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In captivity of tender feelings: what is sentimentality

You are already over thirty, and you keep old children's toys? The school was left behind, and you no-no, and you take from the coveted box the written inscriptions and notebooks in a slanting ruler with uneven letters? From the day of the wedding passed more than a dozen years, and in the album with photos hidden the first love notes, letters and even a few dried flowers? Well, congratulations: you are sentimental!

Looking in the dictionary

What is sentimentality? Dictionaries define the meaning of the word as "sensitivity", "kindness". It came to our language from French, and it was very fashionable in the late 18th - early 19th centuries. Then the Russian young ladies were read out by Rousseau's sensitive novels, gasp and moaned for each occasion, fell into fainting, let down a tear, or at least trembled at the sudden noise. They sobbed, sympathizing with each other or the heroes of their favorite books, dreaming all night with the moon and generally showing themselves natures nervous and subtle. Continuing to study what sentimentality is, it is worth noting its connection with the manifestation of emotions such as emotion and even ecstasy. For example, your friend with a touching smile looks at how little children play or fluttering butterflies over flowers. And he also actively and sincerely empathizes when you tell him about your problems or the ill-health of an old grandmother. These are clear signs of a thin, vulnerable soul, prone to the manifestation of sentimentality. Often it can take excessive, exalted forms. Then the answer to the question: "What is sentimentality?" Will sound like: "Tearfulness, sugary, sugary." In this situation, the meaning of the word is colored negatively. Sometimes events or actions that lead to sentimental reactions worry only one person who shows it. And to other witnesses or participants they seem ridiculous or ridiculous.

To be sentimental - good or bad?

Continuing to consider what sentimentality is, one should think about whether this is positive or negative. There is no unequivocal answer. Of course, it is commendable to remember the date of the first date or kiss, to take care of the first hairs, cropped in a year from your baby, to worry about the fate of the abandoned kitten, etc. In this case, the emotions of interest resonate with such undoubtedly valuable and important qualities as charity, kindness, tenderness, compassion. However, if the feeling takes a different, hypertrophic shape and size, the person from touching and caring turns into a stupid, pompous-ridiculous, tearful, that is not very pleasant. And then there is an obvious problem: how to get rid of sentimentality? Undoubtedly, it is necessary to work hard and hard on yourself. More often try to look at oneself from the outside, critically assess thoughts and actions. Regularly spindle in their own things and thoughts, get rid of all kinds of trash and garbage. Of course, there is no need to throw out things that are dear to the heart, but you do not need to turn your dwelling into a crypt with the ghosts of the past.

Who is more likely to show sentimentality - in men or women? Of course, the second. But a strong sex is not alien to her. If it is expressed in the form of gentleness, sincerity, then, naturally, such a character trait is a true treasure in the harsh man's natures. But all the hard-hitting nuances, of course, should be uprooted. And more such moment. Sentimentality is not always synonymous with true kindness. The most terrible, hardened criminals are also sometimes very vulnerable to attacks of such emotions. But they do not become less bloodthirsty.

What conclusion can be drawn? In everything, it is always better to follow the sense of the measure and measure the degrees of one's experiences.

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