Kukold - what is it?

We can say that this concept is at the hearing, but many still do not understand the true meaning of the word "kukold". What does it really mean? First of all, it is worthwhile to understand that this is not at all a synonym for the "cuckold".

Kukold - what is this?

The word itself, in all probability, comes from the English "cuckoo". The behavior of these birds is not too common. The female is having a good time with the alpha male, who subsequently goes to the other cuckoos, and she returns to the "husband" and grows with him the chicks that appeared as a result of "treason." If the wife was in bed with another, she was considered a traitor, and he was called a kukold. What did this mean? He became the object of ridicule and contempt.

Kukold: what is this with an alternative way of life?

Now by this word sometimes mean something between swinging and the original definition. Modern kukoldy know about the betrayals of wives, and the thought of infidelity excites them. Unlike swing, only one partner walks "to the left."

Male kukold. Why?

One of the reasons why such an alliance is possible is submission. He obediently resigns to the desire of his wife and can even bring breakfast when she and her lover wake up in the morning. In this case, he is usually limited in sex to what his spouse wants. She can dictate any conditions.

A passion for humiliation can also be the cause. For some, moral pressure is similar to a sense of physical pain that excites masochists.

Moving partner can and voyeurism. Live to watch how the wife gets pleasure, albeit with another - a spectacle that turns some.

Fear is also an extremely powerful aphrodisiac. Some people have adrenaline dependence, and the idea that a man can be humiliated in the eyes of a lover or spouse is a strong incentive.

Kukold: what does this give the woman?

Some ladies simply deceive their spouses, but this has nothing to do with the topic of the article. In this case, the husband is not at all a puppet - a cuckold.

Women want this kind of relationship sometimes because their spouse just does not like it in bed. Sometimes the reason is in the husband's desire. Some women had little experience before marriage and wanted to "fill in the gaps". Usually begins with the fact that his wife begins to subtly hint. If it comes to action, at first it reluctantly shows its pleasure from the process. But if the husband excites this action, she soon begins to get involved. This gives some women confidence in themselves, in their own attractiveness and in that the husband will make every effort not to leave him.

In fact, some believe that a true definition of a concept means that a man knows that his wife prefers sex to another. Some even do not allow their tusks to touch themselves.

Often, if the husband recognizes that he can not give everything the partner expects in bed, he seeks to manifest his attachment in other ways. For example, cleaning in the house, preparing food.

Some people are excited by the sight itself, when the wife is having a good time with others, and some men find the wait after the "date" more exciting. But this is the choice of everyone - to be able to make happy your woman or to accept that she is happier with another.

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