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Harm and benefit. On the one hand - professional-pitching, female athletes - on the other

How often do many newspapers and magazines offer us to contemplate unexpectedly-relief muscles on the female body. And next to it - the signature in large type as a stigma: "Woman-kachok." Pictures of this plan sometimes are located not even on one, but on several spreads. Do you know this? Paparazzi, chasing a cheap effect, "beat" for sure. They clearly "distort" the map, publicly demonstrating not exclusive use of female amateur bodybuilding, but relishing the abnormal disruptions of the female hormonal background among professionals of the "higher league".

What is easier - to generalize, automatically transfer the label from the crazy professional sport to a potentially harmonizing woman amateur sports? Why in the same America the ladies are happy to go to the gyms, and no one even thinks of the brutal words "women-pitching", and ours is distorted by the words "dumbbells", "barbells", "simulators"? By the way, many bodybuilders-professional train, "friends with the head." Look at the photo of Jody Marsh - an English TV presenter, model and ... a bodybuilder. On what basis are the fears of a young girl "turned into Schwarzenegger", if her natural hormone estrogen is reliably guarding excess muscle mass? Does she think that by "light movement of the hand" you can turn into a bodybuilder at the level of international competitions? Especially since it is by nature not worth, of course, to write down in fanatical pitching. Women should follow a moderate exercise with a sufficient break in two days between classes.

With "natural" training, "muscularization" is not exactly threatened, unless it comes up to the mind to consume anabolic steroids containing a male hormone that is alien to her body. Normal physical training, thanks to which more fat fat cells are burned, increases muscle tissue, which "slim". Look at Angel Mraz, a Colombian now living in the US. This is a very popular athlete of the world level. Note that the very growth of muscles in women is limited, because they have the corresponding tissue is only 33% of body weight. Without the ladies' hormonal iniquity "over themselves, it (muscle tissue) through this" border "will not cross. Bodybuilding will not turn a woman into a heavyweight, on the contrary - will make it slimmer. But the pumping-women of the competitive level is always "chemistry".

Sport is also able to significantly adjust the waist, chest, hips, buttocks, the general muscular system. Look at the Serbian athlete Jelena Abbou. A balanced diet along with an individual training schedule can not only correct the posture, add a slender figure, harmonious female proportions, but also solve other problems.

To begin with, physical exercises are the natural sphere of the functioning of the human body, almost all "pitching" will tell you this. Women in our time often stay at work in the long hours static position of the body, which leads to muscle atrophy. Training with burdening improves the mineralization of bones, mobility and flexibility of the joints.

In addition to "iron" among the arsenal of bodybuilding - "twisting", squats, push-ups. Moderate, not allocated under a thin layer of fat, muscle corset fixes the internal organs in a natural state. In this case, your training regimen will not be so exhausting and saturated with "iron", as in sportswomen-pros. Enough 3 workouts for 40-45 minutes. For you in this case, it is essential - to adequately choose a diet, to refuse from unproductive products and, of course, to distribute the training skillfully.

If you decide to work for health, then the recommended intake of protein, vitamins or amino acids recommended by the trainer is quite acceptable. Muscles should receive material for their growth, as they say "all the pitching is worth it". Women should not ignore strength exercises, because this is the best key to forming an elastic, healthy, flexible body.

By the way, bodybuilding does not transform the body so much as we see in some photos. This condition of the body of athletes is temporary. Athletes seriously engaged in bodybuilding, argue that often the impression of "total muscle relief" is created artificially before the competition by the so-called "drying", i.e., the targeted burning of the subcutaneous fat layer by intensive training and a severe diet. After the competition, the fat layer of fat (4 to 6 kilograms), which is characteristic of the beautiful sex, is restored very quickly.

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