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Dough on kyystyby. Step-by-step recipe

Dough for kystyby in Tatar can be done in different ways. As a rule, its basis is water. However, in some cases, housewives prefer to cook tortillas using milk.

It should be especially noted that the dough is never kneaded with kefir, yogurt and other acidic products. If you neglect this advice, then you will get thick, coarse and dense cakes that are difficult to chew.

Dough on Kystyby: recipe of Tatar dish on water

In the preparation of such a framework there is nothing complicated. The dough is kneaded easily and simply, but it turns out to be tender and tasty.

So, to make a dough for kytybyby with potatoes, we need:

  • Eggs large - 2 pcs .;
  • Drinking cold water - 1 glass;
  • Sugar not large - 5-6 g;
  • Soda canteen - a small pinch;
  • Salt sea - a few pinch;
  • Vegetable oil - 3 large spoons;
  • Flour white - add as much as it will absorb the base.

The process of kneading

Dough on kystyby, mixed on the water, is considered not only dietary, but also very tender and soft. For its preparation use only a cool liquid. It is poured into a deep bowl, and then chicken eggs are added. After thoroughly mixing the ingredients with a normal fork (only not with a mixer or blender), they are alternately poured with medium-sized sugar, add a little vegetable oil, a pinch of soda, sea salt and flour. By the way, the last component should be poured exactly as much as it absorbs the base.

Thoroughly mixing the ingredients with your hands, you should get a dense, but at the same time homogeneous and delicate dough. It should not stick to your fingers.

To the base to reach the desired consistency, it is closed with a bowl or wrapped with a film and left in this form for 40-45 minutes.

How to use?

Dough on kytybiy, prepared according to the above described method, should be rolled out on a large board, with a sufficient amount of flour. From a common base cut a small piece, and then dipped in flour. Placing in the center of the board, it is carefully rolled up to a state of thin and flat cake with a diameter of 13 centimeters.

The remaining dough is processed in exactly the same way.

Roasting products in a frying pan

To make the dough for the kystyby in Tatar a soft and tasty, it should be fried in a pan and carefully monitor the degree of preparation of tortillas so that they do not burn. Dry and clean dishes are put on a strong fire, and then spread into it one of the products.

Fry the cakes should not be very long. You only need to achieve their drying and partial browning. In this case, the products should not break. This kystyby - gentle and soft.

Features of preparation

After the dough for kytybyby (with the potatoes are the most delicious cakes!) Will be fried, it must be covered with a thick towel. This will prevent the contact of flour products with air, as a result they will remain soft and very tasty. If you leave the flat cakes in the open, they will dry very quickly and just break down during the filling process.

We make dough for kystyby

Soft, elastic dough - only the first step on the way of the mistress to success. If you want to get the most high-calorie and delicious kystyby, we suggest making cakes not on the basis of water, but on the basis of milk. For this purpose, the cow product of maximum fat content is ideal.

So, to knead the dough for kystyby, you need to prepare:

  • Medium eggs - 3 pcs .;
  • Milk cow fat - 1,5 glasses;
  • Salt sea - a few pinch;
  • Butter - 4 large spoons;
  • Flour white - add as much as it will absorb the base.

Process of preparation of a basis

This dough is made as easily and simply as in the previous recipe. First, fresh fatty milk is poured into a deep bowl, and then butter is added to it and put on medium heat. After the cooking oil starts to melt, but the milk product does not boil yet, the ingredients are removed from the plate and left in such a state until a warm state. During this time, butter should completely melt.

While the milk is cooling, in a separate bowl, chicken eggs must be beaten, before adding sea salt to them. It is desirable to carry out this procedure by means of a conventional plug. If you use a blender, then your tortillas can turn out to be too lush.

Once the milk has cooled, add whipped eggs to it and hinder them well. Having received a homogeneous mixture of cream color, gradually poured into it several times the flour that had been sifted several times.

By thoroughly mixing the ingredients, you should get a fairly dense base that does not stick to the palms.

After the described actions, the finished dough is sent to a polyethylene bag and left at room temperature for half an hour. During this time, it should become softer and supple.

How to make cakes and fry them in a pan?

Dough for kystyby, cooked on the basis of milk, is processed in exactly the same way as the base on the water. It is divided into pieces, dumped in flour, and then thinly rolled into a round cake. Then it is fried in a dry frying pan (until lightly browned) and tightly covered with a towel.

How to cook kytyby?

After all the cakes are roasted, you can safely proceed to the formation of a kystyby. Usually, for this use crumpled potatoes.

Fried products are alternately taken out of the pile, and then completely dipped in melted butter (or hot vegetable). After that, on one side of the cake, a small layer of mashed potatoes. We cover the filling of the second half of the product, and the cyst is considered fully prepared.

You can use this dish in hot, and already cooled down form. If you did not eat everything at once, you can clean the leftovers in the refrigerator. Reapply kyystyby to the table is desirable after its heating in the microwave oven. Also, cold products are fried in a frying pan with the addition of vegetable or butter. By the way, the latter option is preferable. Such kystybyy are very delicious, aromatic and crunchy. Serve them to the table followed by a sweet hot tea.

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