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How to pump up the oblique muscles of the press? Exercises

Before any beginner athlete, the question arises of how to pump up the oblique muscles of the press. They are not involved in the training of other groups, so to form a harmoniously developed body, it is necessary to deal with them separately. It is impossible to pump the so-called oblique muscles without special exercises.

What are the oblique muscles of the press?

The photo presented in the article gives an opportunity to see their location. They consist of external and internal. A large external group is three flat muscles that are clearly visible. The internal ones are not visible, because they are under the external perpendicular to them.

Why swing the abdominal muscles?

They do not give such visual effect, as, for example, biceps, wings or deltas, but thanks to them appears a clearly outlined waist and elastic press. In addition to the aesthetic component, well-developed oblique muscles protect the internal organs, stabilize the spine with sudden movements and inclinations, and are also necessary when working with large scales. Therefore, every athlete should know how to pump the oblique muscles of the press.


There are many exercises for this group, which are not the same in efficiency. It is desirable to know them all to develop an individual training program. Let's move on to how to pump up the oblique muscles of the press with dumbbells and without them.

Lateral slopes

Stand up straight with your hands down along your body. Slowly do a tilt to the right, so that the hands slide along the trunk, while the left side of the torso will stretch. Then make a slope to the left. Run 10-15 repetitions in each direction.

How to pump the oblique muscles of the press with the help of lateral inclinations, but with a dumbbell? Stand upright, legs at the same width of shoulders, in the right hand dumbbell, the left is behind the head. Slowly bend to the right, so that the weight of the projectile carries with it, the pelvis remains motionless. At the bottom point of the traffic a little delay, in the starting position to return just as smoothly. Repeat 10 times with three approaches. Weight is chosen in such a way that the last repetition in the network is performed at the limit of possibilities.

Turns to the sides

Stand upright, bend your elbows in the arms and keep them in front of you. Turn the body to the right, the pelvis and legs do not move. In each side do 10-15 reps.

Turns with dumbbells

Sit on a bench so that your feet are together, and your feet are on the floor. Dumbbells in bent hands near the chest. Stretch the oblique muscles, turn the body as far as possible to the right, the pelvis remains motionless. Repeat 10 times in each direction in three sets.

Lifting the body in a supine position

Lie on your back, bend your legs in the lap and put them to the right, so that the left is on the right. As high as possible, raise the body, trying to stay two seconds at the top. Slowly take the starting position. In each side to do 10-15 times.

Hip turning

Lie on your back, bend your knees in your lap, trying to pull your heels as close as possible to the fifth point. Hands are on the back of the head. Lower your bent legs to the right, trying to touch the floor with your knees. In each side to do 10-15 times.

Touching the heels with your hands

Take the position lying, bending the legs in the knees, keep the legs parallel to the floor, raise the head slightly, hands to the sides. Try to reach out to the heels of the corresponding legs. You can slightly move your legs towards your hands, and your shoulders slightly back. It is carried out in three sets of 8 repetitions.

Paddle lifting 1

Lying on the floor on your back, bend your knees in your lap. Hands raise up so that they are on the width of the shoulders. Straining the muscles of the abdomen, raise the right shoulder blade and the arm corresponding to it, while the pelvis does not tear off the floor. Perform 8 times in three sets.

Paddle lifting 2

Lie on your back, bending your right leg in the knee with an emphasis on the floor, put the other foot on it. The right hand is under the head, the left palm upwards lies on the floor perpendicular to the trunk. Try to lift the chest to the left knee, straining at the same time oblique muscles and exerting pressure on the occiput on the right arm. Do this until the shoulder blade tears off the floor. After returning to the starting position, change the position of the legs and hands and do the other way. Repeat 8 times in three approaches.

Now you know how to swing the slanting muscles of the press. It is important to follow the technique of execution, otherwise training can go to waste.

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