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Oatmeal in the multivark: English breakfast in a modern way

Oatmeal in the multivarke involves the use of oatmeal as well as cereal or flour from the same cereal. This porridge is considered one of the most useful when compared with other cereals. It is distinguished by valuable vegetable proteins, the concentration of which reaches 16%, and vegetable fats keep the bar at 6%. In high-grade albuminous substances of oatmeal, such as avenin and avenalin, there is a huge quantity of irreplaceable amino acids. In addition, they guarantee good digestibility. Due to the high content of starch in cereals, oatmeal can be considered extremely nutritious and valuable in terms of calorie content.

In addition, the croup contains a large number of vitamins and a variety of salts. Oatmeal in a multivariate is a dish with a low glycemic index, and, therefore, is directly prescribed for those who want to lose extra pounds. Despite the small caloric content, the body satiety is amazing, after such breakfast there is only want to eat by the end of lunch. In addition, due to the same low index, porridge will be absorbed gradually, which again will fight the emergence of a feeling of hunger.

Those who have problems with the liver, there is atherosclerosis or diabetes, directly shows the inclusion in the diet of a dish such as oatmeal in a multivariate. In addition, everyone is well aware of the positive effects of cereal on the stomach and intestines. All diets for ulcer patients can not do without this dish. This is why one who regularly eats oatmeal rarely encounters problems of the gastrointestinal tract.

Modern housewives most often use oat flakes. For their production, steaming and flattening of grinded cereal is used. The thickness of the flakes will determine the grade of oatmeal and the time that will be required for cooking. It is clear that for thin it will take less time. By the way, they differ excellent digestibility and without the preliminary heat treatment.

Oatmeal with milk is the most common option for this porridge. For most, probably, even the most beloved. Oatmeal porridge on milk is an excellent option for baby food.

For two glasses of milk, you need four tablespoons of oatmeal, salt, sugar and butter are added to taste.

Milk is poured into the multivark and put on heating for a few minutes. It should boil. After that, sugar and salt are sent to the bowl, everything is heated again for several minutes. Usually five to seven is enough for all the sugar to dissolve. Once this happens, oat flakes are added. All together brewed in the "Kasha" mode for another five minutes.

This preparation of oatmeal requires a minimum of knowledge and effort. Finished porridge is laid out on the dish, it adds butter. It is necessary to insist a little on the mass for five minutes. You can do this in a multivarquet, covering the dish with a lid.

Such porridge differs in its consistency. It is not very thick, but if you want to improve this figure, it's easiest to simply increase the amount of flakes used. Oatmeal in the multivark - it's quick and easy.

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