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What you need to do to make roses last longer

Roses are beautiful in their perfection garden flowers. Their beauty, variety of color shades and varieties, fragrance and tenderness are simply mesmerizing.

Most people prefer to give their loved ones this symbol of love and devotion, tender love and fidelity. That's why it's very pleasant to get one beautiful rose as a gift or a chic bouquet .

However, as it is offensive, when the flowers begin to fade after some time after cutting them. Is it possible to make roses last longer? Of course you can!

Firstly, in order for roses to last longer, one must remember: the flowers should be pruned stem every couple of days. Cutting should be done at an angle of 45 degrees, immersing the cut into water.

This procedure is carried out in such a way that the channels passing inside the stem do not get air, which can block these moves. Then access to the flower of water and oxygen will be blocked, which will speed up their wilting.

To roses last longer, cut the stem with a sharp knife or a stainless steel pruner. Using tools from another metal causes oxidative processes that shorten the life of the flower.

For the flowers to stand longer in the water, after trimming, it is recommended that the cross-section of the stem is cut three centimeters further crosswise along the stem, thereby increasing the area that the rose can absorb the nutrient fluid.

Some advise to break off the flower all the thorns. Allegedly, this area increases the penetration of water and oxygen. But experts do not recommend doing this, because through the wounds formed after breaking off the thorns, air penetrates into the stalk, which, as mentioned above, clogs the ducts of the stem.

But to remove leaves and thorns in places in contact with water, it will be useful - this will significantly increase their life. After all, otherwise the leaves can start to rot, which will harm the flower, and can cause a rather unpleasant smell in the room.

To roses last longer, at night they should do a "bath": drop flowers into a container filled with 7-12-degree standing water. And the stems should be completely submerged, but buds should be left above the surface, especially the middle of the flowers.

Pour in the vase also follows only standing water. In the summer it should be cool 10-15-degree water, and in winter, on the contrary, warm, heated to 25 degrees. To roses last longer, the water should be completely changed every 4 days, daily pouring a new portion into the container with roses.

The flowers respond well to spraying them from the atomizer. But this must be done very carefully, try to refresh the flower only from the outside, but in no case do not fill the middle of the bud.

The container for roses must be spacious, deep, so that the stem is submerged in water more than half. Also, care should be taken to ensure that flowers are not affected by cold or heat, direct sunlight or drafts. The optimum temperature for them is from 18 to 22 degrees Celsius.

It is best not to experiment with the addition of sugar, aspirin or vodka into the water - no one has proved that such actions are useful to flowers. Yes, and the proximity of roses to other flowers can accelerate their wilting.

Here they are fastidious, these magical beauties. But still it is worth sacrificing for their time, to surround them with care and attention. Then the roses will delight you for a long time.

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