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What does a child have? Let's find out!

The birth of a child is the most welcome and long-awaited moment in a woman's life. Being a mother is not only proud, but also pleasant from the realization that you endured a new person under the heart. Any girl wants to know in advance when it will come. Women who think realistically will immediately say that the answer to the question will be either a test or a trip to the gynecologist.

However, there is another option, in which not everyone believes, but he will be able to point out to you the soon birth of a child. This is a prophetic dream. Let's try to consider what is dreaming about a child. Many women believe in this, and I must say, such predictions often come true. They say that a dream is a book by which you can read the future. If you interpret it correctly, you can learn a lot of interesting things and prevent unpleasant things. The main thing in this business is to be able to navigate in the meanings and decipher the signs that are sent to us from above. The most familiar image - to fish in a dream - a woman promises to become a mom in the near future. For example, you went fishing, sitting on the shore and catching, while mining should not just peck, you have to pull it out. Only in this case, a dream means that you will become a mother in the near future. Also a harbinger of the soon appearance of offspring is a dream in which you see how you eat fish. For example, you and your loved one on a date at a restaurant and eat a posh baked trout. In general, if you see something like this, you can safely go to the gynecologist.

You can ask "what does a child dream about except fish?" It's simple! It's cucumbers in any form, fresh and salty. You must certainly eat them as whole, and in the form of salad or snack. If you list everything that dreams of a child, then the list will also include the purchase of watermelon or lemon, cherry, pregnancy test, small kids holding your hand, a clean river full of fish, mushrooms, stroller, stork. And even this is not a complete list of what is dreaming about a child.

Read more to decipher the night vision to you can help dream book. The best option is a special program, into which you can enter completely a dream, not parts of it. However, it is very important not so much what you saw, but also how much you believe in the interpretation. If you think that the fish in a dream - to pregnancy, then you need to adjust yourself only in a positive way. Many people say that the most important thing is to believe in a dream. If you dream about fish, gather your thoughts and set yourself up for an early pregnancy. In the event that you have a bad dream, and you are already pregnant, in the morning, go first to the window and say: "Wherever night, there and sleep." Then all will be well with you, and the bad will go away.

Everything that dreams a child, does not just dream. Your visions help you tune in to the family. They serve as a kind of preparation of a woman for the role of mother. This is a kind of psychological lesson, so carefully approach this question. In one of these dreams you can see your whole life. It is important only to correctly decipher. Even terrible visions sometimes mean pretty nice things. Therefore, you will have dreams, pleasant dreams!

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