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Marzipans are very tasty!

Marzipans are Very tasty treat. They can be eaten separately in the form of sweets or sweet figurines. But also marzipans are also very pliable material for decorating baking and other sweets. Let's demonstrate its use in cakes and as a layer by the example of one luxurious dessert. The recipe for marzipan for a cake is connected with the recommendations for baking biscuits.

Cake with a layer of kiwi. Add the marzipan to the cake

It's a very delicate dessert, like a souffle. First bake a biscuit. It is desirable to aromatize with a spoonful of liqueur and add two pinches of your favorite spices - anise, vanilla or cinnamon. A food thermometer is very useful . For a biscuit, marzipans will be needed - this will be an almond cake. To make them, mix a mixer in a glass of powdered sugar and almond flour with a fine grind with a peel of one lemon and raw egg white. Separately, prepare a water bath. Heat on it five whole eggs. Pour a warm egg mass into the cooked marzipan. Beat for about a quarter of an hour at high speed. Melt half a pack of butter and pour into the dough, after cooling. Add two tablespoons of sifted flour and a pinch of baking powder. The last thing you need to put the spices and pour the liquor. After baking biscuit cool well, freeze. So it will be easier to cut it in half.

Further actions: preparation of jelly from kiwi and marzipan interlayer

If the biscuit is already ready and cooled, then jelly. Dissolve it in hot water, pour into the mold on the cooled half of the cake. Prepare the marzipan according to the recipe above, from the same number of foods.

Building a cake

After the jelly is cold, spread the marzipan on it. Top the second biscuit disk. And again marzipan over jelly. You can still put peeled pistachios on top or pour glaze on top.

Buns with marzipan

Let's make them from yeast dough. The preparation of the marzipan filling is described in detail in the cake recipe. So now let's concentrate on the yeast test. Take a glass of warm milk and, adding sugar and salt, put the spit on dry yeast (one sachet). After the liquid has frothed, add it to a bowl with sifted flour (two and a half cups). There also put vanilla, egg, a little sugar and oil (their amount depends on the desired taste of the dough). Give the mass to come in a warm place, and in the meantime, form small marbles from the ready marzipan. They should not be more than fifteen. Divide the dough that came up to make the same pieces. Roll the marzipan into it, carefully protect it. Give the buns again on a greased baking sheet. They are baked for no longer than 20 minutes. When cooled, they can be covered with glaze or fondant. For example, mix melted chocolate with cream or sunflower oil, grind well and apply to rolls. Before baking, decorate with a mixture of equal amounts of flour, butter and sugar, grind to the state of lumps.

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