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How to become Miss Bikini?

Every girl dreams of being the beauty queen at school, then at the institute. Some people, because of their natural beauty and talents, succeed. However, after graduating from universities, many of them rapidly lose their physical form and the victories become only a distant memory.

Often, such a rapid loss of shape occurs as a result of a lack of knowledge about proper nutrition and exercise . Professional bodybuilding trainers say that weight training can help any girl to become a beauty queen in 25, and in 30 years. And this is confirmed by the Miss Bikini Olympia contest, which has been going on for 3 years in the USA.

Bikini girls are professional sportswomen who are engaged in bodybuilding and crossfit at a level with men, only look like goddesses. And, many of them, came to this nomination quite by accident. For example, World Champion Miss Bikini Oksana Artyomova came to the gym at 21 to "pussy the press." Her future husband, a professional sportsman, drew attention to her and invited her to participate in the contest. A year later, Oksana glittered on the stage with a well-built body, and a few years later she won the Olympia competition and received gifts from leading manufacturers of sports nutrition and $ 1,000,000 in gift.

If you are interested, then read on, and learn the recipe for becoming Miss Bikini!

To begin with, you need to get used to the idea of proper nutrition. This implies that you will eat 5-6 times a day, healthy, unprocessed food, which you can and should be delicious to cook every night . The main products will be beef, chicken, fish, seafood, low-fat cottage cheese and yogurts. You will have to train with heavy barbells and dumbbells 4-5 times a week, engage in crossfire and use sports nutrition - proteins, geyners and fat burners. And the most difficult thing is to do this constantly, and the results will come only after six months. Still reading? Then find out about the pros that you get.

First , all men in the gym will treat you with respect . Too few girls who train regularly. Basically, all come for a month "pumping the pressure", and, disappointed, leave after a month of classes.

Secondly , all men outside the hall will pay attention to your slender and smart figure.

Thirdly , if you get to Olympia - you can assume that life is settled! You will be invited to the photo shoot fashion magazines, shoot motivational and promorolls. Today, the fitness market in Russia is not very developed, but in America it's an industry with a turnover of 500 billion dollars a year. Our girls are invited to work with pleasure!

Fourth , you will always be in great shape!

Miss Bikini is a lifestyle. You do not have to sacrifice all your time for classes, but you will have to sacrifice bad habits and bring up new qualities - discipline, patience and consistency. We will have to leave our comfortable zone and expand the scope of our outlook. You will also learn a lot about yourself. Because under pressure and stress all shortcomings and dignities are exposed.

What do you think, is it worth it to raise your fifth point from the couch and begin to deal with yourself? Is it worth it to overcome your laziness, and will take place in life ?!

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