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What does the psychological climate in the team matter?

The psychological climate in the team is a rather blurry concept. This term in psychology refers to overall satisfaction with interpersonal relations among employees. It is known that a good mood significantly improves efficiency and increases productivity.

It is known that where the moral and psychological climate in a team is intense, low efficiency and for all activities. However, it does not matter which number in the group - two or three people or two hundreds, the rules of interpersonal relations do not differ much. In a healthy team, each member tries to perform their duties, does not shift part of the work to others, and worries about the common cause.

Psychologists identify several characteristics by which you can identify a good atmosphere in the group. All members of the team are committed to joint performance, assess its effectiveness, as well as the personal contribution of each. In addition, the organization and cohesion of the team are important enough. An informal and formal leader (boss) is one person. If colleagues are sincerely happy for the successes of each other, it also says that the psychological climate in the team is normal.

In addition, if the group has a good atmosphere, then conflicts and misunderstandings, even if they arise, can be resolved calmly, in working order. The tone of communication in such a collective, basically, is even and friendly. Colleagues respect each other, do not mind meeting after work. In many ways, such an atmosphere depends on the style of leadership and other qualities of the head of the organization. For example, authoritarianism often suppresses the initiative, as a result of which employees begin to coolly take their duties. Democratic style, on the contrary, helps to unite the collective, increase the effectiveness of the activity. After all, every worker here is aware of his individuality and significance, his contribution to the common cause.

Moral and psychological climate of the team depends on many factors. It should also be noted that it is possible and necessary to work on the cohesion of employees. Much depends on the personality of the leader and his behavior. So, there are several recommendations for the chief to improve the atmosphere in the team. It is necessary to sound the purpose of the work as often as possible. Employees need to know why they perform their duties. The psychological climate in the team depends on how well the workers are united among themselves. To improve this characteristic, a variety of trainings are conducted. However, the joint recreation, common cause, etc., helps to unite the collective .

The manager is encouraged to maintain the free opinion of employees when discussing issues related to all employees. The psychological climate in the team largely depends on the nature of the activities of production. When recruiting employees, it is necessary to take into account their temperament, character and compliance with their posts. If you need to work in a couple or a group, you need to take into account the psychological compatibility of people.

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