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Kirill Sarychev: height, weight, age, sports achievements

Kirill Sarychev: height, weight, age, sports achievements - this is the topic of the proposed article. The champion in powerlifting is of interest to the sports community of the country and not only. Foreigners who see Cyril Sarychev's performances are amazed at the level of his preparation, dedication and zeal for victory. "Russian giant" -the so-called athlete abroad.

Kirill Sarychev, glorified Russia far beyond its borders, has beaten not one world record in powerlifting. In 2015 he became the world champion, is the owner of All time record in bench press without equipment. And began his journey to sports Olympus once unknown to 15-year-old teenager Sarychev Cyril, the height, whose weight at that time were 195 cm and only 75 kg. But perseverance and constant work gave their results.

Main factors

The famous powerlifter performs in category 140+. The heaviest athlete in tournaments is often exactly Kirill Sarychev. Growth, weight, strength, strong back and press - all this allows him to be at the very top of the sporting achievements. Here are some indicators of the athlete:


197 cm

The weight

170 kg


28 years


61 centimeters

The bench press

335 kg

The maximum weight of the athlete was 176 kg. He admits that being in such a weight is not very comfortable, because a large body weight gives a serious strain on the heart and the musculoskeletal system. Growth was passed on by genes from the father, the same high hero.

Sports achivments

The first victory of the athlete occurred in 2010. Then, at the Russian championship in Arkhangelsk, he took the highest place. Next year, he concedes the championship, taking second place. But already at the next competition returns leadership. In 2014, the athlete shows stunning results at the European Championships. The year 2015 became significant for the athlete, as the world spoke about his record in bench press. In the list of outstanding record holders a new name has appeared - Kirill Sarychev. The height, weight, biceps of the mountain man became known to everyone. At the World Powerlifting Championships WRPF in the framework of the SN PRO 2016 athlete raised 402 kg in deadlift. In the same year the hero participates in the tournament in Spain, where he improves his own performance in bench press.

Training mode

The purposefulness of Cyril Sarychev is amazing, because he had to start his sports career in a cold hall equipped with self-made bars and pancakes of the Soviet era. To his first coach Mikheev Viktor Nikolaevich, the hero is grateful to this day. After all, he was able to significantly increase the strength of the ward, began to send him to the first competition. Kirill Sarychev himself, the height, weight of the athlete has changed a lot. He was able to gain more than 80 kg.

Particular attention is paid to strengthening the back, because it helps to minimize the risk of injury. Since 2011 the athlete has been trained by Sheiko B. I. He developed a special training program for the athlete, which they both keep secret. It is only known that the Russian powerlifter trains 3 times a week, performing compulsory assemblies, such as squatting in depth, bench press, draft, mahi aside, press with weighting. Despite the enchanting results in lifting the weight in bench press, the athlete develops and becomes a thrust. "Whoever squeezes a lot, he does not draw much," Kirill Sarychev wants to refute this phrase. The height, weight, age of the athlete allows him to be unique in his achievements and keep the bar high in several directions of powerlifting.


Kirill Sarychev has a very busy training schedule, so it is necessary for him to have adequate nutrition, which contains the necessary amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The athlete is fed 6 times a day: 4 full meals and 2 snacks. In his daily diet there is a lot of carbohydrate food. It is she who allows you to quickly regain strength after training. Favorite products of the athlete are meat and fish. An athlete can eat 3 kg of fried beef for one meal. It is often seen in Moscow restaurants for the process of tasting new dishes. "I can drop in to a favorite place and order all the desserts that are on the menu. At this moment, I think with a smile about all the people who are dieting, "- says Kirill Sarychev. The growth, weight, diet regime of the Russian hero is constantly supervised by the coach. Before the competition, the athlete conducts carbohydrate loading. A stock of fast carbohydrates gives energy to the muscles and the entire body.

Interests and interests of Kirill Sarychev

"Sport is a drug for me," the famous powerlifter admits. But apart from the main occupation, the world champion is fond of cars. Drive a car, visit various automobile exhibitions, participate in races - without this Cyril does not represent his life. Another sportsman is fond of shooting and tourism. It can often be seen in a shooting range or on a range with weapons in hand. Shooting, according to the champion, is a good way to get rid of stress. Recently he took part in the creative project "Ilya Muromets", having tried himself in a new role. She spends her free time with her family and friends. He says that they inspire him to new breakthroughs and victories in sports. Kirill Sarychev is at the peak of his sports career. Only permanent injuries and strains do not prevent him from reaching new heights in the world of powerlifting.

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