to choose the resort that is designed to treat your disease.

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