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Bitard is a desperate loser

Bitard is a socially undeveloped, depressed person, most often a man. In the psyche of this person, irreversible deviations begin to manifest themselves over time. It should be understood that an ordinary loser is not yet a bitard. Bitard is a step that follows a loser. As a rule, a person who has become socially depressed becomes, having been six or ten years old, just a loser.

The main features of batteryard

To determine how much you are a bitard, you need to know what signs indicate the person's belonging to a given social group. On these grounds, it is also possible to distinguish the usual loser from a bitard.

  1. The understated or completely missing value of human life.
  2. Lack of skills inherent in the social personality, underdevelopment.
  3. Bitard hates society, in every person he sees an enemy or an opponent. Basically, he envies, hates or fears even those who do not know.

Additional signs of batteryard

In addition to the main features that distinguish the bitard from a loser, there are additional factors that unite the descended personality with them. That is, the presence of these signs may indicate that a person is either a bitard, or simply a loser.

  1. Loss of virginity after twenty years (if virginity is lost with a prostitute, it does not count).
  2. Lack of personal life (the girl is not and never was).
  3. Almost always bitardah give out his external data: they slouch, excessively thin. Sometimes, on the contrary, there is an excess of weight, but much less often.

Behavior of bitard behavior

Bitard is basically a shy, modest and quiet person in ordinary everyday life. The society does not take it seriously and often simply does not notice why he hates it, in principle. It is very difficult to determine what is going on in the soul of this person. To make it more understandable, it is worth noting that many famous maniacs were bitardas. An example is Chikatilo, who ended his life in one of the most likely scenarios for such a person.

Bitard (sociophob) with the help of violence seeks revenge against a society that did not notice him. Thus, he wants to prove first of all to himself that he is also something significant in this world. And since the value of human life in the bitard is understated, it can be very cynical, but this trait appears, as a rule, anonymously. Let's say on the Internet. News about accidents, terrorist attacks, cataclysms and other bitard perceives with humor, they bring him pleasure and somewhere even satisfaction.

The bitard differs from a killer or a maniac

At an early stage, the bitard is not able to harm people on its own. In life he is a quiet person, who is difficult to notice. Only when the value of human life for him is reduced to a level below the critical level, when hatred of society becomes strong, begins to manifest its true essence. Cruelty in bitard actions is an expression of an unmet basic need, for example, in love, recognition, and so on.

How to become bithad

Most people are not born bitardom, he becomes them under the influence of society. In society there is a certain line of behavior - either you or you. And it begins to manifest itself in school years. But, in fact, it does not really matter where: in the camp, in the army, at work, in general - in society. Stronger individuals always tend to dominate the weaker.

As a result, society is divided into two groups: authorities, that is, those who "beat" and those who "beat". If a person ceases to be an authority, he will automatically fall into the group of weak personalities. It is clear that such a scheme is somewhat exaggerated, but, in principle, it takes place in society. An understanding of which group you belong to is laid down in a person at birth. And therefore, already in the kindergarten, the one who was born a strong personality will stand out among other children, and he will not become a bitart for sure. If you want, you can take the "How Bitard" test on the Internet and find out which group of society you belong to.

How does the bitard's life end?

Bitard is a man, weak in nature. He is not able to "beat", and therefore, accordingly, "beat" him. Hence, there was such an expression as a "downtrodden man." At the same time, the word "beat" does not at all mean direct physical violence. This is any active action of one person against another at the expense of the latter. For example, the conquest of a girl. This is also an action from the category of "beat": that it does not get to someone else, this other "beat".

Basically, the batardies end their lives in a standard scenario - it takes a certain amount of time (five or twenty-five years) and its personality drops to a critical level, which ends either with suicide or with prison. But in some cases, their affairs are getting better, and they begin to live a normal human life.

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