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Affirmations for the success and success and prosperity of Natalia Pravdina and Louise Hay.

For a very long time there has been a theory that thought is material, and that we ourselves draw in our lives both good and bad. Scientific evidence of this theory does not exist, but has it never happened to you that you think about something constantly, and it suddenly happens? It is the affirmations that subconsciously set us up for a certain event.

What is affirmation?

Affirmation is a short phrase, easy for perception and memorization, which programs you for luck in love, business, family life and so on. What exactly it should program depends on you.

Do you want money? Use affirmations for money! You just need to repeat them regularly to program yourself and make your life change in the direction you need. It can be very short phrases: "I'm happy and I live in prosperity", "In all endeavors, success accompanies me". But be careful. Negative "settings" can have a negative effect, instead of the desired result you will get the opposite, which will make your discontent grow, and the situation becomes even more heated. Affirmations for success and luck and prosperity are taught to tune in to positive thinking and have the effect of a mantra.

How to start the preparation of installations?

Sometimes it's better to start with already known techniques, rather than trying to invent a bicycle. It is enough to study the existing affirmations for success and luck and prosperity, the reviews of which have already appeared on the Internet. And when you get to know better the positive attitudes, you can already compose your own.

The first rule is that you need to make the right positive statement. Affirmations on success and luck and prosperity such as "I do not want to be poor", "I do not tolerate failure at work" will have the opposite effect. Why? All because of the words themselves, of which statements are made. The words "poor" and "failures" on a subconscious level have a negative color for us, which means they will not let you get a positive attitude. It is better to use affirmations for success and success and prosperity for women such as "I take everything that life brings" and the like.

Live today!

The second rule of affirmations is the use of the present time. The subconscious mind can allow us to change the present, not the future. If you ask: "I'll find a job by calling," then in search, alas, your subconscious mind will not help. The wording "I love my job, it brings me good profits and well-being" will tune you to the right wave.

Another way that will help you get closer to what you want is visualization. It is necessary not just to represent what you want, but to feel it in every detail. Beginners can try to describe the subject on paper. For example, you need a new phone, then describe it in detail from the color and brand to the screen size. And do not be shy in expressions! Your description should have the brightest emotional coloring! Then say the words out loud and at the same time try to feel that it is already yours! It is this feeling that distinguishes fantasy from visualization.

Do not forget the rules!

Above we have already listed the main requirements for the preparation of affirmations, now it is worth paying attention to some possible errors. You do not need to talk about your abilities, for example: "I can dine at 6pm and keep feeling full until morning." There is no denial in this sentence, but there is also no certainty. Both you and your subconscious know that you can do it. It's time to start doing it!

We should also pay attention to the fact that it is difficult for a fully formed and mature person to immediately believe in the "fabulous wealth" that affirmations of success and success and prosperity say. In his youth, nothing is impossible. After experiencing defeat, to which added unfulfilled dreams, a person appears a protective wall from this kind of information, a person simply does not believe. And without this affirmation for success and prosperity will not work. How to deal with a lack of faith? Start small. With the simplest goals and, gradually, when you notice that the technique works, give yourself a more bold setup!

The recipe for prosperity from Natalia Pravdina

There are many people who write affirmations for success and luck and prosperity. Pravdina uses their unique experience of oriental practices in them, and therefore the beauty and harmony of her statements can inspire everyone.

Here are some examples of statements from this magnificent woman:

  • Money is easy for me!
  • I'm doing well!
  • I give it with ease and joy and get paid!
  • I love myself and appreciate my talents!
  • Each of my plans is realized!
  • My partner is the most beautiful in the world!
  • I trust life!
  • I take all the best in this world, because I deserve it!
  • I spread love and create my loving world!
  • I give a lot of love, and I get even more!
  • My world is filled with happiness and harmony, for which I am grateful!

Feature of the technique of Louise Hay

Louise Hay approaches the creation of affirmations, taking into account not only the result, but also the reasons for the failures.

Their effectiveness is to eliminate these causes. This is how they lead to a positive effect. Here are some examples of affirmations for the success and success and prosperity of Louise Hay, who will help you maintain your health and tune in to victory in your endeavors:

  • Work satisfies me in everything!
  • My healing is already happening!
  • I discard all fears and doubts!
  • I love my body!
  • Everything is already fine in my world!
  • I can grow and improve peacefully!
  • I am healthy, like never before!
  • I take care of my body and love it as an dear friend!
  • My work team and bosses respect me, they pay me good money!
  • I easily make a career!

Secret of success

Such settings may seem like a fairy tale until they start working. So people are arranged, everything is questioned. But since these are simple phrases that you just need to believe in, it will not cost you anything, right?

It's enough just to believe. Have you ever wondered why successful people get even more luck in business? Do you often hear that they complain about life? And all because such people concentrate on success, and not on failures. We tend to get used to the circumstances and after many failures to give up. But the truth is that you can change everything for the better, you just have to want hard enough. The easiest way to say that nothing will turn out and continue to plunge even more into the abyss of despair. The secret of successful people is not in lottery winnings or mere chance. It is their positive attitude and the desire to realize what they conceive brings the result. Do you also want to receive everything from life? If you can adjust your thinking positively, you will soon see that affirmations for success and success and prosperity bear fruit.

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